Many people can stitch beautiful designs, but displaying embroidery becomes a question. Often, a finished project is visually appealing and takes lots of work, and it would be wrong to let that hard work go to waste! Lots of people, especially beginners, create their embroidery on an embroidery ring and once it is completed, are unsure of what to do with their embroidery.

There are numerous creative ways to display the embroidery that you have worked so hard on. Most people ask: do you need an embroidery hoop to display your work? An embroidery hoop makes for taut fabric and more even, uniformed looking stitches. However, it is not completely necessary to stitch with an embroidery hoop if you want to display your finished project.

With or without a sewing ring, you can showcase your needlework in many ways.

You may choose to leave it in the ring and hang it up, or remove it and show it in other ways.

How to display embroidery

Embroidery Materials

Whether you choose to stitch a simple pattern onto a pair of socks or an elaborate scene to hang in a picture frame, there are some basic tools to start with for your next project.

  1. Needles: If sewing by hand, you’ll need lots of reliable needles, preferably of various sizes.
  2. Thread: Of course, you’re going to need a good amount of thread, and you’ll likely want a large array of colors.
  3. Hoop or Sewing Ring: If you already know what you want to create, you can select the appropriate ring size. Or, you can purchase a pack of various sizes which can be reused whenever you want to make something new!
  4. Display Hoops: These are for those who wish to showcase their patterns in a ring. Having separate hoops for working and design is good practice for avid sewers. Try colorful or wooden display rings.
  5. Fabric: If you aren’t stitching directly onto an item of clothing or furniture, you will need to buy fabric, preferably cotton.
  6. Sewing Machine: For some intricate or layered patterns, a machine is recommended. If you sew frequently or are making embroidered gifts, a machine will help with efficiency and accuracy.

How to Start Your Embroidery With Display In Mind

How to start your embroidery for display

When you stitch with a hoop or ring, you often have to decide how you’re going to display the artwork beforehand. For example, if you’re looking to create a design for a t-shirt, you’ll start by attaching the hoop to the t-shirt itself.

However, if you’ve already started a project and are unsure of what to do with it, you don’t need to worry. There are many creative ways to put your beautiful stitching on display where it belongs!

  1. Choose your design. This will help you to select the proper color and sewing materials. Designs can be freehand, or you can find traceable patterns online for easy sewing!
  2. Decide what to do with your embroidery. As aforementioned, if you do this before you start sewing, you’ll have a completed project that’s ready to go. If you stitch your design and later realize you want to frame or display it, you can still do that!
  3. After you’ve finished your artwork, it’s a good idea to iron over it with medium heat to make it look smooth, flat, and uniform (after ensuring that the material you’ve used can be safely ironed).

How to Stitch a Pattern Onto Clothing For Sentimental Display

How to display embroidered clothing

  1. Select a sewing ring large enough for the surface that you want to design. Luckily, these hoops come in a variety of sizes, from as small as 3 inches to as large as 40 inches.
  2. Ensure that the fabric is taught before sewing.
  3. If you are creating a small, uncomplicated pattern, it is possible to do so without a sewing ring, so long as you make sure that the canvas doesn’t wrinkle and ruin your pattern.
  4. If you are attempting to needlework onto denim or a piece of furniture such as a throw pillow, it may be more efficient and effective to make use of a sewing machine.

How to Hang an Embroidery Hoop

How to hang and embroidery hoop


  1. If displaying your piece in a picture frame, you’ll want to remove the piece from the hoop, take the back off of the picture frame, and position your work how you’d like it to show.
  2. Before attaching the back onto the frame, sew a stitch to attach the loose ends of the excess material together so that it sits taught and not wrinkly.
  3. Secure the back onto the frame and hang your art! Feel free to remove the glass covering to give the piece more texture, or use a shadow box for more depth.
  4. For a unique look, consider wrapping the fabric (if you have enough of it) around the outside of the frame border for a modern, canvas look.


  1. Make sure that the fabric you’ve chosen is big enough to fit in the hoop so that there is excess of it outside of the ring to keep it taught.
  2. Using a running stitch on the edge of the material, sew the excess together so that it does not hang out of the ring.
  3. To create a decorative ring once your sewing is finished, you will need to create a backing out of felt. Simply cut the felt to fit the ring and thread it to attach to the small bit of excess sewing fabric.
  4. Attach a hook to the top of the hoop and hang it up!

Here are some favorite inspirations for embroidery displays done right.

Displaying in a Hoop

  1. Beautiful Wall Gallery
  2. Coasters
  3. Various Sizes for Decoration
  4. Hanging in Window
  5. Jewelry Holder
  6. Christmas Decor
  7. Colorful Bulletin Boards
  8. Ceiling Art

Displaying in a Frame

  1. Make an Old Photo New
  2. Inspirational Quote
  3. Transparent Background
  4. Wall Gallery
  5. Canvas Style

Decorative Displays

  1. Decorative Tapestry
  2. Miniature Clothing Pins
  3. Window Curtains
  4. Notebook Cover

Stitching for Furniture

  1. Decorative Pillow
  2. DIY Pillow Cases
  3. Embroidered Sofa Cushions
  4. Fancy Desk Chair
  5. Creative Solution for Ripped Furniture
  6. Various Needlework Patterns Stitched Into Quilt

Stitching on Clothing

  1. Beanie
  2. Embellished Socks
  3. Denim Jacket
  4. Jeans Pockets
  5. Canvas Shoes
  6. Fancy Shirt Collar
  7. Revamp Old Jeans

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