Flowers are a popular subject for embroidery. Daisies, in particular, are a favorite of many stitchers because they exude freshness and happiness. There’s even a stitch named “lazy daisy”! In this article, we share beautiful daisy embroidery patterns so you can add a touch of the flower’s whimsy to your next embroidery project.

Some of the most beautiful daisy embroidery patterns you will find include daisy garlands, daisy bouquets, a daisy heart, and daisies in a basket. You can stitch these floral designs as part of a larger embroidery project or stitch them on their own, as a simple project for you or your kids.

Before you start stitching daisies, you’ll need to choose the colors for your daisy embroidery patterns and purchase all of your supplies. Some of these designs will also need to be transferred onto fabric before you begin.

Why You Should Make Daisy Embroidery Designs

Daisies remind us of summer and picnics in the park. With some daisy embroidery designs in your home or accessories, you can bring that summer feeling any time of the year.

Daisy Embroidery Designs

Embroidered flowers are also beautiful and they last longer than cut ones, so embroidered daisies do make a wonderful decoration and a perfect present for the flower-loving people in your life.

Let’s get stitching!

Easy Embroidery Patterns With Daisies

If you’re a beginner or you’d like to learn a new technique, the best place to start is with something simple. These patterns will make you want to stitch more, so make sure you pick up the right supplies with some extra thread just in case you have to start over (we hope not!)

1. Easy Daisy Pattern

This is a simple daisy pattern that you can stitch in one or two colors. It’s perfect for beginners, since all the stitching is done on the fabric’s surface, and there are no back stitches involved.

2. Daisy Pillow

This handmade embroidered pillow is a great accent piece for any home. It’s also a nice way to add some foliage to your house during winter when there are no flowers around.

3. Garland Embroidery Pattern

This pattern is a collection of daisies and other flowers that can be stitched onto corners. It is a  simple but classic pattern that would look beautiful on towels, tablecloths, and even sheets.

4. Blue Daisy Pattern

This pretty pattern comes with detailed instructions. It’s perfect for beginner embroiderers and it can be worked in running stitches. The designer suggests lazy daisy for the flowers, stem stitch for the stem, and fishbone for the leaves. The pattern is great as a coaster, table topper, quilt square, or pillow appliqué.

5. Daisy Applique Pattern

This cute little daisy, which looks similar to the previous one, is perfect to add a touch of springtime freshness to your home. You can make an embroidered picture or use it as a decoration on bags, shirts, pillows, and even crochet coasters.

6. Daisy Heart

This would make the perfect gift for mom on Mother’s Day, especially if she loves flowers or if she is into needlework. You can stitch it in different colors and hang it on the wall as an art piece. If you decide to turn it into a pillow, you can use any color and fill the inside with a soft cushion.

7. Minimalist Daisy Embroidery Pattern

This minimalist daisy pattern is great for sewing onto bag handles, bookmarks, headbands, or any long fabric. It would also look very nice hanging on the wall.

8. Daisy Cluster Embroidery Pattern

Flower clusters are usually a bit more challenging, but this pattern is something you can easily follow. Make it your transition project into the more complex and exciting world of floral embroidery!

Easy embroidery patterns with daisies

Colorful Daisy Embroidery Designs

Embroidery patterns that come in beautiful color palettes are fun to work with and can really brighten up your home.

9. Daisies in a Vase Pattern

These pretty little daisies are would make perfect decorations for your home during spring and summer. The pattern comes with a color guide, a materials checklist, and some tips for a successful project!

10. Daisy Mug Mats

This pattern can be transformed into pretty mug mats that would look gorgeous on your coffee table. It’s very easy to make even if you’ve never worked with embroidery before. The pattern comes with step-by-step instructions in a video format.

11. Summer Daisies Embroidery Pattern

This beautiful, lifelike design features small daisies that are outlined with stem stitches and filled with backstitches. It would look lovely on curtains, pillow covers, napkins, and towels.

12. Lacy Daisy Pattern

This beautiful whitework pattern is great for making pretty curtains, veils, tablecloths, and similar fabric. Note, however, that it will need a bit of work using techniques such as pulled thread work, drawn thread work, satin stitch, stem stitch, and French knots.

13. Daisy Wreath Embroidery Design

This beautiful flower wreath makes a wonderful pattern for anything you want it to be on! It would look extra lovely on pillows and it can be made in any color you like.

14. Scattered Daisies Pattern

Perfect to decoupage onto gift boxes, picture frames, lampshades and so much more. The pattern features a classic set of daisies hand-embroidered on cotton.

Daisy Embroidery Patterns For Expert Embroiderers

Colorful Daisy Patterns

The patterns you’ll find below are a bit more challenging, so if you’re an advanced embroiderer, you might want to give one of these a try. If you’ve been stitching for a while, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

15. Daisies in a Basket Pattern

This pretty pattern is great for adding color to your home. You can make an embroidered picture or use it as a decoration on bags, pillows for your sofa, table runners, and even crochet coasters.

16. Daisies and Poppies Embroidery Pattern

This collection of beautiful flowers is a refreshing addition to any home. It’s a great way to decorate with floral patterns during spring and summer when everything is blooming outside.

17. White Daisies and Butterflies Embroidery Pattern

This pretty and busy design is great for making table runners, napkins, or pillow covers. You can easily color it in with your favorite colors to make it look extra colorful and springlike.

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