Inside: 15 precious gnome embroidery designs for your home all year long!

Christmas tree ornaments, coasters, and festive sweatshirts… There are so many fun ways to use adorable Christmas themed embroidery designs.

I always remember my grandmother showing up to my house on December 23rd, every year, in a new Hobby Lobby sweatshirt that she embroidered a new image on to drive down to our house to come and stay for Christmas. It’s one of my favorite traditions of hers that she did for us, right after her famous sticky buns, perfect for Christmas morning!

If you want something a little different from Santa or his reindeer, or even something aside from candy canes and Christmas trees– a cutie Christmas gnome is a great new option!

They are like mini little Santa images, but they look cute and cuddly instead of big and jolly. They’re a combination of Santa and the elves. I get carefree vibes from them, and I love it.

Three gnome embroidery designs

What Is A Gnome?

A gnome is a mythical creature, but doesn’t necessarily have any fantastical features or skills except that they are simply just small little people that don’t actually exist in nature.

They have roots deep in 16th century literature and storytelling, but as with most fantasy creatures, their stories, origins, and features change a lot over time as different people and authors and artists use their likeness to tell their story and change details about them to make them fit what they need to fit into.

Generally, gnomes are meant to guard treasure. They’re tiny little beings, but their whole mission is to guard and protect– so they will. They’re menacing in character and will make sure that they get the job done!

They tend to be written as warlocks– little wizards. So for some stories they may have magical powers. But traditionally, it’s not a mandatory trait of a gnome.

They can be often confused with dwarves, who tend to have the same storyline and similar tasks and traits. They are very similar creatures and can generally be used for the same purpose.

The history of these little characters is charming and ancient, it’s definitely worth looking into for fun if you’re starting to love these little guys!

Using Gnomes All Year Long

Gnomes have become insanely popular in Christmas decor– I think they’ve started to remind everyone a little bit of Santa’s elves. And gnomes kind of look like little baby Santa Clauses, so it’s kind of fun to put Santa hats on them and call them a part of the Christmas vibe.

But if you remember what I remember about shopping for home garden decorations at Puckets or in the Home Depot decor sections with your mom as a kit, I always remembered the cute little garden gnomes that you could place in your flower bed to add a cute little character to it.

Garden gnomes have become the more modern and current way to see and use elves as a piece of our lives.

I think Christmas gnomes has opened a whole new door to using gnomes in our homes in general, and I think we’re about to see them even more during the rest of the year! Especially spring and summer, we’re going to see pool party gnomes, more garden gnomes protecting our gardens, and then maybe next fall we’ll be knee deep in gnome iconography at pumpkin patches and haunted houses!

The possibilities are endless with these little guys and I think gnome embroidery designs are going to absolutely take over! So we’ll look at these patterns for other seasons as well.

How To Use These Patterns

Where can you use different embroidery patterns?

In short: just about anywhere and everywhere! As mentioned, I always loved growing up seeing how my grandmother would embroider her sweatshirt and how she would wear it to come hang out with us for the holidays.

It’s such a cute little tradition and so fun! But you can also embroider denim, sweaters, and tee shirts.
If you’re not looking to embroider clothing, you can totally use these on pillows, wall hangings, quilts, and Christmas ornaments.

You can really embroider anything– towels, napkins, handkerchiefs, socks, bed sheets… anything you dream of, you can embroider it.

Use these anywhere and anytime creativity strikes! Crafting is all about the art of expression, so express yourself with all the different kinds of embroidery projects that you can embark on. Just have fun with it! And these little gnomes.

Gnome Head Embroidery Designs

There are so many different kinds of gnome images that are floating around on the internet. Whatever your style is and whatever version of these little guys catches your eye, you can find a pattern for it.

Focus on the little adorable face with these gnome head embroidery designs!

1. Christmas
2. Polka Dots
3. Tall Hat

Pictures of gnomes

Full Body Gnomes

Want the full image? I got you! Here are some full body gnomes for you to stitch to life.

They’re so cute in their little outfits with their little shoes, and it can create a big personality for a little creature! Check out these full body gnome patterns.

4. Scandanavia
5. Sledding
6. Candy

Duos that are styled I the Christmas theme

Gnome Buddies

What’s better than one gnome? Three gnomes! Or two. Or even six. There’s so many possibilities for these gnomes to just be having so much fun with their gnome buddies.

Make a little gnome family or friend group with these gnome buddies embroidery patterns.

7. Friend Gnomes
8. Striped Hats
9. Back Of The Truck

Christmas gnomes embroidery patterns

Christmas Gnome Embroidery

Obviously, one of the cutest ways to make gnome embroidery designs is in your Christmas decor! I know they’re totally separate mythologies, but they look so much like mini Santas I can’t resist using them as a little baby version of our jolly friend.

Check out these Christmas gnome embroidery ideas.

10. Ho Ho Ho
11. Present And Ornaments
12. Antlers

Gnomes with spring themes

Spring Gnome Embroidery

Prep your garden for the gnomes! This spring, I think you’re going to love decorating your home and garden with the little mini guys– and they fit so perfectly into the theme.

So here are some spring gnome embroidery patterns to get a good start on the spring season.

13. Bee Gnome
14. Cactus
15. Floral Hats

Gnomes popped up in popularity in the last couple years, and have started to take over! Much like the red truck we’ve seen in the last few Christmas seasons, my mother’s favorite!

Using them throughout your home in your Christmas decorations and holiday fun is a cute new element to add to the traditional mixes of everything else we usually have going on in our homes during the season.

Enjoy the cute little faces and the quirky little poses that they all have and show off in these gnome embroidery pieces. I love them so much, I just can’t wait to add them all over my home this Christmas!

Want to add something classic to your gnome pieces? Here are some tree embroidery patterns and ideas that include Christmas trees that should spark some ideas! Addings trees is a perfect space filler for an embroidery piece that needs a little something.