Inside: Embroidered toilet paper ideas you’ll never actually want to use.

Yep, you read that title correctly…and it is not clickbait. Today we are going to talk about toilet paper embroidery, in all its cotton glory.

Not only is this a very real thing, but it’s also a very popular thing as well. At least among the gag gift circuits.

You may be wondering, does she mean embroidery done about toilet paper or embroidery done ON toilet paper. Both actually, do exist. Today though we are going to talk about the latter.

Toilet Paper Embroidery Designs

Did you know that you can embroider onto toilet paper? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it either. But you totally can! This really opens a lot of doors for me when I want to craft but am on a budget.

The whole process is actually rather funny, but pretty cool as well. People mainly will use embroidery on toilet paper as a gag gift for white elephant parties or as a fun decoration for their bathroom.

They often come with hilarious bathroom puns that just add to this odd creation.

Some funny puns to include:

  • Why does toilet paper always do well in life? Because it is on a roll.
  • Why should you use good-quality toilet paper? They will make you Sparkle.
  • Where does the Terminator look for their toilet paper? Aisle B, Back.
  • How does toilet paper deal in difficult situations? They just roll with it.
  • Which relaxing place do I like to go to after lunch? To the toilet.
  • What happens when you need to use a toilet but there aren’t any around you? Urine great trouble.
  • I need WiFi…What’s Your I Pee Address?

And there is plenty more where that came from. If you are in the mood to make your own toilet paper embroidery then you have come to the right place. Down below I have written a step-by-step tutorial on the process, as well as included 43 of the funniest Embroidered Toilet paper designs to give you some inspiration for your own T.P Masterpiece.

This is still such a hilarious thing to me, I just had to expand on it more. So here we are, and now I’m about to make my very own toilet paper embroidery as well. Life is funny that way! So take a look at this tutorial and then at the examples for your inspo. Make it extra fun by trying your best not to laugh when looking through them.

How to Embroider On Toilet Paper

To do this, you will probably have better luck with your embroidery machine rather than with your hands. The whole thing is a pretty simple and straightforward process but there are some key things to keep in mind to help make your project go smoothly.

Step One: Set Your Hoop

First things first, you are going to want to prepare your hoop for your design.

Step Two: Layer Your TP

In order for this to work, you are going to want a heavy ply toilet paper to work with. Then you are going to get rid of the first square. Next, you’re going to want to fold the next square over another, creating a thicker double sheet.

Pin this into your hoop.

Step Three: Embroider

Next, you input your design into your machine, and once your hoop is securely in place, you can begin embroidering like you normally would. When it’s done, carefully cut off any jump stitching that may have happened. Then you can lay the embroidered piece back into place like it never left. Voila! You have now created you’re very own Toilet Paper Embroidery.

Toilet Paper Embroidery Designs

Embroidered Toilet Paper Designs

This is a perfect gag gift for your loved ones for absolutely every occasion you can think of. Toilet Paper puns never run out…if only the real T.P worked that way.

Take a look at all of these awesome Toilet Paper Embroidery Designs to get you amped to create your own.

1. Tinkle All the Way

2. Cute Quote

3. Christmas Themed Toilet Paper

4. Emergency Roll

5. I’ll Be Here Through Thick And Thin

6. No Job Is Finished

7. Holy Crap, You’re 70!

8. Let It Go

9. No Selfies on the Toilet

10. Selfies

11. Funny Quote

Toilet Paper Patterns

Toilet Paper Patterns

These pattern examples are some of the cutest, funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Not only are they all made on toilet paper but they mostly have puns to reflect that fact. These are also great if you wanted to practice embroidery on a budget. Just go to your bathroom, grab a roll, and voila. You have a whole much of embroidery canvas.

Who would have thought?

12. Father’s Day

13. Cute Quote

14. Wifi? What’s Your I Pee Address?

15. Easter Embroidery

16. My Retirement Papers

17. Valentines Day TP

18. Retired from All the Crap

19. Downloading

20. Grinch Funny Roll

21. Smells Like Roses

22. Skunk You Stink

23. Bare Necessities

24. Gift Toilet

25. Hoe Hoe Hoe

26. I Poop on Company Times

27. Potty, Wipe, Wash Hands

28. Cute Quotes

29. Emergency Roll Quote

30. Your Other Gift Is Coffee

31. You’re Old

32. Can’t Trust a Fart

33. Mother’s Day Roll

Toilet Paper Embroidery

Free Machine Embroidery Designs for Toilet Paper

Who said you needed to pay to get a good embroidery design? With the vast internet these days there are plenty of free options along with the ones you have to pay for. I strongly believe that crafting should be for everyone, so I love to always add some free designs to these articles for those of you who need to save a little bit but still want to get your crafting on.

Check these out…

34. Actual Toilet Paper

35. Green Beetles

36. Coffee Cup

37. Easter Eggs

38. Heart

39. Bee Good

40. Red Cross

41. Star

42. Flower Decor

43. Dog Paw

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