Inside: Embroidered details are always cute! Here’s how to or where to buy an embroidered phone case for this cool look.

Embroidering all of your accessories and just about everything you own is a sure sign of how much you love your hobbies! Having embroidery details on your clothes, on your accessories, and around your home is a really cute way to make something personalized.

Now what’s the one thing we always have in our hands no matter where we’re going or what we’re doing? Our phones of course.

Phone case shopping can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for something unique and personal.

I love to let my phone speak for who I am and what my style is whether that’s through the case or the lock screen background, letting my personality show is my fave.

So I found a couple tutorials for you to DIY embroider a phone case, but I also found some for you to shop if you just want to buy one that exemplifies your hobbies!

Two phone cases with cute stitched patterns

What You’ll Need

If you’re looking into making your own, there are a few routes you can take to make an embroidered phone case.

There are a couple of different types that you can make, one being an inserted version and one is buying a special phone case made for stitching. These are made specially for stitching on with holes in it to easily create patterns.
There are some cases made like this that are sold with the pattern it’s advertised with, and there are some that are just sold as is, with complete creative freedom! Either way you lean or prefer is super fun.

Other ideas include purchasing a plain, clear, phone case and cutting out your stitching project to match the shape of the back of the case. This way you can display any design you want that fits within the sizing of the phone case.

Follow the instructions of each of these to find what you need and you’ll be good to go!

A phone case with an embroidery piece inserted


I got this idea from the Stitch People blog, so if you need something a little more detailed, check it out.

But this one is a pretty simple solution for the embroidered phone case that you can make out of your own work!
Snag a basic, clear phone case that fits your phone. Trace the back of the phone case size and camera cutouts on your fabric so you know what space you’re looking at.

From here, it’s all you and your patterns! What do you want to put on the back of your phone?! Your favorite movie characters? Something festive? Or what about your school logo? You can make your phone simply your own and decorate it to be everything that you want it to be.

After you’ve stitched the image of your choosing, cut out the outline of the phone case and place it in the clear case.

Place the case on the phone, and you’re good to go!

*If you’re experiencing a lot of shifting, something you can do to help is paint the inside of the phone case with Mod Podge before setting the embroidery piece inside.

A black phone case with holes in the back

Stitchable Phone Case

As you start looking into embroidered phone cases, you’re going to start seeing the plain stitchable phone case.

If you’re looking to get a case that you can decorate and personalize all on your own, this is the best option for you. Check out some leaf patterns if that’s your thing.

These cases have a bunch of evenly spaced holes like your embroidery fabric but wider apart. There’s a ton of creative freedom with this kind of case that I think you’ll love!

Here is a Pela case with this detailing.

Florals, characters, and initials are all super fun options that will fit on these cases.

Appa Embroidered Phone Case

Love some fun movie character imagery with your stitching? Love Avatar? You’re going to love this Appa embroidered phone case!

It’s so fun to be able to bring your favorite characters to life in this way, and adding this image to your phone makes it so fun and personal! Make it your own just like you would when you embroider your jackets, beanies, or pillows. Have fun with it!

What you’ll need for this tutorial is simply a cross stitch phone case, the thread needed for the coloring of Appa, and your embroidery needle.

Here’s a video of the tutorial in action.

You’ll need a cross stitch case with some more coverage ability. Here’s another one that I recommend from Etsy!

If this character isn’t your cup of tea, use it as inspiration to create your own character case!

A cute orange and pink stitched phone case

Quilted Pattern Case

Maybe characters aren’t your thing! Cute patterned phone cases are cool and always on trend. Regularly printed cases are always coming up with new and interesting designs to repeat on new cases for the seasons.

I found this quilted pattern case tutorial from Mottes Blog that I think you’re going to love! It’s kind of quilt looking, kind of aztec pattern looking, just perfect for the indie and hipster come back from 2014.

If this indie kind of vibe is for you, you should totally try this embroidery case.

I love the colors she chose for her own case and tutorial, but you have full creative freedom to use your favorite colors instead! Looking at it feels like I’m looking at one of the calming coloring books– such a relaxing color!
Again, snag one of these cross stitch cases and check out the template! Updates may need to be made to fit the new version of phone cases, but this should be pretty easy edits to make!

Embroidered phone cases

Shop For An Embroidered Phone Case

If all of these feel like your vibe but you’re ready to just sit back and have a cute embroidered phone case delivered to your front porch these are for you. Just because you didn’t embroider it yourself doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect representation of your love for embroidery.

I think you’re going to love each of these cases, they’re a cute and homestyle vibe for your phone.
Check these out and see if they’re for you!

1. Teddy Bears
2. Patchwork
3. Smiley Flower
4. Floral Case

Embroidery is easy to let it take over your life. If you want to.

I know plenty of people that let what they do in their free time be their whole personality, and this should be no different! Let everyone know what your favorite pastime is.

Even if this is more for you than it is for anyone else, these cute embroidered phone cases are so fun and a cute accessory just to have on you. Self expression is what art and crafting is all about, as well as the way that we dress and accessorize. Enjoy the details you make for yourself with embroidery!

Everyone from designer brands to small boutiques love a good embroidered phone case. Hopefully you’ve found some that you love to put your own spin on and really make your own, or you’ve found some that others have made that channel your inner embroiderer.