Inside: Spectacular space embroidery ideas for anyone and everyone intrigued and amazed by our universe.

I know that outer space feels like such a daunting concept! To some, this is such a fascinating sector of science, and it simply just blows my mind. The ever expanding universe is a wild place, and the stars and planets that they continue to find out there outside of our personal galaxy are so amazing and stunning, it’s hard to believe that it’s all just out there!

The moon, stars, and sun are all such beautiful iconographies in art, that learning to embroider them is a no-brainer! They’re perfect for stitching beauty and art, and creating beautiful imagery.

Using stars as fillers in projects and the sun and moon in a celestial style of art is trendy and fun, but there are so many ways to integrate space embroidery into your projects, we’re going to look at some fun patterns to use.

Embroidery patterns that are of outer space

Rockets, comets, and supernovas– you name it!

Outer Space Facts

There are so many things to know about outer space, and the fact that they’re still uncovering new facts daily is astounding to me! It can be overwhelming to think about all that we don’t know, but it’s a comforting thought to think that mankind doesn’t know it all. It adds to the mystery of life, something which is incredibly beautiful to me.

I usually, when I want to learn more about space, have to start with kids facts instead of adults, because it starts to get a little too existential for me when you start including all of the crazy things scientists are learning about the universe! If you have a little one that’s getting really interested in outer space and wanting to become an astronaut, then these facts will be perfect for them.

So here are some kids facts about space you can use in your next project:

  • Some planets, like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus have no solid surfaces. You can’t walk there!
  • The tallest mountain known to man actually exists in space, not on Earth! It’s triple the size of the tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest.
  • They have found that Earth isn’t the only planet with water, Mars has it too!
  • It would take you 800 years to fly to Pluto on a normal plane.
  • Space is actually silent.
  • We have technically, through the incredible space crafts, visited every planet!

How cool is that!

Meaning Of Stars In Art

Stars have been used in the arts and sciences since the beginning of time. So the more you dig into their symbolism and what they mean to mankind, you’re going to continue finding more and more. It’s a pretty never ending hole once you start, but we can cover the basics now!

The stars ultimately are a sign of divinity. Hyper-religiously, they’re believed to be angels that have fallen out of heaven, so they have always been a symbol of divine light and authority. Whether you’re seeing stars as they are in the night sky, or as a symbol of someone’s authority in a work of art, you’re likely seeing something of divine power being identified in the piece.

Stars can also represent hope and curiosity. Seeing as we are all so curious about the knowledge of space and what’s out there– as well as the unknown being a source of hope, it makes sense that stars would symbolize hope and curiosity when they are a part of something so vastly unknown.

How Can You Use These Patterns

How can you use these patterns? Easy.

Everywhere and anywhere!

However your heart desires to use these stars, moon, sun, galaxy, astronauts… totally up to you and you’ll love every minute of how you’re using it!

I love the idea of decorating a nursery with a space theme: babies are so full of wonder and new to a world where they know nothing about living. Much like we know nothing about space.

If you want to take on an insane project, a milky way on the back of a jacket would be a really cool look, and a dope way to create a sick piece of clothing.

Making an embroidery hoop to hang with the galaxy, planets, and stars on them would be a perfect way to display the awe and wonder of outer space. I think leaving the embroidery piece on the hoop and using it as a display frame is a really fun idea for these particular patterns.

Astronaut and planet embroidery pieces

Outer Space Embroidery

Outer space embroidery is some of the most stunning. Little stitches depicting little stars is such a cute portrayal of the universe. It just feels right.

These patterns are way too cute, and I think you’re going to love them! Enjoy these patterns of space and show off how you decide to use them!

1. Astronaut
2. One Line
3. Planet Embroidery
4. Mountains And Solar System

Cool details on jeans


Embroidered denim is some of my favorite– take a good pair of jeans and turn them into an art piece? Yes please! These are too fun, and personalizing a pair of jeans with a galaxy up your leg is way too cool.

Check these out.

5. Pocket
6. Side
7. Dreamy

Night Sky Embroidery

These are some of the simplest ways to depict space on your embroidery projects. Simply with a dark piece of fabric, and a lot of stars, however you choose to stitch them. There are several star stitches that you’re going to love.

I love the night sky in real life, and these embroidery ideas are a close second.

8. Colorful Planets
9. Take Up Space
10. Looking Up
11. Stars And Sky

Ideas For Space Embroidery

If you’re all out of ideas for space embroidery, look no further. Or you might actually be overwhelmed with all of the ideas out there– there are so many!

Narrow down the options or find something that you really love here.

12. Little Stars
13. Sequins

Minimalist embroidery patterns

Simple Ideas

Sometimes, the simple ideas are the best. Elaborate and detailed is always stunning, but there’s something about beautiful simplicity.

14. Needle Hoop
15. Minimalist

With all the movies that try to tell us what they think is “out there” and all of the art and science since the beginning of history trying to understand it and depict what it must be like out there is astounding!

So few have seen it, yet so many are fascinated by it. We must bring it to our own level of understanding somehow! And art and embroidery is one beautiful way of doing so.

Understanding space is like understanding quantum physics– so few people do that it’s still such a mind boggling concept, even in the year of 2023! We can’t take for granted what we do know about it. All of its beauty and glory is to be turned into art and symbolism for the world to appreciate, love, and value together.

We are many countries on one globe, in one galaxy, in one universe. The more you zoom out on human life, the more you’re going to find that we really are just so small, and all the big things seem not so big anymore. It’s a comforting thought to me, personally.

As you search through space embroidery ideas, fall in love with the concept of space and its vastness all over again.

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