Inside: The most genius gifts for embroiderers you adore this holiday season.

It’s that time of the year…

Make your list and check it twice, and don’t forget about your crafty friends! You’re probably here because you had to start researching gifts for embroiderers, so look no further!

I am here with embroidery lover gift ideas for you to be able to enter into the gifting season confidently.

It’s easy to kind of overlook our friend’s hobbies when they don’t align with our own, and I know as a crafter it’s always fun when my friends try to shop to my interests even if it’s not what they naturally gravitate to themselves.

It means even more when I know they put in some research! Even if they miss the mark a little bit. But you won’t with these gift ideas!

Whether you’re here for a Secret Santa gift exchange plan or if you have that friend or family member in your life that just really loves embroidering, you’ve got options.

Four embroidery pieces to be used as gifts

Ideas Of Embroidered Gifts

Embroidered gifts are always so sweet and personalized! Sometimes the best gift for the embroiderer is a beautiful piece in her favorite style of art. Just because it’s her favorite hobby doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate it when others have executed it beautifully.

There are so many stunning and personalized gift options out there that your crafter will likely love and feel so special when receiving! This still says that you know how much the craft means to them without having to know too much about it.

This likely will also open the door to shopping small and shopping from embroiderers that use it to make a little extra cash– and they could all use our support.

A girl in an embroidered tee and a bookmark

Embroidered Gifts

The ideas and possibilities are endless when it comes to different embroidered gifts. You don’t have to be super in the know to know that a tee shirt with a little personalized embroidery on it could be the best gift they’re receiving.

It feels wonderful to have your passions acknowledged, even subtly.

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling on that gifts for embroiderers you know idea list you are starting for the season.

1. Stitch Please Tee
2. Corner Book Marks
3. Embroidery Hoop Earrings
4. Shirt Collar
5. Trucker Hat
6. Kitchen Towels
7. Custom Blanket

Good Gift Ideas For The Embroiderer

Okay so you have an embroiderer in your life. And maybe you’ve ruled out an actual embroidery piece or want to get them something more along the lines of something they can and will use. I hear you loud and clear!

There are a few things that come to mind, and if I gave you these general categories, you still wouldn’t really know exactly where to start. So I’ll break them down for you as well.

Depending on the budget and how much you’re planning to get this person, whether just a small little gift to say “Merry Christmas” or you want to spoil them, these gifts or combinations of the small ones will absolutely make their day!

So the categories are:


That’s it! So simple but so thoughtful as well.

You’ll make their day getting them tools to make their work easier, but special kits that are for an image that reminds you of them or a book all about a certain style of embroidery will always be a good option too.

This shows a sweet amount of interest and appreciation for what they love.

Three crafting books

Books Make Great Gifts For Embroidery Lovers

There are all kinds of crafting books, the line doesn’t even have to stop at just embroidery books!

You can learn so much from embroidery books like new techniques or old techniques that have been lost in newer and modern ideas, this is a great gift idea for anyone that has a passion for stitching.

Whether they’re a beginner and just starting out learning the ropes, or if they’re a novice and have been at this forever, you’ve got a good mix of kinds of books to pull from.

Maybe snag a few and start them a collection up on their bookshelves or just the one as a lovely gesture. They might be a dated way of getting information, but books are never a bad gift idea. On any topic! I love a good classic novel, even if it takes me forever to get to it! But a book I could use as a resource would be phenomenal to have on hand for my crafting!

7. Little Stitches
8. A-Z
9. Modern Embroidery
10. Fashion Embroidery
11. The Book Of Embroidery
12. Hoop Dreams
13. Lovely Little Embroideries


Tools can be tricky gifts for embroiderers to give because you don’t necessarily know what they already have, use, and like. When they’ve been at it for a while, they tend to know what they like and they usually have a routine and process down.

While they may still totally benefit from this and rock with any tool you give them, if you have an embroiderer that knows more about this skill than anything else in life, maybe pass on the tools option. If you’re working with a newer crafter, you’ll probably find these to be a great gift!

Some of these are definitely not a NEED for an embroiderer, but likely anything that’s needed to get the job done, they already have. And besides– a gift should be something that you don’t absolutely need, it’s just fun to receive.

Check out these tools that make embroidery a little easier and snag one for a stocking stuffer or make a cute gift basket to include them all!

14. New Essentials Tool Kit
15. Thread Magic
16. Thread Organizer
17. Stand
18. Leather Thimbles
19. Vintage Set
20. Personalized Seam Ripper

Fruit embroidered coasters

Embroidery Kits To Gift

We all love a gift that someone gives us with the phrase: “This made me think of you.” So if you have someone that spends their free time with an embroidery needle in hand, they’ll love to receive a kit.

What’s an embroidery kit?

An embroidery kit is the stitching version of a paint by number. It comes with a pattern for you to complete, and usually has a fun canvas for you to execute your artwork on and usually the colored thread intended to make the picture.

These are fun because when I see a cardinal I always know to send it on over to my grandmother and when I see a farmscape I know to send it to my OTHER grandmother, and when I see a cute snowman around the holidays, I know my mother would love to get her hands on it!

It’s all about knowing your people, when you’re giving gifts.

22. Fruit Coaster
23. Festive Scene
24. Beginners Christmas Kits
25. Disney Castle
26. Little Tree
27. Denim Embroidery

Gifts can be hard, but finding just the right gift guide can make it better!

Maybe you’ve found this list of gifts for embroiderers looking for a birthday and it’s not even close to Christmas. All of these ideas obviously still make great gifts any time of year. So dive into these gift ideas for embroiderers and find exactly what you’re looking for.

A great gift never has to be a complete show stopper, just a little something that shows your friends and family how much you value them and love what they love. Even if you don’t, you can appreciate it through a thoughtful gift.

When people buy me gifts that refer to passions that they know nothing about, I feel so honored to know that I am so loved by the people in my life! That includes all the gifts relating to Harry Styles.

Need some tips? Get started today!