Inside: Develop your embroidery habits with these 5 genius embroidery supplies that will change your stitching.

Whether you’ve been stitching for a while or you’ve just picked it up as a new hobby, there are always going to be tools and supplies that would make your craft life so much easier. I’ve collected some ideas of tools that might help you in your stitching journey.

There are constantly new products on the market that impress me in every industry, and the craft industry is no different.

If you’re feeling like there might be something missing from your arsenal, check out these supplies! These 5 genius embroidery supplies that will change your stitching might just be what you need to accomplish your wildest dreams in stitching!

Sometimes getting better at our hobbies just takes practice, and sometimes it takes investing in some new supplies. Wherever you are in your journey, give these a go and see what happens next.

Four tools used for crafting

You might be surprised what one little tool can do for you.

My Top Tools

These aren’t too revolutionary, but the bottom line is that if you haven’t been using these so far, you really should be! I’ve found a ton of uses for these in stitching in all kinds of formats, so I believe you’re going to have a good time using them yourself.

You don’t need to be at any specific experience level to use these and use them well, they will help you wherever you’re at in your stitching life.

So what are my top 5 genius embroidery supplies that will change your stitching?

Embroidery Scissors – Tiny scissors best used for little thread snips.
Pens – To freehand a pattern and not be stuck with pen markings.
Etsy Patterns – Etsy is an incredible resource!
Needle Threader – Because after I thread it for the third time, I’m pretty over it.
Seam Ripper – We all need Ctrl + Z to exist in real life.

Here’s a breakdown of why I need them in my life and why you do too…

A pair of golden scissors

Embroidery Scissors

I went years without these. And regret it greatly.

It’s likely you already have these, but if you’re like me and got used to using regular sized scissors to snip your little threads, stop driving yourself crazy with the tiniest details and get some embroidery scissors.

You can find them in any price range– there are plenty of basic ones and plenty of top notch embroidery scissors. You don’t absolutely need the best, but investing in a good pair will likely ensure that you can make this a one time purchase.

I know people that have used the same pair of swan shaped embroidery scissors for decades. They’re beautifully ornate and super practical. Here are a couple different options.

Two crafting fabric pens

Water Soluble Pens

I love to freehand design some sketches and patterns to stitch, but I hate being left with pen marks that are going to ruin the overall design.

Luckily, some super inventive individual created these: a water soluble pen that you can clean away when you’re done. It’s not permanent, so you can remove any marks from all the do-overs. My love language.

There are heat eraser pens as well, but not every fabric can handle the heat. Use water to erase and get going! I love sketching a new design or adding onto one that I bought to use, and making it my own. So this is a low-commitment way to do that without messing up the whole thing.

An embroidery piece of the letter S

Etsy Patterns

Etsy is an overwhelming but incredible website to use for crafting. Not only can you sell your own creations, you can buy resources that others provide.

Patterns and DIY how-to’s are abundant on Etsy. There are PDF downloads you can buy and use instantly or packs that come all together with the proper thread shades and everything that you can have mailed to you.

I’m sure you’re no stranger to Etsy, but truly, if you haven’t dove into all of the options available to help you develop your skills, you’re missing out.

The patterns you can get here are so creative and innovative, not to mention you’re basically helping a small business! It doesn’t get better than that. And usually what you find is pretty unique from the rest of the patterns you could be buying in store, so that will set your work apart! Not that it’s a competition, but it’s fun to work on projects that you know nobody else has. Or very few others, at least!

Two different kinds of needle threaders

Needle Threader

Needle threading never gets easier, no matter how long you do it for. You just kind of get used to it sometimes. But if you’re looking to really get it done in snap, these needle threaders are staples for your collection.

The invention is as old as time, but it’s still revolutionary in my world!

Before I got into embroidery I was into all other sorts of sewing and stitching, and the needle is just always going to be small. So let’s take some of the pressure off and find something to help process a little bit.

Just by investing in this little piece of metal, you can take a few minutes of hyper-concentrated frustration out of the mix and get that needle threaded in no time at all.

A seam ripper

Seam Ripper

Okay the seam ripper has been my best friend for ages.

I could never have survived my sewing classes without one, and even now in embroidery I keep one close by.

Use one of these bad boys when you make an oopsie or decide you want to do it a little differently. Sure, it’s annoying to start over on a piece or even a portion of one, but don’t put all that time into something that you kinda want to redo. Just redo it! If it means you’ll love the end result, it will be worth it in the long run.

Seam Ripper

Don’t limit yourself to the tools you’ve always used, or to just the basics! As the industry and the tools that are available develop, so should your skills and how you can utilize each one of these. While none of these are specifically new to the scene, you should be open to trying something new to you!

Each one has a super practical purpose that you could totally go without, but why would you want to? If something has the potential to take away some of the pesky and tedious tasks that come with a fun stitching session, why not take it?

Whether your pet peeve is threading a needle or trying to sketch a design and being stuck with it on your canvas, these are the little tools that just make the hobby that much more fun.

Here are some books to accompany your new tools!