Inside: 9 adorable embroidered Christmas coasters to gift and to decorate with.

Ready to embroider all of your Christmas decorations? Are you gifting embroidered goods this season? Here are 9 adorable embroidered Christmas coasters for any of the practical and useful projects you have on your to do list this season.

I love using embroidery as parts of my home and for practical objects to have around. It’s a fun element to include when you’re decorating for the holidays and getting ready to have extra guests over. Who doesn’t need more coasters? I know around the Christmas season I always have a drink in each hand– Eggnog in one and a Winter Sangria in the other! So I require two coasters when I sit down. Stock up when I come to your house!

Maybe you’re gifting them this year! This is a really fun gift idea, it’s something they know exactly how they can use, and use it for years to come.

Three sets of handmade Christmas coasters

Embroidered Gift Ideas

Good gift ideas are always pretty hard to come by.

I’ve got one for you right now: Embroidered coasters. Obviously. They’re perfect for someone that just moved homes, for someone that loves all things Christmas, and for someone who loves all things embroidered.

But what else can you gift someone with your embroidery skills and passions?

Christmas ornaments are always cute, especially personalized and hand-made. These are cherished forever and will remain a part of the Christmas tradition.

Bookmarks– a little leather one like I show examples of here, for corner markers are a cute idea.

Personalized handkerchiefs are fabulous and a timeless piece to have.

Kitchen towels are always a nice decorative touch.

Personalizing a sweatshirt can never go wrong! It’s cute, stylish, and so much to be on the receiving end of! If I opened a sweatshirt with something that really screams my name on it, I would cherish that sweatshirt forever.
Hats, like beanies and dad hats are way too fun to have on deck for the holiday gifting situation. Everyone loves a cool beanie in the winter.

Hopefully some of these are helpful to you and that you found some great gift options for the loved ones in your life. Get stitching and gifting.

What Surfaces Require Coasters?

Most of us learned from our mothers and grandmothers to always use a coaster. Especially on those wooden tables. And ESPECIALLY if these tables are antique.

Coasters are used to prevent water damage and some nasty water rings on our furniture like tables and side tables as well as some countertops.

Even if you’re sitting at a granite counter like at a bar, coasters are still great to use because when the glass sweats and the water sits on the counter, it can start to run and it gets messy. So if you’ve got your phone sitting on the counter with you it could end up in a puddle, or if the counter is a little slanted, you could totally end up with water on your lap.

In short, every surface needs a coaster.

A glass table that has no danger of getting anything wet or stained either still needs to have coasters on it and available, so that you avoid the ring that you’re going to have to scrub off later on.

Just… always use a coaster, okay? If you need some extras for all the company you’re going to have around the holidays, here are some patterns that you can follow.

Do Embroidered Coasters Work?


Some will definitely work more than others, of course. If you have a pretty simple one that’s more for decoration than for a drippy water glass, you might want to keep those on retainer for more of the cleaner wine glasses.

However there are definitely some heartier coasters that you can create with embroidery, and you can totally save your tables with them.

Simply using thicker fabrics to embroider on in the first place can help with this as well, rather than a simple embroidery fabric.

The possibilities are endless and you will totally be able to rescue your table from the dirty water rings with a cute little embroidered coaster.

Red and white snowflake coasters

Snowflake Coasters

Snowflakes are a cult favorite when it comes to Christmas and winter iconography. They’re so fun and wintery, and you don’t have to put them away when the Christmas tree comes down.

It reminds us of the season and the uniqueness of each snowflake is so cool, I think it’s a wonderful reminder to have around the home.

Use these snowflake patterns for embroidering coasters and have a little bit of snow inside this year!

1. Red And White
2. Woven

Embroidery patterns for Christmas coasters

Embroidered Christmas Coaster Patterns

These embroidered Christmas coaster patterns are way too cute, and I know that they are going to brighten up your home.

Sometimes when the stockings are hung and the tree is lit, there seems to be something missing in all of the little details. A little sprinkle here and there.

So add something small to the table that carries the joy of the decor throughout the home.

3. Punch Needle
4. Pointsettia
5. Gingerbread Man

Beaded Santa coasters

Mr. And Mrs. Clause Embroidered Coasters

The head chief of the season and his leading lady! We all love Mr. And Mrs. Claus and all of the joy that they bring through their imagery, so include a couple coaster images of the two we all love and adore.

Set their glasses of milk on them on Christmas Eve! Let them know you’re extra thinking of them this year with some personalized coasters for their evening glass of milk.

6. Beaded Santa
7. Punch Needle

Colorful Christmas embroidery

Colorful Christmas Coasters

Red and green are so timeless, and in recent years it’s been super trendy to start including many colors to your Christmas decor! It’s a fun element when everything just feels so bright and happy!

Try adding some of these colorful Christmas coasters to your collection.

8. Christmas Florals
9. Background Colors

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year– so I love to sprinkle it throughout every area of my life as I collect new trinkets and embark on new holiday embroidery projects. Anywhere that I can utilize and incorporate Christmas imagery and iconography, I plan to do so!

It’s just too fun and it’s kind of the one time of year where being incredibly extra is totally acceptable, and just about everyone is right there with you.

Enjoy the season and all the different things that you can make throughout! Crafting is extra fun this time of year too, because it’s so cozy and homey feeling, and that’s everything I love about the holidays.

I hope you found all of the coaster inspiration you needed to get started on these perfect projects for the home. They’re way too cute to pass up, and I know I need to go ahead and get started ASAP.