Inside: Unicorn embroidery ideas that you’ll love creating. 

Unicorns are basically the symbol of science fiction. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a magical horse-like creature that has a horn in the middle of its head. Typically, they have powers or they can fly. You’ve probably learned about them when you were a kid in some storybook, and the concept has stuck with you ever since.

Nowadays, there are different tv shows, books, and even movies that incorporate unicorns, and they are the favorite animal of thousands of kids across the globe. They really never go out of style, how can they? They’re amazing.

I’ve found that many people actually still consider unicorns their favorite animals, even as adults. Though it might sound funny, I love that innocent sense of childlike wonder that they hold.

Who says our favorite animals have to be real?

Unicorn Embroidery Designs

So if you are someone who loves unicorns or the parent or relative of someone who does…then do I have the embroidery idea for you.

Unicorns are such fun subjects for embroidery because there is so much freedom in them. You can choose the style, the color, and what kind of details you want to include, you really can make this your own. There are so many wonderful examples out there that I thought it would be helpful if I created a list.

So down below are some of the cutest and coolest Unicorn Embroidery I found, you will not be disappointed. But before we get into that, let’s briefly discuss how the idea of unicorns came about.

History of the Unicorn

According to Britannica, Unicorns made their first appearance in Mesopotamian artworks as well as some of the most ancient myths in china and India alike. The earliest description of them came from Greek literature.

There are even some passages in the bible that describe them as a splendid animal with a horn that was referred to as Re’em, but was later translated to a unicorn.

There are countless other sources and books that cover the topic of when this idea of unicorns came about and why, but these are some of the first known occurrences of them. It’s crazy to think the idea of unicorns has lasted so many centuries and never dwindled. There is something so powerful about that. Both Unicorns and Dragons have this in common. They are incredibly popular and have been throughout time.

Now that we have learned how long the idea of unicorns has been around, perhaps you will find these examples extra cool or interesting. It’s like folklore, you are participating in history when you are creating your embroidery. Who knows how long they will last. You will pass it down from person to person, in the long chain of stories that surround this fascinating creature.

Okay okay…kind of existential I know. But it is just so cool!

Honestly, until I researched it I had no idea that unicorns were so deeply ingrained in history. This is definitely something I will be thinking about when I am creating my own unicorn embroidery. I personally love #14, it includes the moon and stars and I think that is just perfect for a unicorn.

So go through these examples to get some inspiration for your own work. I’ve even included links to some of the patterns listed below so if you fall in love with it, you can buy the pattern and make it exactly as it is!

Machine Embroidery Designs of magical creatures

Unicorn Machine Embroidery Designs

This first list is full of adorable machine embroidery designs for you to look at. Though hand embroidery can be very fun, it does come with its own limitations. Machine embroider can give you such a clean, factory-finished look that is perfect for clothing, hats, and anything you can think of! So check out these examples below to get some of those creative juices flowing.

1. Cute Free Unicorn

2. Majestic Unicorn with Long Hair

3. Full Body Unicorn

4. Colorful Unicorn Design

5. Abstract Unicorn

6. Full Unicorn On Its Back Legs

7. Unicorn Silhouette

8. Unicorn with Flowers

9. Unicorn Set

10. Unicorn On A Cloud

11. Classic Rainbow Unicorn

12. Red Haired Unicorn

13. Unicorn with Closed Eyes

14. Moon & Stars

15. Cute Unicorn

16. Pink Unicorn

17. Unicorn Profile

Unicorn Embroidery

Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

I’ve found that the adults out there who still like unicorns are some of the coolest people. Who says that growing up means you have to just cast aside all of the whimsical things in life? I find that holding on to a sense of childlike wonder is a sure-fire way to go through your life the happiest you, you can be.

So if you are making this embroidery for yourself or for another adult…you rock!

18. Rainbow Mane

19. Stars with White & Pink Unicorn

20. Cute Unicorn with Colorful Hair

21. Realistic Unicorn with Butterflies

22. Black Silhouette with Rainbow Mane

23. Cute Cartoon Unicorn

24. Classic Unicorn with Cute Flowers

25. Unicorn Head

26. White Unicorn

27. Unicorn with Its Baby

28. Unicorn Crest

29. White, Pink, and Purple Unicorn

30. Unicorn on a Cloud

31. Bashful Unicorn

32. Unicorn with Cute Decor

33. Rainbow Unicorn with Stars

34. Gold Unicorn with Rainbows

35. Colorful Unicorn Hoop

Cross-stitch patterns for unicorns

Colorful Unicorn Patterns

You can’t have unicorns without color, this is a fact. That’s just one part of what makes them so mystical. So check out this last list that contains some of the most colorful unicorn designs you will ever see. Color is such an important part of our lives. Logistically, it helps us to navigate the world around us: stop lights, trash bins, etc.

I would also argue that it brings interest, personality, and beauty. So of course, colorful unicorns just make sense. Whatever or whoever you are making this embroidery for is going to benefit from you adding some extra color.

36. Unicorn with Flower Crown

37. Adorable Soft Unicorn with Loose Mane

38. Dainty Unicorn

39. 18 Inch Unicorn Pattern

40. Realistic Unicorn

41. Majestic Unicorn Pattern

42. Simple & Cute Unicorn Outline

43. Unicorn Embroidery Kit

44. Sweet Little Unicorn

45. Unicorn Eyes & Horn

46. Unicorn Bib

47. Curly Haired Unicorn

48. Unicorn Silhouette

49. White and Pink Unicorn

50. Mandala Horse

51. White Horse with Rainbow Horn

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