Embroidery is an art that’s been popular for many centuries. And although it seems like most people prefer working with flowers and other designs, there are still those who enjoy doing animals the most.

Horse embroidery, in particular, is a classic embroidery subject. It’s not as popular as it has been before, but there are still people who embroider horses on their clothes or use them for various decorations.

The most popular and amazing horse embroidery patterns include floral themes, Scandinavian horses, nursery and kid decor, and Western motifs. If you’re into farm animals, take care of horses, or just find them appealing, then you’ll enjoy these 19 examples of beautiful horse embroidery.

Why You Should Make Horse Embroidery Designs

Horse embroidery is so diverse that you can find a pattern suited to your taste!

Horse Embroidery Design Ideas

If you’re into farm animals, take care of horses, or just find them appealing, then you’ll enjoy these 19 examples of beautiful horse embroidery.

Have fun doing some of these and don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favorites!

Simple Embroidery Ideas

Simple animal cross-stitch

These simple designs are probably the ones that look best on clothes. They can be done using one or two thread colors, and they’re great for children’s clothes as well as for decorating household objects like pillowcases, towels, and sheets.

  1. Horse Head Blackwork Embroidery – This blackwork pattern is ideal for those who like simple designs. It uses only one color and many different types of stitches, which makes it a good introduction to embroidery. Try this first!
  2. Modern Horse Embroidery Pattern – This might look like a simple design, but it’s guaranteed to teach you how to do outline stitches. It uses only one color, and it’s perfect for beginners. Once you finish it, it will definitely look good stitched onto your favorite bag!
  3. Wild Horse Embroidery Pattern – This pattern is something that you can use to decorate your home. It’s a simple pattern that uses two to three colors of thread for the horse and colorful threads for the flowers. Your kids can also try this pattern if they’re beginning to learn embroidery!
  4. Carousel Horse – This is a beautiful horse pattern that’s perfect for a kid’s bedroom or a baby’s nursery! The design uses many different colors and fits an embroidery frame.
  5. Celtic Horse Embroidery – Celtic designs are classic and beautiful, and you’ll love this horse pattern. It’s simple, but it doesn’t lack in beauty. Great for beginners!

Unique and Creative Embroidery Designs

Unique equestrian embroidery

If you want to do something different, then these are some of the best designs for you! They’re fun and quite original, so they’re perfect for clothes or just home decorations.

  1. Hygge Horse Hand Embroidery Pattern –  This is a very special design because it’s based on Hygge. Hygge is a Danish word that means coziness, warmth, and contentment. If you’re familiar with Hygge then you’ll love this design.
  2. Dala Horse Hand Embroidery –  Want to do something more challenging? Try this pattern. You’ll need many different colors, but the result is amazing and well worth your efforts. Dala is a type of Scandinavian wooden horse, and it’s believed that each one carries luck.
  3. Floral Unicorn Pattern – This is a beautiful pattern that features one of the most beloved mythical creatures inspired by the horse – the unicorn. The pattern is colorful and gives you the possibility to choose the colors that best match your project.
  4. Mystic Earth Horse –  You’ll like this pattern if you like earthy colors and mystic designs. It uses many different colors and the result is amazing, especially with the flowers.

Beautiful Horses In Nature

You’ll love these beautiful designs if you enjoy embroidery that has something to do with nature and flowers. These use many different colors and each can be done with many different types of stitches.

  1. Hibiscus Flower Horse – This pattern is another western design. It looks as good as it feels, so it can be used on your clothes or for some other home decoration. The hibiscus flower is a perfect accent.
  2. Wall Hanging Water Horse – This is another beautiful pattern that uses only one color, but in various shades. The horse’s mane looks like flowing water. A great design for beginners.
  3. Horse in Floral Meadow – This easy design uses a variety of colors, and the final result is a light, happy design. This can be stitched onto towels, placemats, quilts, or other home decors.
  4. Horse in Wildflowers – You’ll do more embroidery for the flowers than the horse, but this is still a beautiful pattern that can be used for a frame or another home decoration.
  5. Horse Head in a Flower Crown Embroidery Pattern – This design is for those who love feminine colors. It’s perfect for a girl’s room or a baby daughter’s nursery. It can also be stitched onto a pillow, a quilt, or a blanket!

Challenging Horse Embroidery Designs

Advanced patterns horse designs

If you’re not afraid to challenge yourself, then these are the patterns for you. They’re beautiful and time-consuming, but they’ll look simply stunning when they’re done!

  1. Horse Head Embroidery Pattern – If you want to do something more complicated, then try this horse head pattern. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also quite interesting because of the details.
  2. Horse Portrait Hand Embroidered Wall Hoop – This unique and challenging design is well worth the effort when you finish it! It’s textured and fluffy and will stand out in any room.
  3. Cowboy and Horse – Do you love western designs? If so, then this fun pattern is just for you. It features a cowboy and his horse that will take your mind to the Wild West.
  4. Rocking Horse – This rocking horse pattern can be used for an embroidery frame or as a wall hanging. The design uses punch needle embroidery, and the result is amazing. It can also be embroidered onto your pillows.
  5. Wild Horse + Folk Flower Design – If you want something more challenging, then this pattern is perfect for you. It’s another floral design where the colors of the horse blend beautifully with the flowers, adding a “folk art” touch.

More Embroidery Patterns You’ll Love

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