Inside: 17 super cute cactus embroidery patterns.

Whether you’re a plant person or not, you probably love a good cactus moment. I cannot keep a houseplant alive for anything, but I sure can take care of a low maintenance cactus! They’re so easy to sprinkle with water and sit on the window pane and let the sun take care of your spiky friend.

Pattern-wise, cactuses and succulents are so cute and trendy, but even when they’re not on trend, they’re still so cute and so fun to have around the home.

My favorite part about traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona was seeing all of the cacti everywhere, all the time. Along with the palm trees, it was a wonderful combination that created a cute and fun environment and desert wonderland.

This sparked a cactus obsession for me, wanting to have them all over my apartment, loving aesthetically cool photos of them, and wanting to make some crafts of them– including embroidery.

Let’s check out some of these cactus embroidery ideas!

Four embroidery pieces with cacti

Different Styles Of Cactus That Are Good For Stitching

Do you have a specific kind of cactus in mind but don’t really know which one it is? Are you looking for one that looks a very specific way?

If you’re searching for a particular cactus pattern, here are some of the names of the different shapes of cacti that you commonly see in artwork and embroidery patterns to help you narrow your search down.

Sometimes we get really specific with our vision and have a hard time actually tracking down what it is that you want and what you need for the project at hand. Are you looking for a rounded cactus? Are you looking for the classic one with the arms? Here are the names of all the different shapes you can properly fulfill your vision for your cactus embroidery.

Saguaro Patterns Are The Easiest

The cactus with the arms. These are the big tall ones with the goal post looking arms on them. Your most typical cactus shape.

Prickly Pear Embroidery

While it sounds like all cacti should fit in the prickly pear category, these are the ones with the flat plates that grow out of each other. These can get super tall of course, over centuries of growth can allow that to happen, but newer ones are more of a bush height.

Golden Barrel Cactus

This is the round one that we often associate with succulents. For the longest time I didn’t realize that round cacti aren’t just the round miniature succulents that you have on your shelf. These are the big ones that grow in the wild, in the ground, and grow round. How fun!


Odd name for sure, but these are some of the most beautiful desert plants. These are the cacti that have the stunning pink flowers on them. These blooms are always the perfect little accent among all of the green and neutral earth tones that you find in the actual desert as well as desert artwork. It’s the easiest way to spice up a piece that needs some color and some life, and this is the interesting name of that specific cactus.

Barbary fig For Colorful Stitch Projects

This is the other pop of color you’re likely to see here in the desert and on some embroidery patterns. These small orange bulbs that grow on some cacti accent the pink as well as the neutral tones so beautifully. They’re the perfect pop to go with the pinks of the schlumbergera and the dark desert tones in nature.

How To Use These Patterns

There are so many ways that the cactus embroidery work can be incorporated into your projects and your life.

A really trendy way to incorporate it would be to stitch it on a denim jacket or a pair of jeans. Or any piece of denim clothing, really. Embellishing any denim with a cactus is the cutest way to make your outfit a little more western, a little more personalized, and it definitely fits the desert theme that comes with denim pieces. Desert bohemian is always cool, and adding a cactus just launches you into that aesthetic full steam ahead. Have fun with it and make your clothing more personalized!

If you’re looking to decorate a nursery or a kid’s room soon, this is an incredibly cute way to do so. I love the idea of a travel theme for kids’ rooms, especially nurseries, and traveling to a desert destination could be a cute way to utilize this theme. Stitching on pillows, wall hangings, and baby blankets are just the start of some of the many ways that you can totally put some cactus embroidery in a kid’s room.

I have so many friends that have a plethora of house plants and they love each of them so much that they make it their whole personality. If you’re in this category as well, maybe decorate your plant corner with a few little embroidered plants as well. It adds a little something fun to it and adds a little flair and dimension. You’re not straying from the theme at hand of the plants, but you’re simply adding something a little different to it. That’s a really fun way to design a space, by playing with the themes further.

Just have fun with it, and create to create! You don’t have to have a plan just to stitch. Just stitch away.

Four designs with cactus

Cactus Embroidery Designs

All of the different cactuses make it fun with all of the different designs that you could choose. Here are several fun and different designs for your cactus embroidery.

1. Trio
2. Minimal And Flowers
3. Cutesy
4. Detailed
5. Tiered
6. With A Flower

A cactus and a moon embroidery piece


We all need a good pattern to follow, and I hope this is exactly the one you’re looking for. Sometimes they all start to look the same, or similar, but the slight differences make it the perfect pattern for your project or not.

7. A 3D option you need to see here
8. Minimalist And Neutral
9. The Different Types Of Cactus
10. In A Bottle
11. Plethora Of Cacti
12. Desert Vibe

Two cool embroidery pieces

Cool Embroidery Patterns

Sometimes, the best things in life are simple. Not always, but these cool cactus embroidery patterns are an example of something that are a range of cool and chill. I’m no minimalist, but these are super cute.

13. Potted
14. Arizona
15. Book Stack
16. Sunshine
17. Three Dimensional

A cactus will never be basic, even when it’s basic. It’s one of those images that have been overdone at times, but it doesn’t actually get old. So stitch your little heart away with these cactus embroidery patterns and ideas!

It’s so fun to find a little theme like this and stick to it, especially if you’re a plant person and already have a ton of actual cacti and plants in your house. There are so many fun ways to incorporate them into what you’re doing and how you’re decorating, these are just such cute and perfect patterns to make it happen.

If you’re a minimalist, if you’re a maximalist, if you’re one for the details of it all, then there’s a cactus embroidery pattern for you.

Enjoy these patterns and your craft time, and I hope these patterns are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Finding the right pattern can be a challenge, so here are 17 of my favorites to make that search a little easier.

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