Inside: Rose embroidery patterns with printable PDF’s that will make you swoon. 

Roses are such a classic flower. We see them basically every time we go enter a grocery store…especially around Valentine’s Day. They are unmatched with their beautiful shape and thorny stems. The rose bulb itself has this amazing spiral quality that makes them feel less like flowers and more like an expression of nature.

They are the favorite flower of the masses and a great subject for embroidery. If you are curious about how to make rose embroidery yourself, then you are in the right place. I’ve created an awesome list of 27 of the coolest Rose Embroidery Designs to get you started with making your own project.

After all, you are gonna want some inspiration.

After all, there are just so many different ways to achieve a rose in embroidery.

Rose Printable PDF Patterns

This is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this craft. You can take one theme, and create hundreds of different versions of it depending on what style of stitching you are using. Want a more blocky look? Try a classic Cross stitch. Thinking of more of a topographical approach? How about Brazilian embroidery? There truly is limitless potential here.

Plus, you can use this embroidery for so many things. House decor, clothing designs, and my personal favorite: To give as a gift. Everyone has gotten real roses at some point in their life…why not give them roses that will last longer than a few weeks?

No one said the flowers had to be grown out of the ground to count, just saying.

Not only is this gift beautiful for the eyes, but for the heart as well. Roses hold so much powerful symbolism that when you give these to someone, you are sending a message. Interested in what the rose represents? Let’s go over it.

Rose Symbolisms

Overall, the rose is the symbol of love, romance, and beauty. There are many different colors that hold more specific meanings, as well as some variations that have their own as well. For example, did you know that a thornless red rose is a symbol of love at first sight?

Me neither!

  • Classic Red Roses symbolize passion and love in their deepest and truest form. If you are creating this embroidery for a partner then this is the way to go.
  • Yellow roses are perfect for giving to friends seeing as they are the symbol of everlasting friendship and joy. So if you have a best friend you want to express how much you love them too, then perhaps consider making your rose embroidery yellow.
  • Orange Roses represent fascination and desire. If you are creating this for someone you have a crush on, then orange is defiantly the color you should go with. Not to mention it’s unique and beautiful.
  • Pink Roses are for appreciation and gratitude. These are my go-to flowers to give to my mom on Mother’s Day, so perhaps you can embroider them for this occasion instead.
  • White Roses are the symbol of purity and innocence, so you can embroider these for someone that is bringing a baby into the world. Extra bonus points if you embroider the name and the date of birth within the hoop.

Now that we understand the meanings behind some of the different colors, brainstorm on which would be right for you and your situation. If more than one of these fits what you are creating for then mix and match. Create a whole bouquet of the message you would like to send.

Oh and another great idea that I don’t think is included in the list below: Rainbow Roses! These are perfect if you or the person you are making this for is a part of LGBTQ+. Not to mention they are some of the prettiest roses out there. You can do a different color of the rainbow for every petal.

With these things in mind, take a look at all of these amazing rose designs!

Embroidery Patterns with textured roses

Rose Embroidery Pattern

For this first list, I made sure to include a perfect mixture of styles and colors so you can really get a good feel for the options you have when creating your own piece. You can also add as many little details as you want to any of these designs below to make them more aligned with your vision.

I like number four, it’s simple but beautiful and I love that! It doesn’t always have to be the most intricate design, just something that you think looks good and that you can enjoy creating. That is the goal here, to enjoy the creation process!

Check them out…

1. Pink Roses

2. TriColored Roses

3. Small Rose Hoop

4. Simple Rose Spirals

5. Detailed Rose

6. Cute Pink Rose Design

7. Black Rose Outlines

8. Multiple Flower Hoop

9. Detailed Pink Rose

10. 3 Roses

11. Simple Rose Hoop

12. 3D Hand Embroidery

13. Ribbon Rose

14. Fishbone Stitch Roses

Rose Embroidery Designs

Rose Embroidery Designs

If you didn’t find anything to your liking in the list above then perhaps you will find something in this next list. When I first started embroidery, it would take me HOURS to pick a design to work on. Which didn’t really help because it also takes hours to create a said design, so I would end up just tacking on a large chunk of time to the duration of my project.

Don’t be like me! It was really deterring me from wanting to create as often as I do now.

15. Rose Design

16. Simple Roses

17. Rose Outlines

18. Ombre Flowers

19. 3 Roses

20. Pale Pink Rose

21. Single Rose

22. Rose Head

23. Red Rose Cross Stitch

24. Cute Spirals

25. Flower Bouquet

26. Rose sticthes you can make

27. One Line Rose

I hope you loved learning about the symbolic nature of this popular flower. And that you were also able to find a design for your own project. I think that crafting is the ultimate expression of love when you gift your end result to someone. You spent your time and effort creating this for them, so it makes it that much more special than if you just went out and bought it. So while you are making it, really put your love into it!

Rose embroidery

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