Inside: 29 of the best fall embroidery designs for this chilly season.

Depending on who you ask, the fall season is one of the most favored seasons of the year. Everyone of course will have a different opinion, but it’s pretty typical and common to hear that the fall is a lot of people’s favorite season.

Usually for all different reasons, like the weather for one, football season returning for another, the fresh feeling of a new school year, and so on.

There are so many ways that fall feels like the superior season, and while I would say that summer is my personal favorite, I can’t say that I disagree with fall being as great as it’s given credit for.

The Uggs, the Pumpkin flavored lattes, all the things that come with the fall season that are so simple but so fun and cute… These are the reasons that we love fall so much!

If you’re looking for some embroidery projects that are going to reflect the fun, cozy, and fresh feelings that the fall brings us, then these are for you. I’ve collected the best fall embroidery designs that you can use to plan your projects to make this fall the best fall, just with the hobbies you enlist.

Here are some of my favorite fall embroidery designs.

Three cute embroidery designs that are fall themed

What’s Trending In Embroidery?

Understanding what’s trending in embroidery also means learning what’s trending in the fall, and then combining them together to create some of the best fall designs for this fall.

Trends change all of the time of course, in both the lanes of embroidery and the seasonal trends each year. But I can tell you right now that there are some classic staples and trends within both categories.

In embroidery, we’re moving into a less traditional vibe and more of a modern and minimalist version of the beautiful embroidery styles we’ve seen for decades. Those will always be stunning and they will always be a perfect design for your embroidery needs, but there are some ideas that are more current, relevant, and fun to produce that feel fresh and new.

The images that we’re embroidering are moving more along the lines of some classic minimalist aesthetics– line work, script fonts, and piecing together miniature images. It’s a new look, and very modern, and makes for some very simple projects.

If you’re looking for something a little more intricate and detailed, there’s always the hyperrealism or photorealistic embroidery designs that are trending. It’s interesting to see it be one extreme or the other, but there’s the lack of the middle ground right now, where it’s a detailed cartoon image or something of that nature. Instead, it either looks like a photograph, or it’s a minimal image of the character.

Pick your extreme!

The idea of wearing embroidery is hot right now, and we’re going to keep it that way. Adding customized embroidery is a very popular move right now, especially on knits which is perfect for some fall embroidery designs. Embroidering your name or your initials, or any little something that means something to you is a cute customizable piece to have that you’re going to love.

Put it on your sweatshirt, your sweater, your denim jacket, your beanie, your purse… Everything! Embroidering your clothes and your accessories are going to be hot trends this fall so eat it up.

Fall trends this year as far as colors go are bright versions of the colors we usually are used to seeing in the fall. A bold and bright red and a deep and intense orange are the moves we’re making for this season.

If you’re adding some customization to a white sweater, give it the pop of red or orange embroidery– it’s going to stand out and be so fun this fall. Give your wardrobe a fresh look!

Fall Ideas For Embroidery

Embroidering anything for the fall is a fun way to decorate. Wall hangings, pillows, clothing, accessories… And if you want to decorate for the fall season, there are so many different ideas and images to choose from. You know all of the iconic sceneries and ideas that are associated with fall and everything we love about it but let’s look at some specific examples and ideas.

When you think about fall, what’s your first thought?

  • Back to school?
  • Movie marathons?
  • Halloween?
  • Thankfulness?

Whatever it is that comes to mind when you consider your favorite parts of the season, there’s going to be a limitless number of ideas of embroidery designs. The best ones are going to be in this post, in my opinion, and I think you’re going to love each of them.

Iconic Fall Imagery

Fall images are pretty noticeable. While summer and spring icons and images can usually be synonymous with things like vacations, love of nature, outer space, et cetera, there’s something about iconography of the fall season that is so specific to fall. Without even realizing it.

Leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, harvest images like wheat and apples… These are all so iconic. If you know that you want to get into the fall spirit and get cozy with some autumn embroidery designs, there are so many to choose from and they will all be so easy to tap into.

You can go for either of the holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving, but even if you don’t do something as specific as that, there’s also always the idea of the fall season in general that can have the same effect. What are some of your favorites? Here are mine!


  • Ghosts: Little boo ghosts can be so cute and so fun to embroider.
  • Pumpkins: From classic and plain pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns, there’s no limits to all of the different pumpkin imagery there is to create. These are a classic and a staple of fall embroidery designs.
  • Candy: We all love a little bit of something sweet. But the candy images that revolve around the different candy we know and love that end up in our trick or treating bags are the perfect images of the different icons of the fall and Halloween season.
  • Witches: My mom isn’t one to believe in witches and witchcraft all that much, it’s not her favorite, but she does have some incredibly cute witches that she’s embroidered and cross stitched. They’re too fun and just their little spooky faces as well as their fun black and purple striped socks… How fun!
  • Black Cats: We all love a good cat image. Even if you’re more of a dog person than a cat person, it still is so precious to have an image of a cute and cuddly cat, even if it’s technically a bad omen.


  • Turkeys: Of course. What else do you think of right off the bat when you think of the holiday? It’s also referred to as “turkey day” for crying out loud. It’s the day of the turkey, so why not embroider one?
  • Pie: Pie is a good dessert to have year round, but who doesn’t think of Thanksgiving or fall festivities first? Pumpkin pie or apple pie, chocolate pie or cherry pie, there are so many to choose from and they’re all a perfect centerpiece for your fall embroidery project.
  • Pilgrims: My mother, who is a recurring topic in this post today, is a big history buff. So pilgrims are no stranger to her embroidery ideas. Cute little images of the first Thanksgiving is a must!
  • Thankful Script: A classic. The word thankful or maybe something similar like “give thanks” litter our homes and online presences during the fall season. These are so cute if you have an embroidery script font that you really like.

Plain Fall Ideas:

  • Pumpkins: Revisiting this one from the Halloween one, because it honestly could have gone in any of the categories: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall. All of them utilize the pumpkin in its own iconic way. It’s the perfect picture for any time of the fall season.
  • Leaves: Of course leaves are all around us all year round, but they’re only noticed in one season: in the fall, when it’s literally the season named after the leaf changes. The fall colors of the leaves are a beautiful image to embroider.
  • Acorns: Kind of with the leaves, they are always there but mainly noticeable when they’re falling off of the trees.
  • Neutral Florals: Making flowers in any neutral color palette is a very fall image without using literal fall imagery.

Maybe it’s the movie characters from your favorite cold weather movies, or maybe it’s a cup of your favorite warm beverage of choice. A festive holiday piece for Halloween or Thanksgiving? Whatever it is that has you feeling in the fall mood with your crafting, have fun with it!

These are the best fall embroidery designs I’ve seen!

Minimalist patterns

Minimalist Fall Embroidery Designs

Dive into the minimalist designs with some of these ideas. They’re not anything you likely haven’t seen before, but they’re a generally new idea in the world of embroidery. So check these out to see if this is the design idea you’re looking for.

1. Woodland
2. Halloween Web
3. Fall Colored Leaves
4. Cabin
5. Tiny Pumpkin
6. Books
7. Pumpkin Vine
8. Fall Florals
9. Baby Ghosts

Clothes with embroidery

Embroidered Clothes

We love a good pumpkin or leaf detail on a sweatshirt that we plan to rock all fall long. It not only makes it more personal but also makes it more of a specific piece that you can get excited about pulling out of the closet every season.

10. Autumn Breeze
11. Leaves
12. Tan Bees And Florals
13. Beanie
14. Dad Cap
15. Coffee Cups
16. Mushrooms
17. Hoodie
18. Cargo Jacket
19. Dancing Skeleton
20. Deers

A muted sunflower embroidery

Best Fall Embroidery Designs

Keep hunting for your new favorite idea! You’re going to find it in here somewhere, and you’re going to love all of the projects that come from this post.

21. Pumpkin Season
22. Muted Sunflower
23. Florals And Pumpkins
24. Harvest Wheat
25. Pinecone
26. Bear
27. Floral Gradient
28. Leaves And Branches
29. Jack-O-Lantern

The best fall embroidery designs are the ones that remind you of your favorite aspects of the fall season.

Regardless of what your favorite season is, it’s fair to say that the fall is one of the most iconic. There are a few big holidays in the fall season that already draw such a crowd and attention to all of the traditions and icons, so anything else that just simply refers to fall on its own is a great image to design as an embroidery piece.

The fall just screams cozy and fun, and there’s so much to look forward to. Sure, when summer ends and you have to go back to school, it feels like a lot of freedom is lost, but there’s so much fun to be had.

Football games are starting back up, there are dances and Halloween to look forward to, and then the beginning of the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving. It’s the best time of the year, living life and ramping up to the wonderful holiday season.

On that note, here are 11 embroidered turkey patterns for getting festive this Thanksgiving!

Nothing puts me more in a festive and cozy mood quite like some fall embroidery designs.

While I love that everyone of all age groups can and do enjoy embroidery, I will say that the fall season and the patterns and designs that come with it specifically always remind me of my mother and my grandmother getting ready for the holidays.

They exchange favorite patterns that they’ve used, they exchange ideas, as well as completed projects that they have made for each other. This is a ritual throughout the whole holiday season, but it really begins when fall hits.

Back to school, the leaves are changing, football season starts, the coffee gets hotter and the mornings crisper… Nothing puts me in the comfy cozy mood and ready to sit around the house under big blankets quite like seeing some framed embroidery pieces above the fireplace and some fall themed embroidered pillows hit the couch.

Whatever your idea project is for the season, here are 47 fall embroidery designs for your coziest mood, to get in the autumn spirit.

Four fall embroidery patterns

How To Use These Designs

Wondering how in the world you’re going to use these fall embroidery designs? Don’t even think twice, I’ve got some ideas for you!

I’ve mentioned the pillows and framed work on the mantle that littered my parent’s home during the fall season growing up, but there are other ideas too. If you want to embellish something cute, like denim or a denim jacket, embroidery is the way to go. And if you want to make it a fall-specific piece, these are some perfect and cute ideas.

Embroidered bookmarks for your favorite fall reads are so perfect. There are some books like the Harry Potter series that just scream fall and cozy to me, and I would love to make the vibes even more prominent with a fall themed bookmark. How fun and unique!

Embroidered wheat and pumpkins

Fall Designs

31. Wheat
32. White Pumpkin
33. Floral Pumpkin
34. Hanging Leaves
35. Woodland
36. Ghost Watering Pumpkins
37. Fall Is Here
38. Pinecone
39. Leaves Sweatshirt

Minimalism fall patterns


40. Pattern Outlined
41. Fall Leaf
42. Fall Daisies
43. Little Acorns
44. Autumn Florals
45. Pumpkin And Black Cats
46. Mushrooms
47. Chickens
48. Wheat
49. Decor

A tree of autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves

50. Fall Tree
51. And Harvest Moon
52. Pumpkin Shape
53. Detailed And Colorful
54. With A Pumpkin
55. Branches
56. Red Leaf
57. Pink And Chill Leaves
58. Orange Slices
59. Detailed And Patterned

Four embroidery images of cute fall images

Fall Embroidery

60. Pumpkin Coffee
61. Happy Harvest
62. Sunflower
63. Ghost Mushroom
64. Wheat
65. Webbed
66. Detailed Patterns
67. Raking Leaves

Three fun and funky embroidery pieces

Fun Ideas

68. Hello Fall
69. Halloween Pin Ups
70. Cat On The Mantle
71. Woodland Wreath
72. Colors
73. Simple Month
74. Detailed Bat
75. Webs
76. Flying Witch

While fall is the end of everyone’s favorite and most active season, summer, it’s the honest beginning of a wonderful season all on its own. It’s a great time to start thinking about the school year ahead, the holiday season ahead, and everything that the cold weather will have in store for us.

I’m no fan of the cold weather, but I will say there is always something so fun and so nice about the cold weather that brings people together. Maybe it’s the mood that sets the holiday season, maybe it’s the way that everything is so themed that you feel like everything is an event… Patio movie nights switch from your favorite rom com to your favorite Halloween or generally fall-vibe movie, and it just feels different. This brings people closer together.

So channel all of the fall energy and love into your embroidery project with these fall designs.

Need some pumpkin fun? Here are 15 precious patterns for you and your pumpkin projects this fall.