Imagine you’re under the sea with these fun fish embroidery patterns! There’s something so soothing about ocean scenes.

Plus, not only will you feel calm when you admire your finished product, the act of stitching is sure to soothe you.

Add a little something extra to your designs by introducing a few freshwater friends. 

Fish embroidery Design Ideas

There are fish embroidery patterns for every skill level! Whether you’re a needlepoint expert or you’re just getting started, you can create magical underwater scenes filled with plenty of fish. Choose between koi fish embroidery ideas, goldfish embroidery, and so much more. Settle on a design that you’re comfortable with, gather your materials, and you’re good to go. These designs make great gifts!

Regardless of whether you’re making fish embroidery for your friends or for yourself, you can stitch these designs any time of year. Without further ado, let’s explore the wonderful world of fish embroidery!

Why You Should Make These Fish Embroidery Patterns

If you’ve been embroidering for some time now, you’re probably on the lookout for new designs and patterns to try. Maybe you’ve already mastered floral motifs and cute woodland scenes with mushrooms, or you’ve moved onto 3D puff embroidery. What should you try next? How about these fish embroidery patterns!

Even if you’ve never embroidered before, there’s no reason to feel intimidated by fish embroidery. There are patterns out there for all levels. Novices and experts alike will find design ideas suitable to their level. Choose from patterns that feature crustaceans, koi fish, goldfish, seahorses, and more. Our favorites also include cute touches like starfish and floating seaweed.

We think that these fish embroidery patterns will make a great addition to your embroidery repertoire. If you’re stumped on what to do with your project when you’ve finished, consider giving your design away. There’s nothing better than giving (and receiving!) a homemade gift!

Fish Embroidery Gift Suggestions

If you’re stumped on what to give a friend for a birthday, special occasion, holiday, or just because, consider a homemade present! There’s something so special about giving and receiving something that was made by hand.

The best thing about making something yourself is that you can completely customize it. If a homemade gift tells a story, what will yours be? Let’s say you have a hilarious memory with your best friend about that one time you went snorkeling together. Embroider them an underwater scene with plenty of fish!

Once you’ve finished your design, purchase a nice frame for it. Now we’re talking!

Fun Fish Embroidery Ideas

Below you’ll find our favorite fun fish embroidery ideas. We’ve scoured the internet for the best in koi fish embroidery designs, goldfish embroidery, and so much more.

Feel free to add to these designs – get creative! Ideas that come to mind would be to introduce some other underwater friends into the patterns. Mermaids, seahorses, crabs, and other shells are just a few options.

You could also add words, phrases, and lettering. If you plan to give your creation away as a gift, consider adding the recipient’s initials or birthday! This would make a great gift for newlyweds (especially if they got married on the beach) or a newborn baby. If you decide to keep your embroidery for yourself, we won’t tell.

Fun Fish Embroidery Designs

Colorful fish embroidery

Ready to get fishy? We mean that in the most positive way possible! The designs below are a good jumping-off point if you want to start stitching fish. Most of these would look fabulous on a t-shirt or even a pair of jeans! Alternatively, you can frame your designs to hang on the wall. If you’re just getting started, opt for an embroidery kit.

  1. Handmade fish embroidery pattern
  2. Teeny tiny fish embroidery design
  3. Small fish skeleton embroidery idea
  4. Blue Scandinavian fish embroidery kit
  5. Under the sea embroidery design with fish

Koi Fish Embroidery Ideas

Koi fish is one of our favorite types of fish. There’s something so elegant about these Japanese underwater creatures! Traditionally, koi fish are orange, white, black, or red. If you’re not a fan of these warmer colors, get creative! Whoever said you can’t create a blue koi fish? That’s the beauty of sewing your own embroidery patterns!

  1. Red and white koi fish design
  2. Set of 3 koi fish embroidery designs
  3. Machine embroidery koi fish pattern
  4. Koi pond embroidery hoop idea
  5. Simple koi fish embroidery pattern

Koi Embroidery Designs

Want more koi embroidery designs? No problem! There are plenty of koi design ideas to choose from. We’ve even found a cross-stitch embroidery pattern, which is a unique form of embroidery that involves, you guessed it, cross-stitching.  Cross stitching is a type of embroidery that forms an X. This type of needlepoint has a very distinct look. We’re fans!

  1. Oh, Koi! Free embroidery pattern
  2. Koi fish cross stitch embroidery pattern
  3. Multicolored, large koi fish pattern
  4. Koi pond pattern for beginners

Goldfish Embroidery

Koi Fish embroidery patterns

Did you ever have a goldfish as a pet as a kid? Or maybe you had one as an adult! These low-maintenance animals are easy to take care of and a lot of fun. We love these goldfish embroidery ideas and we think they would make a great gift for the goldfish owners in your life! Consider picking up a design for beginners if you want a fun activity to do with your kids.

  1. Fancy goldfish PDF embroidery pattern
  2. Shubunkin goldfish embroidery design
  3. Blue and white goldfish embroidery pattern idea
  4. Goldfish embroidery kit
  5. Goldfish hand embroidery pattern with teeth

Fish Embroidery Designs

Fish embroidery patterns

Closing out our list of fun fish embroidery patterns are these fish designs. If you have any fishing aficionados, the trout and bass patterns are sure to please!  A few of the patterns below are for embroidery machines online. If you like one of those, make sure you have the tools to complete your project!

  1. Multi-colored Betta fish design idea
  2. Set of 6 tropical fish machine embroidery designs
  3. Bass fish embroidery design
  4. Rainbow trout embroidery design for machine embroidery
  5. Fish pond embroidery pattern
  6. Under the sea embroidery pattern

More Pattern Ideas You’ll Love

  • Funny Embroidery Designs – Who knew arts and crafts could be this hilarious? Get your giggle on as you go with these funny embroidery designs. Choose between humorous words and phrases, funny images, and even some not-safe-for-work expletives. You’ll find something for every sense of humor. You may want to hide these design ideas from your kids – you’ve been warned! Our favorites have to be the patterns with puns.
  • Mushroom Embroidery Patterns – These cute and perfectly kitsch mushroom embroidery pattern ideas are for any of you who need a little help deciding what to create. You’re sure to be inspired by this extensive collection of embroidery patterns! If you want to stitch up a woodland scene, or even a seasonal motif, we’ve got something for all levels. We’ve got a preference for the red and white toadstool patterns. How about you?
  • Festive Christmas Embroidery Designs – If you’re stuck on holiday gift ideas, these festive Christmas embroidery designs will save you. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you and create a homemade gift for them. Choose from festive designs that feature Santa Claus and reindeer, or wintery scenes with snowmen and snowflakes. The real bonus? Your gift can serve as a Christmas decoration for years to come!