Flower Embroidery

A bouquet of tulips

13 Tulip Embroidery Patterns To Welcome Spring

Inside: Pretty tulip embroidery patterns to welcome spring… even if it’s still a little ways away. Everyone is so ready to welcome spring after the holidays have wrapped up. The cold weather is made for eating turkey and traditional food with friends and family and sitting around a tree sipping your morning coffee while opening […] Read more…

A leaf with an embroidery piece

19 Cool Leaf Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 19 cool leaf embroidery patterns for all of your nature ideas. Leaves are one of those things we see a lot in artwork, drawing, stitching, painting or otherwise, and they kind of are just… there. As leaves. They’re part of a bigger picture, or sometimes in fall settings, they can be a focal point. […] Read more…

47 (EASY) Wildflower Embroidery Ideas

If there is an embroidery that is always a favorite, it’s flowers! Roses, wildflowers, daisies, embroidering lilacs or even tulips. Any kind of flower is a new favorite to thread once I’ve started on it. Did you know? Flowers will cause you to feel happy by triggering your happy brain chemicals. There are an abundant […] Read more…

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