Let your creativity happen with these snake embroidery designs and patterns so you can discover something new. Maybe you can add one of these to a favorite denim jacket, how about a tote? or a shirt? I could even see this on a pair of denim jeans? Discover a new pattern to make something and gift it to a friend because nothing makes a better gift than one that is homemade!

We have the perfect and unique way to add on to any of your garments. Why not consider any one of these dangerously strong embroidered snakes.

There are snake patterns available for hand stitching, machine patterns, and embroidery kits.

These snake embroidery patterns show snakes with nature and greenery. Snakes with floral designs, and with skulls (for your punk rock side), or maybe with a pharaoh.  Attempt any of these while adding your own mix and style to create an amazing piece. Add a design to your bath towels or guest room so you can impress. Snakes can be within your home decor. 

We’ve come up with thirteen snake embroidery patterns that you simply will want to begin stitching away.

Why You Should Make Snake Embroidery Pattern Ideas?

Snakes are hunters and disguise themselves very well by hiding in different places like under rubbish or up in trees or under leaves. Some snakes, such as cobras, pythons, and rattlesnakes, can’t see well and use alternative senses to seek out prey. These creatures have openings ahead of their eyes. These are known as pits and they sense warmth given off by other animals. A snake’s detection helps them to hunt down prey day or night and because of this, they are good hunters.

Did you know? There are about 3,400 species of snakes and around 350 are venomous. All snakes have an important role in the environment and as predators. They bring economic and therapeutic benefits to humans. Their venom provides what scientists need for anti-venom treatments for snake bites.

Snake embroidery ideas

Simple Snake Embroidery Patterns:

You will find a list of easy patterns that you can follow to create your own, quirky snake embroidery designs, and think about choosing a simple design as an activity to work on with your children. Maybe invite over friends and create different patterns together.

  1. Decorated Snake Pattern: This pattern is easy because of its simple design. It makes for a good choice for beginners. 
  2. Snake Cross: This one is a bit more involved, but can be a wonderful project for mid-level stitchers or those looking to master their skills. This color palette would look dynamite on a leather jacket or on a t-shirt. You can mix and match colors or maybe add pearls or beads.
  3. Snake Skull:  This pattern idea is quirky and unique for the fun lover in you and with its colorful and bright tones, it will surely grab attention wherever you go.
  4. Floral Snake: This pattern idea is one that I would love to create. It has all the right colors and could be put on anything. I would love to see it on a handbag or canvas shopping bag. I think it is definitely a head-turner. You will have plenty of people asking you “Where did you get that bag”? 
  5. Two-Headed Snake: This snake embroidery idea has a simple and basic design that looks great on a pair of jeans or on a scarf. 
  6. Neutral Snake: Do you adore artwork?  If so, then this snake pattern is perfect for you. This hand cross-stitch with the neutral tone aspect, would look great framed and hung up on the wall to display your work. 
  7. Celestial Snake: This pattern will bring out that boho side of you and you can switch up the colors or add extras like sequins.
  8. Medusa: Are you a lover of all things Greek Mythology? This pattern idea is great for that.
  9. Snake Emoji: This design flawlessly pairs with dark articles of clothing and I could picture this on a black hoodie for a casual look or on a back pocket of black denim jeans. 
  10. Solid Black Snake: This snake is simple yet can be stitched on nearly any colored sweater or gloves. You could switch it and use white thread or keep it like it is and put it on a white garment. 
  11. Harry Potter: This pattern replicates my favorite book series ever created, Harry Potter. 
  12. Snake and Roses: A great choice for black or white fabric and clothing or maybe on the leg of a pair of denim jeans.
  13. Cobra in Red Flowers: This is a pattern that will surely have people slithering your way to ask how you made that. With the combination of neutral tones and bright red flowers, you will have a masterpiece.

Create your own embroidery design

Snake Embroidery Patterns

Are you ready to create something? Practice your cross-stitch skills and rise up to another level. These patterns can really help you master your skills!

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