Inside: Tree embroidery patterns and ideas for trees of any kind and season.

When I think of nature, one of the first things I think of is a tree. When you start drawing pictures as a child one of the first images you know how to draw is a tree, probably standing next to a house. Tree embroidery is the same concept, it’s so simple that you probably think of it as a beginners piece. But trees are such beautiful symbolism of staying strong in a storm or of the passage of time, they’re a beautiful structure to include in artwork.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been at this for a while, adding trees to your embroidery portfolio is a staple, just like they’re a staple in nature.

Simple stitch trees

Check out some of these beautiful tree embroidery projects, and get inspired to do one of your own! It doesn’t have to be a bland oak tree, there are family trees, Christmas trees, sun summer palm trees… So many different types to choose from!

Why Are Trees So Symbolic?

Trees are symbolic for many different things and life meanings throughout art, history, myths, and novel storytelling.

Some of the most common meanings of the tree is life and growth, similar to the color green. They generally serve as reminders that life goes in cycles and even in death there is rebirth. A lovely and beautiful thought.

Because of the depth of tree roots, they also commonly symbolize strength in a storm, being deeply rooted in a good community, family, or in a geographical area, and growing deeper in life and love.

All of these deeper meanings and symbolism of trees aren’t a bad idea for gifts or life-giving reminders to have around your home.

Even if you’re not into the whole deeper meaning thing and symbolism in nature, trees are simply stunning forces of nature anyway!

I’ve collected some beautiful tree ideas for you if you’re into deeper symbolism of nature and simple embroidery patterns.

Why Should I Learn To Embroider Trees?

I would say it’s important for you to learn to embroider trees because of how common they are in outdoor landscape artwork! If you have embroidered any outdoor scene and haven’t had to do any trees or very many trees, then color me shocked! They’re everywhere!

If you’re doing a Halloween scene, Christmas (indoor OR outdoor!) scene, a bird portrait, anything having to do with the outdoors, there’s likely to be some sort of tree involved. Learning these as simple beginners pieces makes them easier the more you come across them in more difficult embroidery designs! Some are more detailed and daunting than others, but if you’ve got a good groove going with the basic tree, you’re set for any tree you come across in your patterns!

Different Types Of Trees And What They Symbolize

Because each kind of tree is evaluated by their different traits, each tree means something a little different. Trees are marked by what they produce and how they withstand nature, so seeing how they handle different weather conditions and the depth of the roots or the fruit it produces make it symbolic in different ways.

If you’re a nature lover, you know there’s a lot we can learn from trees. If you need a reminder to be strong or to be wise, consider an embroidery pattern for one of these trees to place around your home or wear on a sweatshirt as a reminder.

Oak – Strength and courage
Pine – Virtue
Birch – New Beginnings
Cherry Blossom – Renewal
Elm – Life and wisdom
Dogwood – Peace and healing
Maple – Balance and generosity

An embroidered cherry blossom

Tree Embroidery Patterns

Tree embroidery can be really simple or super complex. Or anywhere in between.

Each one is so different and can use a different technique that you can learn from and apply to other embroidery projects you work on! Leaves are likely going to be a pretty common element to a lot of your pieces if you do anything relating to nature, and working on some of these easy tree embroidery pieces can help you master the concept!

1. Blossom
2. Tree Of Life
3. Zen Tree
4. Bonsai
5. Memories

A cross stitched family tree

Family Tree Embroidery

My mom is super into the family tree thing, she’s all over the internet searching for information on who our family is, how they got to the United States, and what they did before they immigrated.

In her process, I realized how much my aunts, uncles, and grandparents are all fascinated by the process and love to hear the information she has dug up online! It’s so special to them, and every family get together is now filled with stories of where we came from.

Family trees are to be honored, and a beautiful embroidered display of your family tree is a beautiful gift idea that isn’t just special because you made it, but because of the information it holds as well.

Check out these family tree embroidery ideas that I loved to make for my mom for something special to give to your family!

6. Classic
7. Simple
8. Intricate And Vintage
9. Minimalist

Palm tree embroidery projects

Embroidered Palm Trees

Palm trees are always a winning idea when it comes to decorating for summer! Maybe your hat you plan to take on vacation needs a little something added to it or your denim jacket needs a little summer flair. Palm tree embroidery would do just the trick.

Summer imagery is the best, it always reminds me of themed birthday parties as a kid or of vacations coming up as an adult. Palm trees might be one of the biggest symbols of the summer time and tropical vibes, so try out these palm tree embroidery patterns!

10. Vacation Vibes
11. Cute And Classic
12. Sunset
13. Line Art

Embroidery hoop of the classic Christmas red car with a tree on top

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees and palm trees might be two of the most common trees you come by, and you can find pretty easy ones or pretty detailed ones. But to get the Christmas tree practice in is a good idea, you might just find yourself doing a bunch of Christmas tree projects come November!

If you’re really sold on this Christmas tree deal, check out these festive Christmas embroidery designs!

14. Minimalist Lines
15. Full And Decorated
16. Simple Trees
17. Vintage Car

Trees serve us as reminders and inspiration for well being and liveliness. These are good concepts to keep on your mind at all times, so working on a creative project that brings these trees and their reminders to life is a good way to use your skills and craftsmanship.

Maybe you’re simply a tree hugger in general or you’re working on a family tree display, these are beautiful images of trees to use to display your passions. Try one of these tree patterns and be inspired by them!

I’m a big fan of stitching nature, so we’ve also covered mountain imagery while stitching! Check them out and fall in love with mountains all over again! And maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could combine a tree and a mountain pattern to create a new design all together. Get creative! It’s what we’re all about.