For the mountain lover in you, a friend a relative, try sewing one of these unique embroidery ideas or patterns. Possibly one of the foremost lovely sights on Earth may be a majestic mountain chain. Those tall peaks definitely lift up the soul. They are something worth seeing.

There is something magical about the mountains, and for most of us, the mountains are places of solitude and peace. That is the natural beauty of the open space offered by the mountains. However, for those of us who love the mountains, the open sky is pure paradise. If you’ve been hiking for a long time, you know there’s something in it that keeps you going. There is a sense of freedom when you reach the top of the climb. The view from the hill is always worth a look.

These patterns would look amazing as a border, on a bag, or maybe on the front corner of a shirt. These will certainly make any mountain lover smile.

Mountain embroidery

There are many mountain embroidery ideas and patterns out there whether you’re creating something for yourself, a loved one or as a hobby, there’s a mountain embroidery pattern out there for you. They look amazing on their own or you could pair them with flowers, a sunset, or a rainbow. 

We have explored the best mountain embroidery ideas and patterns out there. Scroll down to keep reading for more ideas!

Why You Should Make These Mountain Embroidery Ideas & Patterns?

Hand embroidery is said to be relaxing and bring out creativity. I can’t think of a better way to incorporate your hobby and crafting skills than embroidery design. Show off your creative side and beauty with these ideas and patterns.

Did you know that mountains also can be formed by erosion?  In an area with high ground, rivers, or streams it will erode away stone and land. Over voluminous years, what’s left may be a mountain between deep stream valleys!

The world is jam-packed with unbelievable rock formations—there’s even a complete chain of mountains within the Atlantic Ocean! have you ever seen pictures in a magazine of a beautiful mountain range? perhaps you’d even wish to climb a mountain? Is there a mountain you’d most wish to see in person? Their greatness will blow you away.

Okay, so let’s chat more about these mountain embroidery ideas and patterns!

What Makes These Mountain Embroidery Ideas & Patterns So Special?

The 3-D texture and accuracy will make these patterns and designs truly a gem.

You can also add extra detail to your patterns and designs by adding to your embroidery many materials like glitter, beads, sequins, and pearls. These extra additions will add that extra something to your creations. Bring out your creative side and try it!

Mountain Embroidery Ideas & Patterns

Crafting really brings out your creative side. You can switch up the colors, or fabric, add extras or create a crafting circle and use it as artwork on a wall.  We recommend that you use these embroidery ideas to create a variety of pieces.

Mountain Embroidery Designs

Now that you know why we are in love, let’s start! Keep checking below to discover something new.

Mountain Embroidery Ideas & Patterns – 

There is an option listed for everyone. If you are just starting to learn or if you are an expert. From simple designs and patterns to more complex ones. There is something for everyone here!

  1. Sunny Mountain Range
  2. Mini Meadow
  3. Mountains in Hand
  4. Sunset Forest Mountains
  5. Let’s Go to the Mountains
  6. Vintage Mountain
  7. Forest Mountain

Easy patterns to embroider mountains

Mountain Embroidery Patterns

From mountains behind forests to mountains with flowers to a beautiful sunset in the background, there are lots of embroidery ideas and patterns to choose from. Create a gift for the camper in your life or someone who loves being outdoors. 

Listed, you’ll find a couple of ideas to inspire you for cross-stitch.

Check out one or a few and share them with someone.

8. Camping in the Mountains:

9. Easy Mountain Pattern

10. Mount Rainier 

11. Orange & Teal Mountain Pattern

12. Mountain peaks 

13. Mountains with Flower Landscape

14. Sunset Mountains

15. Mountain Landscape

16. Outdoor Mountain Scene 

17. Mountains with the Sun

18. Mountains  

19. Bear Crossings Woodland Forest 

20. Boho Mountain Pattern 

Mountain Hand Embroidery Patterns

When you look at a photo of hand embroidery, does it bring back wonderful memories of watching your mother or grandmother cross-stitch with different patterns and create one-of-a-kind pieces? Did she hand-embroidered by a fireplace? At the dining table? or in a rocking chair?

I remember my grandmother sitting in her rocking chair with a glass of lemonade or a cup of hot tea and looking through patterns to make the next piece.

These mountain hand embroidery designs are sure to delight!

21. Night Sky with Mountains

22. Nature & Mountains

23. Sunrise Mountains

24. Mountain Meadows

25. Simple Mountain Embroidery 

Mountain Embroidery Kits More Pattern Ideas 

Have you ever wanted to take a dive into embroidery kits? Now is the time to check it out and start a new project!

26. Beginner Mountain Kit

27. Whimsical Mountain

embroidery patterns easy

More Pattern Ideas You’ll Enjoy