Inside: Bead Embroidery Patterns + Tips

Did you know that there are thousands of different kinds of embroidery? Now you may be thinking, “How the heck is that possible?” I totally get that. But if you think about it, embroidery has been around for centuries.

It’s a popular form of creative expression in many different cultures around the globe. As time went on, the styles that were created by these cultures were built upon by new generations.

Now, hundreds of years later we have so many embroidery patterns and styles at our fingertips it’s truly insane. Thank you internet!

Though there are SO many various types and styles of embroidery, one will always have a special place in my heart. And that is Bead Embroidery! This style of beading is a wonderful way to add some sparkle and texture to your crafts, and I love it.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, let me explain.

Bead Embroidery Patterns

What is Bead Embroidery

Bead embroidery is a style of thread art that involves sewing various kinds of beads to fabric or cloth. It’s a very simple technique that can be picked up by any beginner embroiderer! It’s amazing too because of its ability to be used as an expression of the self. You’re basically painting with beads!

This craft was started in the late 19th century and was worn primarily by kings and nobles as a way to decorate their cloths. Beadwork was very expensive because of the use of fancy gemstone beads that would be used in these art pieces!

Nowadays though, you can achieve this style and not break the bank. Let’s discuss beads.

Embroidery Beads

Many different kinds of beads can be used for this type of embroidery. When it comes to your own craft this is entirely up to you and your design needs.

You can use tiny seed beads, Larger ones, or a mix of both! You can even be like the kings and noblemen if you so desire and use fancy gemstones.

It’s your choice.

Bead Embroidery

Thread for Bead Embroidery

It may be of no surprise to you to hear that the thread needed for bead embroidery is….drum roll please…beading thread!

There are two kinds of beading thread that are the most popular, and those are nylon beading thread and gel-spun or fishing line-type thread. These are sworn by by many skilled beaders based on their strength, softness, and ability to go through fabric without leaving large holes behind. The more you know right!

How Bead Embroidery Is Made

To start, you’ll need: regular embroidery needles, beads, beading thread, and some fabric to work on, the stiffer the better.

Then you can choose your design. If you’re having trouble and need some inspiration, I’ve created a list below of some of the best bead embroidery patterns for you to take a look at. See below. After you’ve chosen, sketch it onto your fabric.

Next you get to choose what beads you’ll need for your design. This is really up to you, you have so many to choose from! Theres seed beads, glass beads, pearls….you name it! Use your creative head for this one.

After this you can get beading! There are too many different techniques to be able to write about in this one article, so I’ll just explain one of the most popular stitches.

How to do Beaded Back Stitch

Beaded Back-Stitch

1. Bring your need & thread up through the back of the fabric.

2. String 3 beads through the needle.

3. Then starting from the side of the last bead strung, string the needle through the other direction, coming up after going through 2 of the 3 beads.

4. Then taking the needle back to the end of the beads where we started, string the needle through only the last bead. This will secure it to place.

After doing that you can repeat this, going around your design with various kinds of beads until you’re finished. Hoorah!

Here are some awesome embroidery designs for you to take a look through to help you get some inspiration for your own beaded embroidery project. Take a look!

Bead embroidery patterns

1. Heart with Flowers

2. Little Blue Feathers

3. Cancer Sun Sign

4. Beautiful Blue Fish Kit

5. Pisces Fish

6. Japanese Flower Pattern

7. Christmas Tree Pattern

8. Evil Eye Beads

9. Ukranian Earrings

10. Red Beta Fish

11. Snowflakes

12. Bubble Bath Pattern

13. Different Bugs Kit

14. Simple Whale Pattern

15. Floral Heart

16. Advanced Yin & Yang

17. Awesome Celtic Stems

18. Different Stitch Patterns

19. Purple Mandala

Cute Bead Embroidery Ideas

Cute Bead Embroidery Ideas

20. Unicorn Pattern

21. Tiny Puffin Patter

22. Flower Meadow Kit

23. Simple Pattern

24. Red and Green Mandala

25. Black Panther Kit

26. Vincent Van Gogh Beading

27. Cute Fox

28. Whale in the Sky

29. Beaded White Roses

30. Bright Blue Mandala

31. Shooting Stars

32. Moon & Stars

33. Hamas Hand

And that’s beaded embroidery in a nutshell! I hope you loved learning a bit about this awesome style as well as found some inspiration for your next crafting session. Happy Embroidering!

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