Inside: Harry Potter Embroidery Ideas The Whole Family Will Love.

You can embroider anything that comes into your mind. It’s a wonderful form of self-expression that has been around for centuries. If you are going to use your piece as decoration afterward, it’s important that it be about something that makes you happy.

With so many options it can be hard to fully decide on what it is you want to embroider. I like to break it down into categories: Flowers, Nature, Animals, Pop Culture, Etc. One of my favorite categories is Movies!

Movies are a great topic for embroidery because many people are very passionate about them. Everyone has their favorite movie, this is a fact.

People even ask this question while on a first date because it can really show you right into the mind of a person.

One of my absolute favorite movies (along with millions of other people around the globe) is Harry Potter!

So if you are someone who loves Harry Potter, then you are in the right place because today we are going to be focussing on Harry Potter Embroidery.

Harry Potter cross stitch ideas

There are so many adorable ways to achieve this theme. You can keep it simple with symbols, and quotes, or you can spice it up with outlines of your favorite characters or Hogwarts castle itself. In order to help you get some inspiration for your own H.P Embroidery, I’ve compiled a list of 47 of the coolest Harry Potter Embroidery Patterns & Designs.

There are so many gems amongst these you’ll probably end up with more than one project! But before we get into that, let’s go over some Harry Potter History for those that don’t know.

Harry Potter History

Harry Potter originally started out as a book series. Within 7 books lies the coming-of-age story of little Harry Potter, as he learns of his past, his parents, and his abilities. We all know how the story goes: He gets invited to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and slowly starts learning about the dangers of his past…and present.

He makes friends and grows his wizarding powers throughout the series.

These books were insanely popular and still hold many records around the world for them. It’s rare to have something that so many people collectively enjoy and connect with, but that is Harry for you.

Harry Potter was written by author J.K Rowling. She got the idea for the novel back in 1990. She has said that the idea came to her when her train was delayed. Over the next several years, she would spend her time planning out the 7 books that were to come.

There are so many cool facts about Harry Potter that it would be a shame to not include them.

These are great to bring out at parties or just handy to know if you are a fan.

Harry Potter Facts

  • Harry Potter and J.K Rowling actually have the same birthday.
  • She found all of the plants that are included in H.P in an actual real-life book called Culpeper’s Complete Herbal.
  • She originally planned for Arthur Weasley to die. Thank goodness she changed her mind!
  • The inspiration behind Moaning Myrtle came from what Rowling called the ‘frequent presence of a crying girl in communal bathrooms.
  • The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Debut in 1997 in England. Then it was released in the United States in 1998 as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
  • Harry Potter has its own Wizarding World in Universal Orlando!

Okay, now that we’ve learned some fun facts we can get into the whole reason why we are here: the embroidery! Check out these lists below and you will absolutely find your next project. I have at least 5 I’m adding to my list.

Oh and if you have any friends or family that are Harry Potter fans, handmade embroidery is literally the perfect gift! So make one for yourself and someone you love.

Harry Potter patterns for embroidery and cross stitch

Harry Potter Cross Stitch

For this first section, I made sure to create a good collection of the many varying themes and styles so you can get a good feel for what is out there. Remember, if you have any ideas of your own that you want to incorporate you absolutely can!

You get to make this your own.

1.  Deathly Hollows Symbol

2. Slytherin Cross Stitch

3. Harry’s Glasses

4. Haunted Forest Landscape

5. Flying Car

6. Hufflepuff Themed

7. Please Don’t Wake the Mandrake

8. Mischief Managed

9. Deathly Hollows with Flowers

10. Harry with Blue Hair

11. Ravenclaw Hoop

12. Hedwig Holding a Letter

13. Cartoon Harry

14. Magic Castle

15. Realistic Castle

Harry Potter Embroidery

Harry Potter Thread Designs

16. Hogwarts Freehand

17. Harry Potter Symbol with Flowers

18. I Solemnly Swear

19. Hogwarts Silhouette

20. Journey to Hogwarts

21. Harry Potter Profile

22. Potions Class

23. Wizard Themed Hoop

24. Blue Eagle House

25. Deathly Hollows Hoop

26. Hogwarts with the Moon

27. Harry’s Owl

28. Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down

29. Harry Potter Symbols

30. Weasley Sweaters

Harry Potter Crest Embroidery Design

The crest is one of the most well-known Harry Potter symbols out there. It outlines the 4 different houses at Hogwarts. So I added one that included all 4 of them into one, and then the 4 individually. That way you can make one for your own house.

31. Classic Hogwarts Crest

32. Gryffindor Emblem

33. Slytherin Emblem

34. Hufflepuff Emblem

35. Ravenclaw Emblem

Easy Hogwarts Embroidery

36. Hogwarts Outline

37. Mischief Managed

38. Hogwarts Houses

39. Always

40. You’re a Catch

41. Lumos

Harry Potter Art Kits for Thread

Harry Potter Embroidery Kit

42. Wizard School Crest

43. Deathly Hollows

44. Mischief Managed Hoop

45. Full Deathly Hollows Kit

46. Wingardium Leviosa

47. Felix Felicis

More Ideas You’ll Love

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  • How to Thread An Embroidery Needle –  Though this seems like a pretty straightforward thing, you would be surprised how hard it can be. I remember when I was first starting out and It took me nearly 45 minutes to finally get my needle threaded. By that time I was already exhausted and didn’t have much energy to keep embroidering. I want to save you from that. So I created a tutorial on the best ways to thread your embroidery needle. Check them out here before you get started to save yourself from some irritation!