Embroidery enhances creativity, relieves stress, and develops patience and community. It is a relaxing activity that creates beautiful works of art like floral embroidery patterns.

You can feel joy by simply admiring the lovely colors and textures of floral embroidery.

Flower embroidery is a classic and absolutely stunning way to enhance your home or add a touch of femininity to anything you own. The best floral embroidery designs include decorative wreaths, embroidered wall arts and home decors, accessories, and so much more! The possibilities are endless.

Flowers are everywhere in our lives, whether they are growing in the wild or cultivated in gardens and flowerpots, on your walking path, or in the backyard. Finding inspiration is simple with help from huge-leaved plants to the most delicate of blossoms with varying colors, sizes, and petal structures.

Why You Should Make These Floral Embroidery Designs

There is really no limit when it comes to the possibilities of flower embroidery design. The arrangement of colors and petals can be completely up to you!

If you want your flowers pastel colored in soft shades, then that’s lovely; if you want them brash and bold in rich tones then that’s fine too – just pick your favorite combination.

Flower embroidery designs

One way is certainly not better than the other so long as you enjoy embroidery with flowers.

43+ Flower Embroidery Design Ideas

Feeling floral already? Test your needlework and be ready to stitch a colorful flower onto your favorite fabric! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Remember – these are only suggestions and your imagination is the only limit when it comes to floral embroidery designs.

Wreath Floral Embroidery Patterns

  1. Chair wreath – Create a floral wreath that you can use to hang on, embroider, or cover your chair.
  2. Four-season blooms – Try out all kinds of floral wreath designs and celebrate the seasons with their specific blooms!
  3. Wreath and ribbons – A pretty wreath using flowers stitched with ribbons – this would look lovely hung up on any wall.

Gardens and Flowers Embroidery Designs

  1. Embroidered garden – Make an entire embroidered garden with flowers as big as bushes and as small as ground-covering mosses!
  2. Flower pots – Decorate your garden with flower pots full of your favorite embroidery design.
  3. Daisies and hyacinth in a flower pot – Stitch daisies and hyacinths ready to brighten up your day!
  4. Garden scene – Maybe some little birds are coming for a visit?

Wearable Floral Embroidery Patterns

  1. Floral embroidered design on dress – Work up an entire dress covered in flower embroidery design – it might be tricky but it’s a walking work of art!
  2. Felt sunflowers accessory – A big felt sunflowers to wear as earrings or decorate a wide-brimmed hat!
  3. Floral pendant – Add the finishing touch to any kind of outfit by stitching a floral pendant for a beautiful necklace.
  4. Floral embroidered collar – This is a really cute design that is perfect for a light-colored shirt with collars.

Floral Embroidery Designs for Your Home

  1. Illusion embroidery hoop – This is an eye-catching design that you can hang anywhere in your house!
  2. Floral mandala – Create a mandala of embroidered blooms to meditate upon at any time.
  3. Embroidered floral bunting – Create lovely bunting out of embroidered flowers so you can celebrate any occasion with some color!
  4. Cherry and leaves – Double up some leaves to make adorable embellishments for your next project, either on clothing or more decor items!
  5. Floral accents on clothes – Turn a piece of plain fabric into a work of art by embroidering delicate flowers on it for clothing or home decoration!
  6. Tissue cases – Make some lovely tissue cases decorated with embroidered flowers as gifts for friends and family – they’ll appreciate them all the more because they’re handmade, too!
  7. Pillow embroidery – Embroider around the edges of pillows or throws to highlight all their lovely designs and patterns!
  8. Coaster flowers – Work an arrangement of different blooms onto coasters to brighten up afternoon tea!
  9. Floral curtains – Stitch up your favorite flowers or onto curtains for that springtime feel!
  10. Tablecloth embroidery – Try stitching up a set of old-fashioned looking flowers onto a tablecloth or tea towel for added country charm!

How to embroider flowers

Flower Embroidery Gift Ideas

  1. Greeting cards with embroidered flowers – Create a set of greeting cards with flowers as the focal point of each one – tie them up with some lovely twine or ribbon and they’re ready to be sent on their way!
  2. Set of pretty hand towels – For your own home or as a gift – they’ll look lovely in any kitchen and remind you of the garden every time you dry your hands!
  3. Floral apron – Here’s a simple but unique gift idea: buy some plain aprons and stitch beautiful flowers on them!
  4. Tote bag with embroidered flowers – Add an embroidered floral design to a boring tote bag for an easy and thoughtful DIY embroidery gift.

Personalized Creations Using Floral Embroidery Patterns

  1. Personalized floral pattern – Beautiful embroidery patterns – your way!
  2. Monogram floral pattern – Draw up a pattern for yourself and then embellish it with embroidered flowers in all different colors – you can make one design each day while watching your favorite show!

Accessories Made With Flower Embroidery Designs

  1. Single blooms – Keep it simple by working single blooms onto clothes, bags, or other accessories where they will really stand out from the background fabric!
  2. Notebook cover design – Work some little flowers onto the front of a plain notebook so you have a secret place to jot down ideas!
  3. Handkerchief design – Embroider a design onto a plain handkerchief hem that you can tie around your bag or waist.
  4. Keyring charms – Make some embroidered flowers that can brighten up any cushion or bag – you can even make little ones and use them as keyring charms!

Floral embroidery patterns and designs

Other Floral Embroidery Design Ideas

There are so many ways you can embroider flowers and use them to add a touch of flower power to anything you own! Here are other floral embroidery design ideas you will love.

  1. Floral embroidery with paint
  2. Bouquet of flowers
  3. Leafy background
  4. Bird’s nest with eggs and flowers
  5. Wedding dress flowers
  6. Cute floral motifs for kids or beginners
  7. Flowers in pastel shades
  8. Tiny roses
  9. Butterflies with flowers
  10. Pearl flowers
  11. Cactus embroidery with flowers
  12. Dandelions
  13. Autumn foliage on shirt
  14. Scrunchie with embroidered flowers

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