Animal Embroidery

A nature embroidery piece

13 Precious Ladybug Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 11 precious ladybug embroidery patterns for the days you’re looking for some cute little bugs to embroider. Now, why would you ever be looking to make cute little bugs? Realistically, you wouldn’t, but ladybugs are the exception to all bug rules. In my mind, there’s no such thing as a cute bug, but again…There’s […] Read more…

Octopus swimming

11 Octopus Embroidery Patterns For Deep Sea Decor

Inside: Octopus embroidery patterns for fun under-the-sea vibes. Animal embroidery is so fun. Regardless of if your type is more realistic animal artwork or cartoon-ish, it’s always cool to get to create a piece of work with your favorite animal on it. Octopi are so cool and have this really mysterious air about them… Probably […] Read more…

Christmas gnomes

15 Precious Gnome Embroidery Designs

Inside: 15 precious gnome embroidery designs for your home all year long! Christmas tree ornaments, coasters, and festive sweatshirts… There are so many fun ways to use adorable Christmas themed embroidery designs. I always remember my grandmother showing up to my house on December 23rd, every year, in a new Hobby Lobby sweatshirt that she […] Read more…

green and orange embroidery threads

25 Fantastic Frog Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 25 fantastic frog embroidery patterns. Okay honestly, I ran out to my car the other night from my house and just about stepped on a frog. I dodged him at the last second, but I just about broke my ankle doing so. He owes me for that one. Once I got past the initial […] Read more…

A model dinosaur on display

17 Adorable Dinosaur Embroidery Designs

Inside: Adorable dinosaur embroidery designs for the ancient animal lovers you know. All of us have a favorite animal, and grow more and more attached to the thing as we grow up. Honestly! I always loved tigers so much that Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie strictly because the princess had a pet tiger and […] Read more…

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