Animal Embroidery

Octopus swimming

11 Octopus Embroidery Patterns For Deep Sea Decor

Inside: Octopus embroidery patterns for fun under-the-sea vibes. Animal embroidery is so fun. Regardless of if your type is more realistic animal artwork or cartoon-ish, it’s always cool to get to create a piece of work with your favorite animal on it. Octopi are so cool and have this really mysterious air about them… Probably […] Read more…

Christmas gnomes

15 Precious Gnome Embroidery Designs

Inside: 15 precious gnome embroidery designs for your home all year long! Christmas tree ornaments, coasters, and festive sweatshirts… There are so many fun ways to use adorable Christmas themed embroidery designs. I always remember my grandmother showing up to my house on December 23rd, every year, in a new Hobby Lobby sweatshirt that she […] Read more…

green and orange embroidery threads

25 Fantastic Frog Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 25 fantastic frog embroidery patterns. Okay honestly, I ran out to my car the other night from my house and just about stepped on a frog. I dodged him at the last second, but I just about broke my ankle doing so. He owes me for that one. Once I got past the initial […] Read more…

A model dinosaur on display

17 Adorable Dinosaur Embroidery Designs

Inside: Adorable dinosaur embroidery designs for the ancient animal lovers you know. All of us have a favorite animal, and grow more and more attached to the thing as we grow up. Honestly! I always loved tigers so much that Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie strictly because the princess had a pet tiger and […] Read more…

Fall colored embroidery

11 Embroidered Turkey Designs For Fall Fun

Inside: Easy embroidered turkey designs for making fall more festive. I love a good embroidered turkey moment. I’ve said it about Christmas and I’ll say it about fall too– the cozy and warm feelings about the holidays remind me a lot of the cozy feeling I get from embroidery projects. I love when young people […] Read more…

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