Inside: Favorite Embroidery Transfer Pens and How They Work.

With hobbies like embroidery, you can never have enough tools to make your project (and life) easier.

After you commit to giving it a try, you’ll find yourself collecting so many little gadgets and doodads that you’ll end up needing a new organization bin to go along with it! It’s not just a needle, thread and fabric, no sir!

It’s hoops, beads, a whole collection of thread…a box to organize said thread. Scissors and conditioner, the list truly goes on and on.

And every little thing is worth it, because embroidery is amazing.

It may seem a little daunting when you’re first starting out, and I totally get that. So I wanted to create something to help guide you along your journey(yes it’s totally a journey).

To keep it simple, today we’ll talk about one tool that is a must have for every embroiderer: A Transfer Pen!

How Do Embroidery Transfer Pens Work?

What is An Embroidery Transfer Pen?

An embroidery transfer pen is a pen created with non-permanent ink. This is so you can create your own hand drawn designs on any fabric of your choosing, without having to worry about them being visible when you are finished.

How does it work?

There are a couple different kinds of Transfer Pens.

First is the regular transfer pen. Since the ink is non-permanent you can use it to draw your pattern, and then when you’re finished you can take a damp cloth and wipe it off, simple as that!

This comes in very handy when embroidering. Nothing more frustrating then finishing a project only to find out your pattern sketch is still extremely visible and you can’t get it off…heartbreak!

The second is the Iron-On Transfer Pen. With these you can draw out your pattern on a piece of paper and then simply heat your fabric and firmly press your design onto it. Keep in mind it may be backwards but thats nothing you can’t work around!

embroidery transfer pens

Though this may seem like a fairly simple thing you can buy, quality can truly make a big difference when it comes to transfer pens. I’ve had a project that I worked weeks on, just to have the transfer pen refuse to come out and instead bleed all over when I got it wet to remove it. Let’s just say….the pen is a goner.

So to spare you from that pain, I’ve created a comprehensive list of the 5 best embroidery pens out there. Based on quality, price, and reviews! This is reparations for my lost project, I will not allow any more crafters to be hurt the way I was!

So let’s get into it.

Best embroidery transfer pens

Best Embroidery Pens

1. DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen: This pen gets my 5 star rating, it does well across the board! They’re great quality, they write really well and when you no longer need the template washing it off is a breeze! A lot of transfer pens have a hard time drawing on certain materials but this one conquers them all. It also has great reviews. According to one fellow embroiderer, “I would be lost without these pens. They work just as described and I have never had a problem with any fabric.” And perhaps the cherry on top about this one: You get 3 of these pens for less than 15$. Now this is a transfer pen I can get behind! Click Here to order one for yourself.

2. Ibotti Transfer Pens: These pens are great if you have several different colored fabrics that you work with seeing as they come in a pack of a variety of colors! The aren’t as fine but that works with many people’s embroiderying needs. According to a fellow embroiderer, “These pens are perfect for my needs. The variety of colors is helpful depending on the color of fabric being used, although sadly there is nothing for really dark fabric. One of the transfers I made did 5 very usable transfers onto white cotton fabric. These do not have the ‘extra-fine tips, but they work for all of my embroidery needs, and they aren’t messy as I’ve some transfer pens in the past to act.” Though there are some things to concider, these are still a wonderful option! And not to mention that they’re affordable too, you get 6 for $15.99! Click Here to get them for yourself.

3. Sulky Transfer Pens: This is another good brand. They have finer tips than the others mentioned so if you have a very detailed project in the works I suggest adding these to your cart! One fellow embroiderer spoke to this, “Amazing pens, so easy to transfer. Love it! They’re very easy to use and accurate.” You can get a 4 pack of these bad boys for under 10$! Click Here to get your hands on some.

4. General’s Transfer Pencils: When it comes to transfer tools, pencils hold their own when in the ring with pens. You can really go either way. These are great because you can get more use out of them than a pen. Like a regular pencil, you can just keep sharpening them down until its gone. They’re quite sturdy too. In the reviews, one person said, “After wearing one pencil down to nothing, I had to leave a review. It did not break at all like the other brand and it transferred great! I will be using this brand from now on as I do a lot of embroidery.” Wow! These pencils come in a pack of 2 for a little over $10. They may be a little pricier than others on this list but they are well worth it!

5. Uchida Trace & Transfer Pen: This pen has a thicker tip, so if you’re someone who uses thicker thread or bolder designs, this is the pen for you without a doubt! Well actually its a marker, but still. One person wrote, “I use this pen to trace onto transfer paper then iron onto things that I want to embroider, and its the best! It never bleeds and always comes on dark so it’s easy to see and embroider over. If you’re looking for a heat transfer pen, this is the best one!” There you have it! And its all yours for a little over $5 for a single pack! Click Here to add to cart.

And there you have it, the 5 best Transfer Pens money can buy. I hope I saved you some sorry and frustration, until next time. Happy Embroidering!

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  1. Do any of these pens or pencils work on silk charmeuse fabric?
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