Embroidery Styles

Embroidered square

3 Stitch Background Embroidery Tricks

Inside: 3 stitch background embroidery tricks. When it comes to embroidery and different pictures and images you plan to come up with for your projects, there are some ways that you can make it a little more unique, personalized, and detailed. Most embroidery images don’t include or require a background surrounding the main focal point […] Read more…

An embroidery hoop

How To Create Circle Embroidery The Easy Way

Inside: How to create easy circle embroidery. Sharing some different stitches today and techniques that accomplish your circle goals. When we use the embroidery hoop so often, it becomes a fun little idea to play around with circles in your embroidery! Geometric shapes and framing an image is such a cool way to utilize the […] Read more…

Orange velvet fabric

19 Dazzling Velvet Embroidery Ideas

Inside: 19 dazzling velvet embroidery ideas for all of your design ideas. While diving into fashion fabrics and how to use each one in embroidery, you’re likely to come across many dazzling velvet pieces with stunning embroidery work on them. It’s common and popular in Pakistani culture to wear brilliantly embroidered velvet for traditional events, […] Read more…

Lady embroidering

21 Chain Stitch Embroidery Examples & How To’s

Inside: Chain stitch embroidery examples and basic how-to’s Classic embroidery stitching is wonderful for creating all kinds of images and pictures with a standard style of stitching. There’s so much that can be done with one stitch! However, adding some different styles and techniques add a new level of dimension to your work and can […] Read more…

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