Small hand embroidery designs and patterns can be used for all kinds of hand-embroidered projects like handkerchiefs, pillows, baby clothes, small decorative objects, and so much more.

You can hand-embroider flowers on handkerchiefs or make small mosaic motifs out of organza/batiste fabric to sew onto pillows. You can also use hand embroidery to decorate handkerchief cases or make little stuffed animals that are sewn together using hand embroidery stitches. There are so many possibilities!

The hand embroidery designs in this article are made using several different stitches, including the satin stitch, stem stitch, fly stitch, lazy daisy/butterfly stitch, blanket stitch, chain stitch, or even backstitch! You can combine these hand embroidery stitches to make nice little patterns to use on your projects.

Why You Should Make Small Embroidery Patterns

Oftentimes we have “sew much fabric, but sew little time.” However, these small designs do not require much of your time and are easy to do. Moreover, all the designs are cute and would fit all different canvases. We prepared various design inspirations that are not limited to objects or animals. There are a variety of inspirations and patterns ready to be stitched! What are you waiting for?

Happy Stitching!

Small Embroidery Patterns

Adorable Small Embroidery Patterns

1. A Simple Heart

This simple heart can be made really quickly, and it’s super cute! You can cut out a piece of heart-shaped cloth for practice, then challenge yourself by removing the guide and start from scratch.

2. Satin Stitch Mini Heart Pattern

Another cute mini-heart pattern for you! This one uses satin stitch on both sides of the satin stitching to make a double sided little heart decoration that can be sewn onto handkerchiefs, pillows, or anything else that you can think of!

3. Embroidered Bird on Handkerchief

If you like birds but don’t have a lot of space for bird-watching or bird-feeding in your yard, house, apartment, or wherever, then why not embroider some birds? This small embroidered bird can be attached to a handkerchief so that people will see beautiful images of birds when they unfold their hankies to blow their noses!

Cute Small Flower Embroidery Ideas

4. Mini Rose Bouquet Design

This design features three mini roses in yellow, purple, and red. It is small and simple that can be attached to any canvas of choice like shirts, pillows, and mats. You also have the freedom to choose the colors of the mini roses.

5. Flowers Ornament Pattern

These cute little hand-embroidered flowers are perfect to stitch on your clothes, handkerchief, place mats, and even your bags. Pick any of these 10 embroidery patterns or you can make all of them. Handmade gifts like this will bring joy to anyone.

6. Lazy Daisy Flower Pattern

This pink lazy daisy is fulfilling for beginners. The design looks complicated but is simple to do. They would be pretty sewn onto pillows or handkerchiefs or any other piece of embroidered fabric you want to decorate!

Cute Animal Embroidery Designs

7. Cute Elephant Pattern

This cute little elephant pattern is perfect for baby showers or baby decors. What’s more is that the elephant is holding easily stitchable balloons.

8. Bear Toasting a Marshmallow on a Campfire

Let us have a throwback of our scouting and camping days. The perfect way to represent it is with a bear toasting a marshmallow on a campfire. This pattern is such a lovely sight and can be used as a patch to any scouting memorabilia.

9. Cute Lion Design

This cute little lion can be stitched using backstitch or stem stitch or whatever other hand embroidery stitches you prefer to use! Even the king of the jungle can look this cute.

Small heart embroidery

More Small Embroidery Patterns

10. Monarch Butterfly Design

This small butterfly design features lazy daisy stitches for the body and two different kinds of leaves (one green leaf in chain stitch and another brown leaf in backstitch). A French knot flower completes the look of this pretty butterfly hand embroidery pattern!

11. Adorable Teddy Bear Pattern

This little teddy bear is perfect for use on handkerchiefs, pillowcases, or anything else you can think of. It’s very easy to embroider and you can choose black, brown, or white thread for it.

12. Cute Snowman with Embroidered Scarf Design

If you live somewhere that gets cold during snowy months then why not make yourself a fun little snowman to brighten up your home? This cute hand embroidered design can be made

really quickly and easily! You can also change the color of the scarf and hat.

13. Cute Gingerbread Man Pattern

Here’s a gingerbread man that just wants to find himself a home! The borders and the details of the gingerbread man were made using satin stitching.

Small floral embroidery

More Floral Embroidery Designs

14. Floral Ornate Heart Pattern

This floral pattern is made using several different types of embroidery stitches. Satin stitch is used to make up most of the flower petals but French knots are also worked into this design in places where more detail is needed. 

15. Cute Pansy Flower Pattern

This is another cute flower that can be attached to anything you want it to go on or in (pillow, handkerchief, etc.) This pattern features the beautiful colors of purple, yellow, and lavender.

16. Funky Flower Hand Embroidery Pattern

Funky patterns are unique and are full of vibrant colors. Practice using this funky flower pattern and you can apply the pattern in making other objects. They could be used as designs for pillows and other items, and they could even be cut out and sewn onto handkerchiefs.

17. Elegant Lily Flower Design

This lily flower design is really elegant with its long petals made from short and long stitches. It would be perfectly sewn onto pillows or attached to handkerchiefs.

Small animal embroidery

More Small Animal Embroidery Ideas

18. Baby Chick Pattern

This is a little baby chick that can be stitched using any kind of embroidery stitch you like. It would look really cute on a handkerchief or it could even be turned into a brooch to wear with your favorite dress! Try using a pink thread for a change.

19. Cute Bear Face Design

This cute bear face has this “come get me” look in its eyes. It is irresistible and I consider this to be one of the cutest small designs out there.

20. Cute Puppies Pattern

These five puppy patterns are simple and easy to do. You can choose one from the five or do all of them and stitch them on your clothing.

21. Cute Puppy Face Design

Here is a cute puppy waiting patiently to be pet by you. You could attach it to anything you wanted with some pretty stitching or even attach a magnet to it so you could stick it onto your refrigerator!

More Cute Baby Animals Embroidery Patterns

22. Happy Easter Bunny Pattern

Here’s an Easter bunny that’s ready to bring you some treats! These designs are made using couch stitch for the ears and legs and satin stitch for the nose.

23. Cute Koala Pattern

Koalas are the chillest animals of all. Follow this cute koala pattern without sweat. This design also features a floral crown that makes the koala more adorable. It fits perfectly in bags, table cloth, shirts, and handkerchiefs.

24.  Lovely Owl

This might be the most challenging pattern in this list and may take you more time to finish. However, all of that hard work would pay off after finishing this piece of art.

25. Cute Tiger Cub Pattern

This cute tiger cub is looking at you with those deep blue eyes ready to be embroidered. It is a perfect design to challenge your embroidery skills doing the stripes. It is also a perfect design for bags or a fridge magnet.

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