Inside: 11 Best Girl Embroidery Designs For Your Girly Projects

Growing up, I loved being a little bit of an in between a “girly girl” and a “tomboy.” But now that I’m grown and have come into my own interests and aesthetics, I’m very much more of a girly girl. And there’s no denying it.

I love pink, I love frills, I love glitter, I love makeup and I love girl’s nights. I am a girl’s girl through and through. And this reads in my art, my writing, and my embroidery. I love a girly piece, I love a piece that portrays girls as so fun and cute, and if you’re like me, you’re going to love these patterns I have for you in this post. It’s so fun to make something that is so extra and over the top, and sometimes that’s what I feel like girl embroidery designs are.

Just because something is girly doesn’t make it extra or over the top, but sometimes they can be, and in my opinion, those are the best. So we’re going to look at the best girl embroidery designs for any of your girly projects and whip up some of the cutest embroidery patterns ever!

Three girly embroidery patterns

Girly Imagery

When it comes to girl embroidery designs, there are a couple of ways that we can go with it. We can find images of cute little animated girls, or we can go for all of the little images that we know and love to be “girly” and what reminds us of girls.

Examples of an image of a girl can be characters from movies and TV shows, like Strawberry Shortcake, Groovy Girl dolls from the 2000’s, a faceless woman with a defining feature like a ballerina, or an unknown image of a girl. These are all fun ideas for a little embroidery piece featuring a girl, especially if you or the recipient of this embroidery piece has a favorite animated character, it’s always so fun to bring them to life with embroidery.

If you’re looking for something a little more abstract, pieces that feature girly imagery or iconography are just as great, and almost more fun. Stitching an image of a makeup covered countertop or a glass of pink Rose wine are some of the most basic and cutesy images of girly ideas. Ballet shoes, plants, iconic fashion brands, and flowers are some more of some of the most common images you find in the best girl embroidery designs.

These are so niche and help you narrow down which ones are for you, when they get so specific like this, but it also makes it so special to find the one that suits you, and you can make a project that’s all for you.

Maybe the logo of your favorite TV show, a hairstyle that looks like yours, or anything that relates to any of your hobbies. While we love the classic and typical girl embroidery designs, we’re here to cater to every girl, so whatever makes you feel girly and cozy and yourself, most importantly, that is what’s the best girl embroidery design.

For Baby Girl

Are you or someone you know welcoming a baby girl into the world? The best gift is always an embroidery piece. I have so many from my mother’s family and friends that were made specifically for me while she was pregnant with me, and I love them all dearly. To grow up with a handmade gift that was made with me in mind is the most precious thing, and I cherish them all dearly.

Some of them feature a simple pink rectangle with my birthdate and name on it, some of them are Christmas ornaments for my first Christmas, also with my name and birthdate on it.

Some of them are wall plaques with baby blocks, pink bows, and allll of the details of my birth stats from when I was born. Weight and length measurements as well as my birthdate and name. And the exact time I was born. They were invested, and I’m so happy they were!

I have baby onesies with custom embroidery as well as little embroidered bracelets and bookmarks they made for me to have as I got older.

As you’re welcoming a friend’s child into the world, or maybe your own! You’re not just making gifts for her in her first few months of life, you’re creating pieces that will stay with her for years! So as you make some of these best girl embroidery designs for a baby girl, don’t forget the longevity and what each of these are going to mean to her.

If mama needs a custom blanket for the baby, have at it. If she needs some more wall decorations for the nursery, figure out the theme and go full steam ahead on some of these projects.

Some of these girl embroidery designs are going to be perfect for a baby girl, so get creative with some of these patterns! Maybe not any of them that incorporate a Rose wine just yet… But otherwise, these are going to be great and perfect images for you to use for a baby girl.

Embroidery pieces with girls

Friend Embroidery Projects

Stitching a project for your best friend might be some of the sweetest projects you can take on. These images feature some friends, maybe even best friends, and are so cute.

A girl’s best friend is the most important person, so honor her with these embroidery pieces!

1. Best Friends
2. Outlines
3. Dancing

A vogue cover embroidered

Best Girl Embroidery Designs

I love each of these designs, and I just know that you will too. They’re perfect for the girly girl, and the girl that loves all things pink and fun. Enjoy creating these patterns and bringing them to life, they are so cute!

4. Girly
5. Vogue Cover
6. Floral Details
7. Vintage Outlining

Embroidery pieces with a girl on a swing and with a ballerina

Cute Designs

You can never go wrong with something that is simply cute. If it’s a cute little image that’s fun to embroider, then it should definitely be in your future projects list.

8. Girl On Swing
9. Ballet Dancer
10.Flowers In The Hair
11. Unicorn

Embroidery patterns that have to do with girls can look however it feels like it should look to you. Obviously we’re all about breaking gender norms and not making it so structured what is “for girls” and what is “for boys.”

However, I do want to emphasize that the patterns in this post are for the lover of all things that are pink and stereotypically girly. Not for every girl to fit in this particular mold.

That being said, if this is your preferred style, I hope that you found the best girl embroidery designs to go with your desired projects and that you got everything that you want out of this post.

Whether it’s the image of a girl or girly imagery, these are some of the cutest embroidery patterns and designs that you’re going to find. So enjoy them.

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