Inside: Best Hydrangea Embroidery Design and Pattern Ideas.

Flowers are one of the most popular thing for people to put in their embroidery, which is totally understandable. I mean, flowers are perhaps one of the first things in nature we appreciate for their beauty. They add color and depth into our world, and are loved by all.

Do you know anyone that doesn’t like flowers? I sure don’t, and I don’t thin I ever will.

Though there are literally hundreds if not thousands of flowers you can choose from to incorporate into your project, today we are focussing on one:

The breath taking Hydrangea!

Hydrangeas are a wonderful flower to create with embroidery, and you can add it to virtually any fabric! But before we get into the embroidery aspect of this, let’s discuss the flower itself. After all, it’ll be your main focus for your whole crafting session! You have to get to know them a little bit!

Hydrangea Embroidery Designs

Hydrangea Facts

  • They were first discovered in Japan
  • You may know the hydrangea based on it’s pom-pom like appearance, but did you know that there are actually over 70 different species with a wide range of colors?
  • They typically bloom between early spring and last to about late autumn
  • They are mildly toxic, so do not eat them!

There, now you know a little bit more about the logistics of the hydrangea. But on a deeper level, did you know that this flower also holds it’s own symbolism & meanings as well? Let’s talk about it!

Hydrangea Symbolisms & Meanings

The Hydrangea represents many things, but is most commonly known to symbolize gratitude, beauty, and abundance. Because of its plethora of flowers that it produces in each bundle, and the sheer amount this flower that grows around the world, it’s no surprise that it’s considered a symbol of abundance. And with abundance comes the amazing feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for all that you have, for your cup that runneth over! I love that. The three main colors that hydrangeas produce also bring in the meaning of peace(white), harmony(purple), and love(pink, no shocker there).

I like to learn about the meanings of what I am crafting, because it just stands to add more depth and layers to my work. Now, when I am creating my Hydrangea Embroidery, I’ll be thinking about these symbolisms. I encourage you to do the same! In what ways are you abundant, what are you grateful for? Thinking about these may be a simple thing to do, but it carries a lot of weight.

Hydrangea Embroidery

Now that you know a little bit more about the Hydrangea flower, I bet you’re eager to get started on your embroidery!

I’ve compiled a list of 17 Hydrangea Designs and Patterns for you to look through to help you with the beginning part of your crafting session. I’ve made sure to include both hand embroidery patterns as well as machine ones, there’s a pattern and design for everyone!

Take a look through these to get a good feel for your style and what you’re going for.

Hydrangea Hand Embroidery Pattern

Heres 7 awesome Hydrangea Patterns meant for doing it by hand. Did you know that hand embroidery(and embroidery in general) is actually good for your health? It’s true! It has a handful of awesome benefits like alleviating stress and anxiety, and it can even lower your blood pressure. Embroidering also strengthens your brain and cognitive abilities, score! If I didn’t respect this craft before, I sure do now. Okay yeah, I respected it before anyways…but still.

1. Classic Blue Hydrangea

2. Hydrangea Outline Pattern

3. Beaded Cross Stitch

4. Textured Hydrangeas

5. Purple PDF Pattern

6. Jar of Purple Hydrangeas

7. Beautiful Kit

Hydrangea Embroidery Design

Sometimes the machine can achieve something the hand just simply cannot, and that’s okay! I found a list of the coolest Hydrangea embroidery designs for you look through.

Chances are you’re going to find one that you absolutely love!

Hydrangea Flower Hand Embroidery Designs

8. Simple Machine Design

9. Hydrangea Bundle

10. Pink Hydrangeas

11. Cute Kitchen Towel

12. Realistic Bouquet

13. Simple Hydrangeas

14. Light Blue Hydrangea Outline

15. Pink Machine Design with Textured Leaves

16. 3 Sizes of Machine Designs

17. 2 Bundles of Blue Hydrangeas

And that’s it! 17 of the best Hydrangea embroidery patterns and designs that the internet has to offer. I hope you loved learning a little bit about this amazing flower, I sure did. I also hope you that you were able to find some great inspiration for your next project.

Remember while you’re working to ponder the symbolisms of the hydrangea; In what ways are you abundant, how can you create more abundance in your life, what are you truly grateful for?

If you do this, by the time you’re finished with your work you’ll have a piece of handmade art that inspires you. Happy embroidering!

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