Inside: Adorable dinosaur embroidery designs for the ancient animal lovers you know.

All of us have a favorite animal, and grow more and more attached to the thing as we grow up. Honestly! I always loved tigers so much that Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie strictly because the princess had a pet tiger and I totally wanted to be like her in that aspect.

And Aladdin is clearly the most attractive Disney prince anyway… right? Princess Jasmine had it all.

Sometimes though as children, our favorite animals aren’t even animals we can always see anymore. For some of us, we had to live with the heartbreak of the dinosaur extinction on our shoulders. What a tragedy.

So if you or maybe your little ones are obsessed with some of these dinosaurs and want to get a little crafty with it, here are some adorable dinosaur embroidery designs for you.

These are so cute, I might just have to do them all myself!

Two embroidery pieces

What Do Dinosaurs Symbolize?

While not everything has to mean something in life, I’m a firm believer that there are no coincidences. So if you’re seeing dinos all over the place, might as well lean into the meaning behind it! Especially if you’ve got a little one that insists on leaving the dinosaur toys everywhere and the movies on the TV… why not look into what it means for you?

Some of these meanings that dinosaurs represent are pretty self explanatory.

When you see a dinosaur, it symbolizes bravery and protection. Which can feel a little ironic since they were so large and tough, but still somehow all went extinct. It wasn’t because of their natural characteristics though.

Dinos are fighters, dinosaurs are noble and strong, and you should remember your own courage and strength when you see dinosaurs. Including when you accidentally step on that hard plastic toy in the night. Ouch.

If you’re seeing dinosaurs in your dreams, there could be a reason for that as well. Dreaming of dinosaurs represents old ways of thinking, living, and behaving.

You might be stuck in old cycles and patterns that are no longer serving you the way that they once did, or maybe they never did and it’s finally time to get rid of them. So as you find yourself dreaming of these prehistoric animals, you might need to take stock of everything you’ve got going on in your mind and do a good purge. It might just be time. And that takes strength and courage sometimes.

Overall, when you see a dinosaur, think of bravery. Whatever you’re facing in your life physically, mentally, or emotionally, take the time to face it head on. You’ve got this.

Best Dinosaur Movie Inspiration

There are tons of movies about dinosaurs! I’m sure you’ve seen them all or at least know of how iconic they are. Looking up a list of best dinosaur movies, I can think of at least three more as well. So if you need some recommendations for best dinosaur movies maybe to stitch and bring to life, buckle up. I’ve got a list for you!

Of course we all know the iconic and exciting Jurassic park series, bringing every paleontologist’s dream to life… to bring the old bones to life! But what are some that might be a little more of a friendly representation of dinosaurs?

For kids, I always enjoyed the Land Before Time series, and the comedic energy behind each of the little dino characters.

Family camping trips in Dinosaur Valley state park in Texas often involved a viewing of the 2000 film, Dinosaur. I don’t remember much about it but I remember it being a favorite of mine! It’s definitely not talked about enough.

More recently there’s the Good Dinosaur from Pixar that was so adorable! It’s likely going to be a new classic. There’s also the entirety of the Ice Age movie series. While the main characters aren’t exactly dinosaurs themselves, they’re featured in several of the films.

Enjoy these dinosaur films and love the dino fan base!

Three dinosaur craft pieces

Full Body Dinosaur Embroidery Designs

There are so many different ways that dinosaurs are depicted in art and how artists create visuals for us. There are works that exhibit the skeletons that we know for a fact, and some that create the full body picture we can only assume roamed the Earth.

Here are some embroidery designs that use the full body depictions of dinosaurs– they’re so cute and some even look cuddly… how can you resist?! It’s like a tiger. I know it’s not safe, and yet, I want to hug it!

1. Classic
2. Cute Scene
3. Skateboarding
4. Tote Bag

An embroidered dinosaur skeleton

Dinosaur Skeletons

And here are the skeleton versions of the animals.

Sometimes, they can be made to look just as cute. As much as we love a friendly skeleton around Halloween, here’s another cute version of those! In animal form.

Catch the big beasts in action or create a simple skeletal piece of art. Either way, it looks super cool and it’s an interesting take on embroidering your favorite animal.

I personally love a good edgy version of a classic image, so maybe using the skeleton makes it a little cooler. I mean, I’d wear it!

5. T-Rex
6. Triceratops
7. Bones
8. Names

Three sweatshirts with embroidered characters on it

On Sweatshirts

Putting a little dinosaur on a sweatshirt for you or your little dino loving friend is such a cute way to personalize something and wear your favorite animal all over the place.

These dinosaur sweatshirts are way too cute, and if you’re looking for a gift idea this is it.

9. Christmas
10. Sending Love
11. Minimal Outlines
12. Not Today

An embroidery hoop with a stitched dinosaur head and florals

Dinosaur Embroidery Patterns

It’s time to look at some actual patterns we can use to make these ideas and visions come to life. Whatever ideas you have to make some of these dinosaur embroidery designs, here are some patterns to get you started.

You’re going to love these, and always remember that you can get creative with them as well!

13. The Whole Group
14. Baby T-Rex
15. Floral Detailing
16. Outerspace
17. Artistic

While they can no longer be observed in zoos and in documentaries, there are several ways that these once amazing creatures can be observed.

Museums with bones and recreations of their structure, and incredible movies such as “Dinosaur” are so great when wanting to learn more about them and see them in action.

The little boy I babysit often loves dinos. Green ones to be exact– and when he plays with all of his dinosaur toys, my heart melts! The imagination that it takes to create a scene with animals that we haven’t even really seen in action to observe and mimic is so precious. I love the way that kids are with their imagination.

I hope you love all of these dinosaur embroidery ideas as much as I do– I think you’re going to have so much fun creating them!

It may not be Halloween, but check out these cool skeleton embroidery patterns for more edgy ideas!