Inside: Octopus embroidery patterns for fun under-the-sea vibes.

Animal embroidery is so fun. Regardless of if your type is more realistic animal artwork or cartoon-ish, it’s always cool to get to create a piece of work with your favorite animal on it.

Octopi are so cool and have this really mysterious air about them… Probably because they live in parts of the world that we have never seen before and really never will! How wild of a thought is that? Pretty crazy, if you ask me.
While they seem so beautiful and majestic, there’s this air of cool energy about them. Like they really are just cool creatures, and I think the mystery about them just makes them all the more cool.

If you’re really digging into these really amazing creatures, creating art that depicts how incredible they are will only make you love them more!

These five octopus embroidery patterns are so beautiful, have fun with them!

Some of these octopus embroidery patterns are so beautifully planned, the colors are stunning and the imagery is next level. Those that have taken to octopus embroidery have really gone the extra mile to make it something really incredible.

Three octopus embroidery patterns and designs

If you have a little one with a sea themed room, or an ocean obsession, adding octopi to all of the fish and the sea stars is an amazing way to add more wonderful details and expose them to new creatures. Sea themed rooms, beautiful colors, and super cool animal imagery on your clothes are all great reasons and excuses to dive into these cool octopus embroidery ideas!

Cool Octopus Facts

I don’t know about you, but when I was in biology in high school, my favorite thing was to learn about all the funky features that animals have that humans don’t! It’s a wild thought to think that only half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps at a time. I wish I could do that… Do you know how productive I would be if I could still operate half asleep?!

So here are some fun facts about octopi to think about and mull over in your mind while you embroider some of these patterns!

They have three hearts. And I at first thought that this is a no-brainer considering how large they are and how many limbs they possess, but then I thought about whales only having one heart. So I think this is actually pretty fascinating!

They don’t have bones so they can be a fun free form stitching project to cover.

New studies have shown that they have feelings! Isn’t that a score for the vegetarians and vegans, and one against the pescatarians. Not all fish are feelingless.

Male octopi die after mating. How tragic.

There are indeed venomous octopus breeds. It’s the blue-ringed octopus, found in Australia, of course, where all the scariest things are. It’s more toxic than cyanide!

They have a great memory! Both long term and short term. I love that, it’s one of my favorite facts about animals when it’s proven that they remember things and interact with the world around them more than just through their instincts.

Enjoy these bits of information! If you have a little one that’s on a random octopus obsession kick right now, maybe tell them a few of these facts! They might love it.

Symbolism Of An Octopus

I’m not a coincidence kind of person, and I like to take deeper meanings of things into account, or even set up visuals of a specific animal or something of the like as a reminder of deeper meanings.

There are many things that the octopus symbolizes, like flexibility, creativity, and intelligence.

But the bigger picture is that they represent handling life changes and challenges with “creativity and intelligence” according to OceanJewelryStore.

This is something I want to be reminded of daily, especially on those days that are just a little harder than the rest.

It can be tough to get through some days and to come at different challenges with a creative mindset, thinking outside the box while getting through the situation. But if I can place an embroidery piece of an octopus that was fun to make but also serves as a reminder somewhere around my home to keep my mind in check– I’m going to do it!
It’s a huge help to do so, and I know it will be one of those little things that makes you smile a little bit while getting ready for work or making dinner.

Set yourself up for success with little reminders about how to care for and build character during life’s trials.

Extremely detailed octopus artwork.

Detailed Octopus Embroidery

There are some incredibly cool octopus artworks out there! It’s like people that create these patterns and these pieces really study the animal itself and all of its beauty before creating these.

I’m obsessed, and I don’t even claim octopi as my favorite animals! If you do, you’re going to fall in love even more seeing these pieces.

1. Interesting Textured Details
2. Bold And Bright
3. Little Details
4. Incredible Jacket

Minimalist and simple embroidery pieces


While there are plenty of incredibly detailed pieces of embroidery patterns of octopi, there are some really cute and simple ones too.

Sometimes when you just feel like stitching a little bit but not embarking on an entire project, a short, sweet, and simple outline will do just the trick.

5. Tentacles
6. Outlines
7. Yellow Details

Cool octopus designs


Some of these octopus embroidery designs are so cool, I want to put them everywhere. While some of them might be above my skill level, I think the designs are so incredible and I want to work my way up to them!

The talent of others really blows my mind and it inspires me daily to learn and grow my own skill sets.
Get inspired.

8. Speckled Octopus
9. Translucent Background

Octopus Embroidery Pattern

Maybe you need a little something in between the outlines and the insane detail.
Here are a few just for you!

No matter what brought you to this post to find some octopus embroidery patterns, I hope you found exactly what you’re looking for and love working on these projects!

10. Cartoonish
11. Underwater Scene

I have a deep love for my favorite animal, the tiger. And even when I don’t have a reason to, I love creating artwork that surrounds the animal and all of its majesty.

Octopus swimming

As you fall more in love with your favorite animal, you’re going to love embroidering it without reason! To have little pieces around that sit on your craft desk or ones that you want to frame for fun make the embroidery life so enjoyable. Not every project has to have a purpose other than enjoying the hobby itself.

Animals and learning more about them is so cool– especially the ones we don’t know much about! There’s so much to learn about the beautiful Earth that we live on, it’s incredible to dig deeper into different animals that we don’t usually get to see in zoos and aquariums.

Add some fish to your octopus for a complete look!