Inside: Easy embroidered turkey designs for making fall more festive.

I love a good embroidered turkey moment.

I’ve said it about Christmas and I’ll say it about fall too– the cozy and warm feelings about the holidays remind me a lot of the cozy feeling I get from embroidery projects. I love when young people are into embroidery, but it does always remind me of my mother and grandmother, and therefore the holidays are a natural correlation.

So naturally we need to embroidery some turkeys for the Thanksgiving festivities!

My grandmother embroiders a sweatshirt for every holiday celebration, so I want to do the same this year. If not a sweatshirt, napkins for the table set up or pillows to have around the house as people are relaxing and visiting with each other.

Check out these embroidered turkey designs for this fall and this Thanksgiving season!

How could we eat something so cute? Unfortunately, a little too easily with all of our American traditions!

turkey embroidery design with a pumpkin

Why Turkeys For Thanksgiving?

I’m sure at one point or another you’ve wondered why we eat turkeys every year for Thanksgiving. I know I have, and I even remember learning about it in the history of the holiday. It’s not as much about the bird for any significant reason, it’s about the practical reasons they chose turkeys to be the main course.

It’s so interesting to me that all of the food we still eat every year for Thanksgiving is due to what was growing plentifully on the land back in the times of the first Thanksgiving.

Growing up, I used to think that there were lots of reasons that we ate everything from turkey to cranberries, but realistically, it’s simply the food that grows naturally in the fall!

At the time, it wasn’t a big special meal separate from all of the rest because of the food they ate but because of the event.

Now, we have foods that are rarely eaten aside from the traditional meal, but everything we consider food for special occasions, they ate daily!

Turkeys were the most common and plentiful game, and each one feeds a great amount of people. Therefore, it’s a very practical reason for turkeys to be chosen as the main meal every November.

Other Thanksgiving Decor

The fall is the most perfect time for decorating. But if you’re using turkeys around the house to decorate, what else can you add along with it?

Of course we always have our cutesy pumpkins that every store rolls out as soon as the summer starts to close. Knit pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins, orange, white, blue, or pink pumpkins. They all add a festive feel to your home!

Along with pumpkins you can find really cute faux fall leaves that can be strung up around the room or even fill a clear vase! Anything orange and natural toned is so pretty for the season.

I have little ghosts made of burlap fabric that I adore, and even after Halloween is over, I love leaving them up as just little fall characters in my home. A little quirky, but I love the vibes.

fall branches and a bird wing

Symbolism Of Turkeys

Okay so we’ve established that turkeys being the focal point of Thanksgiving is more practical than anything, there are some actual deeper symbolism behind turkeys, as with all animals.

It’s still a similar symbol, as it represents the prosperity in the American harvest. This likely used to be related to the fact that turkeys were some of the most bountiful harvest, but it’s still a symbol of it all the same today. Prosperity is always a great sign, and I personally always welcome it!

Gratitude brings prosperity, so celebrating thanks on turkey day is only practical as well. The more you recognize thankfulness and gratitude, the more you welcome the benefits into your life. You can’t receive more blessings if you aren’t grateful for what you already have. Let the turkeys on your sweater and around your home be a reminder this season.

This year as you stitch a cute little turkey or cooking one on the day of, remember that you’re welcoming prosperity into your life!

Fall embroidery

Turkey Embroidery Designs

These designs are cute and so ready to help you decorate or dress festively and appropriately for the season!

Dive into fun fall stitching patterns with some of these turkey embroidery designs this year! What do you want to embroider?

Clothes? Pillows? Wall hangings? Anything goes and you’ll have a blast doing it! They’re all so cute– time to get started!

Check out these patterns and designs and see what are the best designs for you! Get creative with it too. My mom always loves the little embroidery patterns with houses and fall trees on them, throw in a turkey in the mix and you’ve got all the bases covered!

1. Hugging Turkey
2. Give Thanks
3. Lil Turkey
4. Detailed

Two turkey embroidery pieces


These patterns are all too cute– not to mention you can get creative doing anything you want with them too!
Stitch your turkey, but then also add any fun details you want to it. That’s what’s so fun about embroidery, you can follow a pattern as much or as little as you want.

If you’re just starting out, these are perfect for all of your fall season endeavors. Make all the turkeys that you want and get to celebrating!

5. Classic Turkey
6. Minimalist Outlines
7. Cutie Turkey
8. Let’s Gobble

Embroidered Turkeys

These embroidered turkey designs are perfect for any use you have in mind for some embroidered turkeys. You name it and these guys are perfect.

Are you looking for more of a realistic turkey? An animated turkey? One to go on a sweatshirt that you can wear for many Thanksgivings in the years to come? You’ve got it! These are the perfect designs for you and I just know you’re going to love them.

Have fun this Thanksgiving, and really enjoy the time with family and friends. We all deserve it.

9. Kitchen Towels
10. Vintage Pillow
11. Football Turkey

Turkey imagery has always been ingrained into the traditions of the American holiday of Thanksgiving. We make them super cute animated characters and little smiling faces, even when we know the truth. But we’re going to keep doing it because it really is so stinking cute.

It feels almost as patriotic as a bald eagle or a flag to use turkeys as craft imagery around the holidays. At least in the fall.

Animals are some of my favorite to embroider and craft with because there are truly so many ways to depict them. Animated and smiling or a really authentic and realistic version of them. Either one is perfect for the Thanksgiving embroidery projects coming your way.

I love all of these patterns and ideas for anything you plan to create, I think they’re too cute and perfect to pass up! Get stitching while you brainstorm your desserts and side dishes for turkey day!

I wish you all the best this holiday season.