With so many dog breeds out there, it can be difficult to pick which adorable dog embroidery pattern you want to stitch first. If you’re thinking about adding a little canine to your thread decor, then you have come to the right place.

We have “stitched together our favorite patterns from Etsy, Pinterest, and more!

Supplies for dog embroidery patterns

Some of the most adorable dog embroidery patterns include a Corgi with bandana, paw prints patterns, Christmas Chihuahuas, a black and white Pitbull, and a Poodle silhouette.

Dog embroideries are perfect for dog pet owners and people who love dogs in general, because embroideries can be stitched on different materials and objects and are also readily available from the store. Below are twenty adorable patterns that are great for stitching on pillows, bags, clothes, and even your pet’s collar!

What Skill Level Does Dog Embroidery Take?

Most of the designs and patterns we have prepared for you are easy to finish. Simple as they are, these designs are attractive and add that extra flair to your favorite home decor or fashion items. We have chosen beginner-friendly designs that you can follow without hassle. If these are too basic, you can tweak the designs to your liking by giving it a personal touch.

Small Dog and Puppy Embroidery Designs

  1.  Dachshund Dog Pattern– This adorable dachshund is looking up at the viewer with curiosity and love in his eyes. You can choose light palette colors to make your craft more adorable.
  2.  Corgi Dogs with Bandana– Look at how swag this corgi is with its red bandana. Follow the pattern and you can also change the color of the banda to your liking. You can also add some small details to add more flavor.
  3. Pug Pattern– After a long walk outside, this adorable pug is ready for a rest. You can embroider it on just about any project that you want, and it would also look great as an adorable magnet!
  4. Christmas Chihuahuas– These two chihuahuas are ready for their close-up with some very stylish scarves and antlers ready to pull little sleighs all the way. The design would work great on almost anything, from pillows to bags!
  5. Miniature Schnauzer Pattern– These miniature schnauzers are about as cute as they come, and also work well for anyone looking to embroider with just black thread. They would work great on any project you want, and would also make a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves dogs.
  6. Black Lab Puppy– This black lab is simply too cute to pass up with his textured puppy fur, soulful eyes, and sweet smile. You can also add some additional finishing touches like background grasses and leaves.
  7. Spotted Dalmatian Puppy Design– This spotted dalmatian puppy looks like he’s up to trouble with his cute expression and playful pose. He could be added to almost anything, but would make a wonderful gift for the dog lover in your life!

Puppy embroidery ideas for your pet

Big Dog Embroidery Designs

  1.  I Love My St. Bernard– This is a fairly easy pattern to follow, as long as you make sure to stay within the lines as you go. In two hours or less, you can have a cross-stitched pillow that will be perfect for your own St. Bernard or any other dog breed that you can imagine.
  2.  Golden Retriever in the Meadow– You can create this pattern by combining two smaller patterns, which are the retriever with a surprisingly subtle leaf border, as well as some grasses and flowers to fill out the bottom and sides of the image. It makes for an adorable wall hanging when finished!
  3. French Bulldog Pattern– This French bulldog has a very distinctive look, with its bat-like ears and wrinkled face. Here is a simple pattern you can follow – it would be best if you used black or grey embroidery thread in order to really bring out the details in its face. However, feel free to substitute any colors that you want!
  4. A Cute Curly-Coated Retriever– If you don’t have much experience with embroidery, this would be a great pattern to start with since it doesn’t have too many small details on its face or legs.
  5. A Black and White Pitbull Dog Pattern– Not only does this black and white bulldog look like he’s pretty happy about his life, but he’s even written in blue, green, and red floss to be customized even further! He’s the perfect size for stitching onto almost anything you can think of.
  6. Spotted Labrador Dog Pillow Design– This spotted labrador looks like he is ready to have a good day, so what are you waiting for?  Get stitching! It doesn’t have many details in its face or legs, so it would be an easy pattern with which to experiment if this is your first time embroidering.
  7. A Set of Three Siberian Huskies Pattern– This set of three Siberian huskies is ready to come home and help you through the cold winter months. The small amount of detail in its face makes it easy for a beginner, and they’ll look great on almost anything!

Big Dog remembrance embroidery ideas

Other Adorable Dog Embroidery Designs

  1. Pack of Dogs Design– Who says one dog is enough? Make it a whole pack! This design is easy to do and you can choose many types of floss to design these lovely dogs.
  2. Customizable Dog Pattern– This is a pattern that can be personalized however you want – simply change the colors to make your own unique pooch! It can also easily be used as an applique or iron-on.
  3. Paw Prints Pattern– This pattern is incredibly easy to follow, but will still add a little bit of whimsy to your home or favorite items. It would be perfect for stitching onto an old set of towels or pillowcases, but would also look lovely framed and hanging up in your home.
  4. Embroidered Dog Patches– These dog patches are ready to be taken for a walk by stitching them to your bag. The pattern is perfect for those who are bit more experienced in embroidery.
  5. Simple Dog Pattern– This is a very simple pattern with just one color, making it perfect for someone who is new to embroidery and doesn’t want to try anything too complicated! It can be used as an applique or iron-on, and would also make a great bookmark if you sew the ends together!
  6. Poodle Silhouette– This silhouette is easy enough for even beginners – all they need is one color (black). They would look great on pillows or bags, or anywhere else you’d like to show off your love of dogs.

More Pattern Ideas You’ll Love

Dog embroidery patterns

  • 3D Puff Embroidery Ideas – Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert, 3D puff embroidery designs are a great way to step up your sewing game! You probably recognize this type of embellishment. You often see the 3D puff effect on sports jerseys, backpacks, baseball caps, and even on some jeans. Try out these ideas if you’re looking for a new style of embroidery for your arts and crafts toolbox.
  • Mushroom Embroidery Patterns – We love the whimsical look of these mushroom embroidery patterns. There’s so much you can create with them! Choose between wall art, put them on clothing, or even home goods. We can picture several of these designs on a tea towel for your kitchen – or give them away as gifts! You could even stitch a few toadstools on one of the Christmas design ideas above as a fun add-on.
  • Funny Embroidery Designs – Who knew embroidery could be so funny? This collection of design ideas will make you laugh out loud as you sew. Between amusing images, entertaining puns, and hilarious swear words, there’s something for all senses of humor! Our personal favorites include a sassy aloe plant with the words, “Say aloe to my little friend.” Priceless!