Inside: CUUUUUTE cat embroidery patterns for all my feline loving friends out there.

The age old question: cats or dogs? This has been a wide debate for ages now, and no matter which side you’re on, you believe that you’re on the right side of the argument.

But I think we can all agree that all that matters is that you love your pet very much, as most pet parents do, and that you cherish the sweet little fur baby.

If you’re a cat person and you’re ready to start making some cat embroidery, you’ve come to the right place. A collective list of 27 cat embroidery patterns for all the cat people is the best place to find yourself. So congratulations! You’ve made it.

This might be taking you to a new level of “cat lady,” but I totally support you and all of your cat-loving endeavors!

Enjoy these cat embroidery patterns that you’re going to fall in love with and will make you fall in love with your cat even more!

Three cat embroidery pieces

Symbolism Of Cats

While to most of us, cats are pets, there are some that take cats as omens and take everything that they symbolize to heart.

So if you want to know what you’re representing when you rep your one of a kind embroidered cat sweatshirt, then keep reading! You’re in the right place.

If you think about the typical characteristics of cats, you’re likely to come up with some common ideas about what cats represent.

Nine lives, nocturnal, mischievous, and good companions are all things that describe the cats we know and love… more or less.

The nine lives that cats seem to have when they get into trouble represents resurrection and reincarnation. Being brought back to life after danger and challenges have come our way. We always land on our feet, even if it doesn’t seem possible!

Their nocturnal nature brings a darkness about cats to mind. This goes hand in hand with the mischievous behavior and how they seem to always be slinking around. This symbolizes literal darkness. Cats in art and movies can be a bit of an eerie element, so this is what that “darkness” kind of refers to to me. Hidden things.

Regardless of the darkness, they truly are good companions. They give you your space, but love you like their human anyway. They are a sign of good luck in the spiritual world, so if you see a cat, welcome the luck and companionship into your life!

These are some symbols of cats in real life, but what do they mean in art?

Meaning Of Cats In Art

In art history, usually there is meaning behind the use of different elements like pets or colors and clothing choices in the images painted or drawn. Sometimes it’s as simple as the piece being a portrait, and the subject just really loved their pet cat.

But if it’s a creative piece with full artistic liberty from the artist to include whatever they want and they choose to include a cat, there may be a reason for that!

We already discussed the general meaning and symbolization of cats in various parts of life, but when it comes to art, it can sometimes take on it’s own rules and meanings behind things.

Ultimately, it depends on the era and the age of the art. In some cultures in time, they symbolized shady behavior and suspicion, and in some they symbolized royalty. How interesting to see how some artistic eras depicted imagery differently, and how it relates to the cultures in time.

Context is key as well. In some, like in European art, if a cat is painted with a woman, it’s emphasizing her femininity and grace. If with another animal, it meant friendship.

There are so many ways you can interpret cats in artwork throughout time, but in the age of everyone being an artist and creating your own pieces of art, your kitty embroidery can mean whatever you want it to mean. Just have fun with it!

How To Use These Patterns And Designs

What’s so fun about embroidery is that you can truly use these patterns however and wherever you want to! It’s a very freeing form of art. All art can be freeing, but the expression that embroidery allows when you can put it on pillows, jackets, jeans, in a frame… the possibilities are endless with embroidery!

You can really show your personality through something you’ve created whether in your home or on your clothes, and it’s going to be so cute and fun, no matter what you do!

I’ve seen a lot of embroidered sweatshirts and sweaters lately, so maybe see what that’s all about and get on it!
Here are some cat embroidery patterns you can use.

Artwork with for pet lovers

Cute Cat Embroidery Patterns

Cats are always one of those animals we’re just going to fawn over when we see one. Unless you’re a dog person, there’s no chance you see a cat and aren’t just like “oh it’s so cutie!”

It’s human nature to love cute things, so I know you’re going to love these cute cat embroidery patterns!

1. In A Coat
2. Hand Heart
3. Clean
4. Florals
5. Sleepy Cat
6. Cool Details
7. Tea Towel
8. Angelic
9. Little Guys

Black cats on embroidery pieces

Black Cats

Black cats are trendy, and not just around Halloween!

They’re edgy, cool, and mysterious. If you love black cats like I do, check out these embroidery patterns.

10. Pumpkins
11. Moon
12. Silhouette
13. Playing
14. Peeping
15. Knife
16. Floral
17. Curious
18. Stars

Two minimalist cute cat cross stitch pieces

Cat Embroidery Ideas

Want some fresh ideas for embroidering your little furry friend? Check out these cat embroidery ideas for you!

19. Many Cats
20. Home
21. Outlines
22. Portrait
23. Set
24. Plants
25. Big Stretch
26. Meow
27. Hand

Cats can be sweet or sour.

But even when they’re sour, we kind of love them for it, don’t we?!

It’s a really fun game to play when you see your cat and don’t know if you’re getting the nice version of your cat or the mean version, but the sassy attitude is almost so dramatic, it makes me obsess over the cat. Personal opinion. That might be a hot take.

I think just about everyone loves dogs, but it takes a special person to really invest in the love of a cat. Since they are kind of temperamental, not just everyone puts up with them. So when you do, you know you’re super special. I hope these cat embroidery patterns and ideas bring you closer to your little feline friend and bring you joy!
What’s something cute to go with cats? Butterflies of course! Check these patterns out.