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A girl's face embroidered

11 Girl Embroidery Designs – Best Feminine Projects

Inside: 11 Best Girl Embroidery Designs For Your Girly Projects Growing up, I loved being a little bit of an in between a “girly girl” and a “tomboy.” But now that I’m grown and have come into my own interests and aesthetics, I’m very much more of a girly girl. And there’s no denying it. […] Read more…

Embroidery machine sewing a name

11 Cursive Embroidery Font Ideas To Embellish Anything

Inside: 11 cursive embroidery font ideas to embellish anything. We all know that writing in cursive is the prettiest way to write anything. Whether it’s your signature or a birthday card, it’s the prettiest move to make with a pen and paper. Though the classic handwriting practice is outdated and slowly dying out even more, […] Read more…

Christmas gnomes

15 Precious Gnome Embroidery Designs

Inside: 15 precious gnome embroidery designs for your home all year long! Christmas tree ornaments, coasters, and festive sweatshirts… There are so many fun ways to use adorable Christmas themed embroidery designs. I always remember my grandmother showing up to my house on December 23rd, every year, in a new Hobby Lobby sweatshirt that she […] Read more…

outer space

11 Spectacular Space Embroidery Ideas

Inside: Spectacular space embroidery ideas for anyone and everyone intrigued and amazed by our universe. I know that outer space feels like such a daunting concept! To some, this is such a fascinating sector of science, and it simply just blows my mind. The ever expanding universe is a wild place, and the stars and […] Read more…

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