Inside: 19 cool leaf embroidery patterns for all of your nature ideas.

Leaves are one of those things we see a lot in artwork, drawing, stitching, painting or otherwise, and they kind of are just… there. As leaves. They’re part of a bigger picture, or sometimes in fall settings, they can be a focal point. They’re everywhere in everything.

Since they’re so common, we tend to brush over them, at least I do, and not really think too much about it. “Stitch the leaf, then get on to cooler parts like the flowers.”

But if we took the time to really learn how to do a better leaf while stitching or in any form of art, would it add a new level of detail to the bigger picture? I think it would! So I decided to do a deep dive on maybe one of the more ignored pieces of nature work, the leaf.

two different embroidery pieces of greenery

We’ve talked about trees and mountains, but let’s hash out this seemingly minor detail that will take our art to the next level.

I also want to highlight different patterns that are just about leaves. The more you see it as a part of the art as well, the more likely you are to probably give it the attention it deserves on a floral piece as well.

And pieces that are strictly leaves are pretty as well.

What’s The Most Common Stitch For Leaf Embroidery?

Usually when stitching a leaf you probably use a fishbone.

This is the one with the line down the center that almost all leaves have.

Were you like me as a kid and while sitting outside with your neighbors, start to pull apart leaves? It was pretty interesting to see how strong that center vein is! And if you practice the fishbone stitch for your leaf patterns, you’ll find that it stands out pretty prominent too!

Weave stitches, satin stitches, chain stitches, and fly stitches are all also common in creating different kinds of leaves. This all depends on the shape of the leaf your pattern calls for, but they all give a different feel to the leaves you’re creating.

Why Are Leaves So Common In Stitching?

Nature is always a popular inspiration for varied forms of art. Painting, drawing, stitching, photography, and even other forms like music tend to pull from nature to be inspired.

All different styles and aesthetics commonly have nature motifs.

Bohemian, classical, edgy and punk, preppy, and so on all have different ways that they utilize pieces from the earth into their works of art and styles.

Usually it’s flowers. Flowers are super common to find on an edgy rock star’s leather jacket. Something about roses draws a certain type of crowd, knowing that something so beautiful and romantic can have severe thorns as well.

Bohemians are always surrounded by flowers– on their dresses, in their flower crowns… everywhere!

But then in some other aesthetics like preppy tend to utilize leaves more.

Have you seen a typical tennis club varsity sign? They almost always have Greek branches around them! And when you see all the different fall patterns for stitching, a brown fall leaf is a common piece.

And in other works, where there are flowers, leaves are present too, obviously.

So leaves are everywhere! Even when you don’t really think about it. As humans, we love nature, we can’t help it! Pulling inspiration from the earth is a beautiful thing.

Leaf Embroidery Designs

I’m here to show you a collection of different designs that include leaves, some of them giving more detail than others, but even the use of minimalism is a design idea.

Check these out, and next time you’re working on a floral piece, see if there are design elements from the flower that you can add to the leaf! Sure a bland leaf makes a flower pop, but a well detailed image makes for a striking piece of embroidery!

Fall leaves on an embroidery hoop

Fall Leaf Embroidery

We love when it’s time for the fall leaves to change color! It’s a beautiful sign that seasons are changing, football season is coming, and we’re heading into the holiday season. If you love the season like I do, you’re going to love these fall leaf embroidery patterns!

It highlights the beautiful colors you see every season depending on where you live… I live in Texas, so I don’t see these all very often. But if you’re lucky enough to live where they do, you’ll know how beautiful this is in real life, so it’s a beautiful thing to portray in your art as well.

1. All Fall Leaves
2. Golden Fishbone Stitch
3. Slender Leaf
4. Classic
5. Fall Is Here

Various types of evergreen embroidery

Various Leaves

Obviously there are different kinds of leaves due to hundreds of different types of trees and flowers. Stitch is used to bring those leaves into art.

Leaves are super common and embroidery, with boho and minimalism trending, you’ll see them often even in little sampler works on display.

6. Tiny Leaves
7. Botanicals
8. Monstera
9. Variety
10. Clear Vase

Simple vine leaf stitch work

Simple Stitches

Simple search work is always a favorite, and nature is always an easy subject of these kinds of artworks. These simple stitch leaves are stunning examples of different ways to bring them to life and build on it and get more creative as you go!

It’s a fun process to start with simple and work your way up.

11. Monstera Outline
12. Ivy Lines
13. Decor
14. Eucalyptus

Stitches of nature

Nature Embroidery

Nature has always been a prime inspiration for art, and embroidery is surely no different!

I remember growing up and seeing my grandmother and mother always working on birds, flowers, and trees. And going to the museums, it’s filled with Monet’s version of water lilies… Always one of my favorites. Find inspiration in nature like everybody else has and find new ways to get it out in the world!

No one ever gets bored with art pulled from nature, and creating an interesting leaf is another way to ensure that nature stays as captivating in art as it does in real life.

15. Pine Tree Leaves
16. Greenery
17. Variety Of Leaves
18. French Knot
29. Stem Stitch

Studying a leaf, how it looks, and how to turn it into art might sound like one of the most boring studies when it comes to art and structures, but I genuinely find it so fascinating to deep dive and really begin to look into some of the most common and bland parts of life. It’s a beautiful study to learn more about the earth! In my opinion anyway. That’s what makes hand stitching art great.

I love when people add a whimsical twist to different themes, but in art school I remember learning that while it’s important in art to break the rules, you have to know what the rules are in order to break them right. So learn more about the world around you in order to put your own creative spin on it.

Study some of these wildflower embroidery patterns, some of them really showcase some beautiful examples of details on the leaves.