Inside: 25 fantastic frog embroidery patterns.

Okay honestly, I ran out to my car the other night from my house and just about stepped on a frog. I dodged him at the last second, but I just about broke my ankle doing so. He owes me for that one.

Once I got past the initial “ew” feeling that comes with coming across an amphibian, I bent down to get a better look at him. He’s precious! Did I want to touch him? Absolutely not. Would he make for a cute pet that I don’t touch? For sure.

But I left him out in the wild, knowing he had people waiting for him. Thankful I didn’t obliterate him, I stood up and went about my day. And that’s my usual interaction with frogs.

But if these are some of your favorite animals and you’ve just got to embroider some little froggies, then you’ve come to the right spot to get going!

four embroidery pieces with frogs on them

Symbolism of Frogs

In cultures and countries where frogs are super abundant, the sight of a frog is taken a little more seriously, looking to them to understand the cycle of rain. In the Celtic culture of Ireland, if you see a frog, it means that rain is coming! If you’ve been waiting for the rain, seeing a frog is a very happy thing!

They also believe them to be healers. This is true for many tribal cultures, including Native American cultures. They are known as the medicine animals, and you are sure to be healed when a frog is near you or your loved one that is suffering an ailment.

Every culture has their own symbolism of the frog, however it all mainly comes down to them being the image of rain and healing, or the other list of symbols:

  • Prosperity
  • Purity
  • Good luck
  • Well-being

All of these things may sound similar, but on days you need a little more luck on your side than simply well-being, seeing a frog is going to be a big deal for you! You’re going to jump for joy at the sight of these little green animals!

Next time I see a frog, I need to remember that luck and prosperity are on my side, and I’ll be ready to take on whatever life is about to throw at me.

Frog Fairy Tales

We all know the story of the prince turned into the frog that could only be turned back into a prince with a kiss from a true love. It’s a classic! And it’s a beautiful story that like most fairy tales, has us cheering for the underdog. Typical.

Most stories about frogs could be easily incorporated into your next stitching project, along with other animals like moths or unicorns that also have magical qualities noted in children’s books.

Fairy tales are often told fantasizing real life situations and ideals, so you can usually spot the deeper and truer meaning of the story within the writing of it to make any embroidery project special.

What Accessories To Pair With Frogs

Frogs are so fun and a little bit trendy right now! For some reason, there’s been a huge trend in mushroom iconography the last couple years, so seeing a frog on the scene with some fungi only makes sense.

The mushrooms are bright and colorful and kind of funky, so I know people have been loving these with the color trend! Add in a little green frog sleeping, eating, or hanging out around a mushroom and it’s got a lot of cute colors going on.

But what else can you pair with the precious froggies as you create or search for some different ways to add them into your embroidery?

I’ve seen some cute images of frogs in martini glasses, frogs wearing flowers as hats, frogs playing guitar, and frogs eating woodland treats like berries. These are all pretty funky and cute, if that’s the vibe you’re going for!

More simply, you can pair them with wildflowers, a raindrop, and a gold coin, if you want to be upfront about the representation and reminders that a frog brings!

However you choose to integrate these little guys into your embroidery patterns and stitching, they’re going to be super cute, very you, and fun for everyone who gets to see it around.

Frogs of different aesthetics

Aesthetic Frogs

I’m telling you! It sounds a little funky but frogs are really trendy right now. Their little funky selves are ready to have a good time. If you want to use these to embellish a sweatshirt or denim jacket, or to decorate a child’s bedroom, these are going to be some really cute ideas and patterns for you to try!

1. Cute
2. Funky
3. Kawaii
4. Winged
5. Frog And Toad

Frogs and mushrooms in embroidery pieces
Mushroom And Frog Embroidery

Following the mushroom trend, these little guys are just very hoppy and happy in the wetter environments.

I think you’re going to love these cute little images of frogs and mushrooms hanging out together in their little rainforest home!

Have fun with all of the colors and cuteness they’re going to bring you.

6. Toadstool
7. Mushroom Hat
8. See The Magic
9. Chillin

Kermit the frog embroidery

Kermit The Frog Embroidery

Kermit is a widely loved character, and if you need some embroidery patterns of him, you’ve come to the right place! Muppets are so dearly loved, how could we leave him out of the frog party over here on MeshThreads?!

Here are some Kermit the Frog embroidery patterns.

10. Sipping Tea
11. Cowboy
12. Outline
13. Portrait

Multiple species of frogs

Frog Embroidery Designs

There are so many ways to depict these little green ones, it can be hard to choose! Sometimes the pattern chooses you but if you’re stuck having to choose the pattern, then these might help!

Hopefully you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here!

14. Lilypad
15. Species Variety
16. Frog Love
17. Abstract
18. Drinking Coffee

easy frog stitching patterns

Simple Patterns

Looking for something a little less complex of our green guys?

Check out these simple patterns, great for beginners of embroidery or anyone at higher levels too just looking for a simple little project to take on.

These are just too cute to whip out while watching TV, so here are some simple patterns!

19. Colors And Outlines
20. Basic Frog
21. Frogger
22. Strawberry Hat
23. Handkerchief

Frogs, while typically a little animal we scream and squeal at when we come into contact, are highly honored and valued! If you’re waiting for rain or just need a little luck on your side today for a test, interview, or busy day, and you see a frog, you’re in a very wonderful place, my friend! Leap for joy with them as they welcome you to a good day.

I love using embroidery as reminders around my house or little icons on a denim jacket just to remind myself of what I need to be focusing my mental energy on– prosperity, luck, and well-being.

Placing a piece of frog embroidery in your bathroom or your kitchen to see as you get ready for the day is a great way to keep the reminder on the forefront of your mind throughout the day.

Always remember what the frog holds for us!