Try your hand at stitching one of the most beautiful birds in the world with these peacock embroidery ideas. Is there anything more elegant than a peacock showing off its feathers? Not in our book!

These designs would look lovely on a t-shirt, a tote bag, a pillow, or simply in a frame.

Keep your creations for yourself, or give them away as gifts.

Peacock embroidery Ideas

There are peacock embroidery ideas out there for every level of stitcher. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or you’re just getting started, there is a peacock embroidery pattern suitable to your skill level! You can choose to create a peacock on its own, with flowers or greenery, or a selection of its gorgeous feathers. You’ll love the end results of these embroidery designs!

We’ve scoured the internet (thank you, Pinterest) for the best peacock embroidery ideas out there. Keep reading if you want to be inspired!

Why You Should Make These Peacock Embroidery Ideas

Some crafters refer to embroidery as “painting with thread.” What’s a better way to practice your painting skills than with a peacock embroidery design? Peacock feathers feature dozens of stunning colors. Bring those colors to life with your own needle and thread!

Like most animals, male peacocks actually boast many more colors than females. They use their feathers to attract a mate – and it’s easy to see how that could work. When they want to attract a potential mate’s attention, their feathers open up to reveal their beauty. You probably recognize what this looks like, as peacocks are almost always drawn, painted, or photographed with their tails open. That said, we also love the look of a peacock with its feathers trailing on the ground.

Enough about the animal kingdom (although we are major animal lovers here!), let’s talk a little bit more about these peacock embroidery ideas!

What Makes These Peacock Embroidery Designs So Special?

The depth of color and attention to detail that you’ll need to bring to these embroidery designs is what makes them so special. Like real peacocks, your embroidered versions should be filled with bright, deep, and rich blues, purples, and greens.

You can also go all out and use your creative license to create a fully rainbow colored peacock – in fact, there’s a pattern below that does just that. Some of the design ideas on this list also feature extra add-ons like beads or gold and silver thread. These small details add something really special to your needlepoint, so don’t be afraid to try it out!

Peacock Embroidery Ideas – Endless Possibilities!

One of the best things about crafting is that there are so many different directions you could go with it. We recommend that you use these peacock embroidery ideas as the base for your own, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

For example, you could use fabric paint to decorate a piece of fabric or clothing before you start stitching. We think that a deep purple and green embroidered peacock would look stunning on a painted blue background!

We also love the idea of adding beading or silver and gold thread for a design that will really POP! Just like a real peacock!

Peacock Embroidery Designs

Peacock Embroidery Ideas

Now that you know why we love peacock embroidery so much, let’s get stitching! Take a look at the design ideas below and decide which one you’d like to start with. Remember: if you’re a beginner, don’t get discouraged if some of the more advanced patterns seem difficult. Practice makes perfect (as they say) and embroidery is no different.

  1. Hand embroidered blue peacock tutorial
  2. Free peacock embroidery pattern
  3. Coloring book peacock embroidery design
  4. Peacock in an olive tree embroidery design
  5. Peacock embroidery pattern template
  6. Peacock with flowers and beading embroidery pattern download
  7. Eye candy peacock embroidery design
  8. Peacock embroidery pattern for blouse
  9. 3D peacock embroidery
  10. Elaborate peacock with beading and flowers embroidery design inspiration
  11. Peacock feather embroidery idea

Peacock Embroidery Pattern

From peacock feather designs to peacocks with florals, to a brightly colored rainbow peacock, there’s no shortage of embroidery patterns to choose from. If you want to add a little something more to your peacock embroidery ideas, flowers and greenery are great choices! Below, you’ll also find a few ideas for machine embroidery and cross stitch needlepoint.

  1. 18-inch peacock feather embroidery idea
  2. Peacock feather embroidery pattern
  3. Swirly floral peacock design ideas for machine embroidery
  4. Needle-painted peacock idea
  5. Peacock cross stitch design
  6. A glorious embroidered peacock
  7. Large sketchy peacock feather
  8. Rainbow peacock embroidery pattern
  9. Peacock embroidery design pattern with flowers

Peacock Hand Embroidery Designs

Embroidery patterns peacock

Is there anything more satisfying than creating something by hand? It’s hard to say! While some embroidery patterns out there must be done with a special embroidery machine, these are all handmade. There’s something so relaxing about sitting and stitching for hours at a time. We like to think of it as our kind of meditation. The peacock hand embroidery designs are sure to help you find some peace and quiet.

  1. Embroidered peacock feather design inspiration
  2. Hand embroidered peacock how-to
  3. Peacock feather hand embroidery design tutorial
  4. Simple purple and green peacock embroidery idea
  5. Elegant peacock with flowers design idea
  6. Simple hand-embroidered peacock design
  7. Peacock with roses and butterflies design inspo
  8. Proud as a peacock embroidered necklace tutorial
  9. Large peacock with greenery and flowers design idea
  10. Tribal peacock hand embroidery idea
  11. Folk art peacock embroidery design inspiration

Peacock Embroidery Kits

Embroidery kits are some of our favorite gifts to give – and receive! You’ll find everything you need inside. Don’t worry about having to rush around to the craft store (or several – we’ve totally been there!) to get all of the supplies for your project. For a really fun gift, give your fellow crafter a kit and keep one for yourself. Then you can work on your designs together!

  1. Blue and white peacock embroidery kit
  2. Peacock embroidery kit
  3. Peacock embroidery design with beads kit
  4. Handmade peacock embroidery kit
  5. Blue, purple, and green peacock embroidery kit
  6. Peacock pillowcase cross stitch embroidery kit

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