Inside: Everything you need to know about Brazilian embroidery!

Embroidery is a common creative outlet of many cultures around the world. Though it may be called different names, generally there is believed to easily be hundreds and hundreds of varying types and styles.

For someone just starting their own embroidery journey, this can seem a bit overwhelming.

This is totally understandable. But i’m here to help.

You should never bite off more than you can chew, so i’m going to discuss one type of embroidery today in an easy way… Let’s dive into Brazilian Embroidery!

How To Do Brazilian Embroidery

What is Brazilian Embroidery?

Brazilian embroidery is a style of embroidery that is very textured and basically 3 Dimensional. This beautiful style of thread art get’s it’s name because it uses high-sheen rayon thread in place of the traditional cotton or wool. This rayon thread was first created and popularized in brazil, hence the name! You will find that this kind of embroidery commonly is used to depict flowers, this is achieved through a combined cast-on and knotted stitches.

No clue what I’m talking about? Don’t worry about it! I’m going to cover it all in this article. I’ll show you how to achieve the Brazilian embroidery style as well as include some simple patterns to get you started strong!

Let’s get into it!

Brazilian Embroidery Supplies

For this project you’ll need quite a few things handy. So heres a list!

  • Rayon Thread
  • Firmly woven fabric such as trigger cloth
  • Bullion Needle Set- 5″ to 7″
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Transfer Marker
  • Scissors

How to Do Brazilian Embroidery

First, choose a design. If you need some inspiration, I’ve compiled a list of examples down below to get those creative juices flowing! So take a peak.

Once you’ve decided on a design, go ahead and sketch it out onto your fabric using the transfer pen. These pens are great because they easily come off with a damp cloth when you no longer need your template!

Next you’re going to want to secure your fabric to your embroidery hoop. Make it tight, the tighter it is the easier this will go!

Once all of this is completed, sit down with your supplies in hand and your scissors near by and we can get this started!

To help you choose a pattern, I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest Brazilian embroidery images and patterns to help you get a good feel of this style and perhaps give you some inspiration for your own design!

Take a look below.

Brazilian Embroidery Images

1. Purple Flower Cluster

2. Adorable Knome & Mushrooms

3. Texured Mixed Flowers


5. Flower Wreath

6. Strawberries

7. Garden of Flowers

Brazilian Embroidery Patterns

Brazilian Embroidery

8. Floral Embroidery

9. Berries and Leaves

10. Simple Pink Flower

11. Hummingbird in Nature Kit

12. Lilac PDF Pattern

13. Floral Heart

14. Flower Bouquet with Bow

15. Simple White Flowers

16. Succulent Garden

17. Basket of Flowers

Now, once you have a design we can get started on the stitches! Hoorah!

Brazilian Embroidery Stitches

brazilian embroidery stitches

There are many stitches used in Brazilian Embroidery, most of which are dimensional, which as mentioned before is stitch style that come out off of the fabric a bit, like its 3D!

There are too many different stitches to be able to cover it in the one article, so today we’ll be focussing on 2 very important ones you can use while you start out.

Before starting outright on your project, go ahead and practice these different knots so you can choose where they’ll best fit in your design.

The first stitch we’re going to learn is the Bullion Knot! I’ve sorted it into steps below.

Bullion Knot

1. Take 3 strands of the Rayon thread and tie them to your needle. Bring the need through the fabric from the backside to the front(otherwise known as the face).

2. You then take your needle about one centimeter away from where the thread is protruding on the surface and insert it. The tip of the needle should come back out right next to the original piece of thread. Do not pull the needle all the way through, it should be flat on the surface of the fabric with the middle of the needle on the backside, but the tip and end both on the front lying flat.

3.  Next take the thread and wind it around the tip of the needle several times, estimate how any coils it will take to fill the area between the tip and the end that is under the fabric. Since you are using Rayon thread you must wrap the thread around it clockwise to avoid the thread unraveling.

4. Gently pull the needle through the coils.

5. Use your finger to guild the coils over the 1 cm space left between the holes.

6. Then bring the needle through the end of the coils to secure them.

That’s it! You’ve successfully made your first Bullion Knot!

Cast On Stitch

Next is the Cast On Stitch! It’s similar to the knot above so it should be a breeze. Once you get used to it you’ll be able to make these stitches with no second thought!

1. Tie your thread onto a needle. Then come up through the back of your fabric.

2. Slide your needle through the face of the fabric, (Much like in step 2 of the bullion knot how-to).

3. Make a single loop with your thread.

4. Insert the needle through that loop. Pull this stitch to the back of the needle and repeat. Make as many loop coils as needed to bridge the 1 cm gap between holes.

5. Next gently pull needle out of loops and guide the section to where you need it to be with your finger.

6. Then bring the needle through the end of the coils to secure them.

There you go! Thats how you make a cast on stitch!

Okay, now that you’ve got a handle on the basics, you can get started on your own Brazilian embroidery project! Happy embroidering!

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