An Outline Stitch, because it has a rope-like appearance, the Outline stitch is ideal for stems, curved lines, and borders.  Start with a trial run of the stitch to get a feel for the basic steps. It’s used alone or to create a border or outline.

You can combine with other stitch techniques for all of your projects or incorporate different color combinations.

Outline embroidery stitch

Outline Stitch as a Filler

Although this thread is primarily used for outlines, it can also be used to fill in thick rows. To fill larger regions, sew the stitch as near as feasible.

Outline Stitch vs. Stem Stitch

You might assume that this stitch is the same as the stem. They are similar but not identical. They both create a twisted line of stitches, but the twist in the line is in a different direction.

Outline Stitch vs. Fill Stitch

When left for the end of the project helps refine the design and finalize the shape or form. The choice is mainly based on pure taste and the difficulty of the design. Finishing with a line that fits tight around the edge, but from the other end, is sure to give the finished look of a piece.

How to do an outline stitch

Use of the Outline Stitch

Outline stitching has other uses besides expressing features in a sewing design. Outlines can be used as a filler stitch. When working with rows, these seams can form thick lines, filling those areas to create solid blocks. This is a great way to draw with the thread.

There are different types of contour stitches and this can be a good choice for your project, but contour stitching is always different from a simple design.

alternative types of stitches

Check these stitches as an alternative

Whipped Backstitch: An outline stitch creating a smooth with a slightly raised line.

Split Stitch: Fine chain outline with thread.

Running Stitch: Easiest to learn.

Backstitch: An endpoint, when your next stitch is finished and where to start the new one.

Stem Stitch: An easy stitch to learn and usually the first one taught to beginners starting cross-stitch.

Chain Stitch: Can be used in crochet and used for finishing seams or adding on embellishments.

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