Mesh Thread is a place to find the embroidery design inspiration that will make you happy! I’m Victoria and I believe in learning embroidery to express all the fun and joy that is within you.

With the right instruction you can be sure your next threaded project is one you’ll love to keep or gift. Putting in the time to make a special DIY embroidery project is a commitment so we are excited to bring you the best patterns and inspiration to ensure your hobby time is spent well.

That is why I focus so strongly here on the site on answering all your pressing embroidery questions, finding your the best supplies & starting a new embroidery 1010 course soon!

You can find all the amazing ideas laid out for you from flower embroidery patterns, to fun DIY gifts to give (like this hilarious embroidered toilet paper!),┬áto your favorite spirit animal to cross-stitch. I know that in the process of deciding which project to do next can be daunting, which is why I strive to cover so many fun things in all our posts. I’m sure you’ll find something you love here.

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