Inside: Pretty Lilac Embroidery Design Ideas To Make Today.

If there is one theme in embroidery that never goes out of style, it’s flowers. Flowers are the constant light throughout all of the changes that happen over the years. No matter what new stitch is created, they will at some point be used to craft a flower.

There are hundreds of varieties that you can mix and match together. And with the ridiculous amount of embroidery stitched out there, I strongly believe that there are so many possible combinations that one could not finish them all in one lifetime. I love this because that means you will never get bored.

You’ll never run out of new material and ideas to create. This is the beauty of floral embroidery.

Flower design ideas

One of my absolute favorite flowers to embroider is the Lilac. Lilacs are such beautiful little flower bundles and they are wonderful subjects for embroidery. If you would like to try your hand at creating your own Lilac Embroidery then you are in the right spot my friend.

I have created a list of great Lilac designs as well as some PDF Patterns that will walk you through how to make Lilac Embroidery.

Before we get into that though, did you know that Lilacs actually have their own symbolic meaning? If not, then let’s briefly discuss it before we start. This way you can have a better understanding of the flower you will be working to create for the next few hours.

Lilac Symbolisms

There are different symbolic meanings for each color this flower comes in. I’ve included them down below, so read through and see which color resonates with you. That way, you can gain some inspiration while you work. Consider the themes for the color you’ve chosen and how they correlate to your life.

Perhaps it is a quality you would like to start building into your life!

In general, though, lilacs often represent renewal and rebirth since they bloom early in the year. In what ways do you want to see renewal and rebirth in your life? Do any of those areas coincide with the themes down below? Take a look.

  • White Lilacs: Purity, & Innocence. These things can look different for everyone, but you can always see the innocence in the smiles of children, the moments of pure happiness in our lives, and the giving nature people have.
  • Blue Lilacs: Tranquility & Happiness. These are two of the most important things we can experience. Think of some ways that you could perhaps bring some more Happiness into your life. Why haven’t you incorporated it yet?
  • Magenta: Passion & Love. Another set of important feelings to experience. Love is the greatest gift we have in our life. It connects you with someone on an unexplainable level. Love is the purest feeling in the world. Where can you start to incorporate the feeling of love into your daily life?

Now that we have covered the symbolic meaning of the lilac, we can get into all of the different designs. Take a look at these to get inspiration for your own Lilac Embroidery Project.

Lilac hoop cross stitch designs

Lilac Embroidery Design

For this first list, I mixed many different varieties of styles and colors for you. That way you can get a broad sense of the possibilities and choices you have for your own project. Remember to keep the colors and their meaning that I mentioned above in mind while you decide.

Also, if you find one that you love but it’s not in the color you want, you can absolutely still use it, just swap it out for your desired color. Dive in!

1. Lilacs in a Jar

2. Tri-Colored Lilacs

3. Classic Lilacs

4. Lilac Flowers with Leaves

5. Lilac Flowers 3 D

6. Simple Lilac

7. Lilac Lace

8. Detailed Lilacs

9. Pink Lilacs

Lilac Embroidery Pattern Free

Embroidery Patterns don’t always have to come at a cost. If you are in the mood to craft but are on a budget, do not worry. We have all been there. I made this section with you in mind! Sometimes we don’t want to have to spend money to buy something that we can find for free, especially after having to buy all of the other supplies.

It’s like salt in a wound. So check out these awesome lilac embroidery patterns that are free of charge.

10. Simple Lilac Pattern

11. Free Machine Patterns

12. Cute Lilacs

13. Machine Embroidery 

14. Lilac Pillow

15. Free Simple Templates

16. I Love Us with Lilacs & Chamomile

Lilac & lace thread

Lilacs and Lace

Lilacs and Lace are a classic duo that complement each other beautifully. I wanted to make sure that they were included on this list so they got their very own section. This style of embroidery is mainly used for clothing or for table cloths or place mats. The Beautiful purple color makes it irresistible. Have a look for yourself.

17. Lilac Table Runner

18. Beautiful Cloth

19. Lilac Floral Lace

20. Bridal Embroidered Lace

21. Sheek Lilacs

22. Beautiful Lilac Lace

23. Beaded Lace

24. Purple Small Flowers

25. Dark Purple Lace

26. Amazing Lavender Beads

27. Lilac Lace Trim

I hope you loved learning about the symbolism of Lilacs as well as found a design that is to your liking. Embroidery is about having fun, so when you are creating really try and set the scene with music, candles, or even a podcast. These things really help to make your embroidery feel like self-care because it is.

Creative expression is great for your mental health! As if you really needed another reason to embroider.

Lilac Embroidery

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