When it comes to embroidery, there are so many different methods and styles to choose from, its amazing!

There really is no limit on what you can achieve with it. What something with more texture? Try Brazilian Embroidery. Something more uniform and flat more your speed? How about a good o’l cross stitch then!

Because of this, I am constantly learning new fun things to try in my crafting sessions.

This week’s agenda? Goldwork Embroidery!

Goldwork Embroidery Tips & Ideas

What is Goldwork Embroidery?

Goldwork embroidery is the art of using metal thread or thread that has metal leafing woven into it for an embroidering project. The metal doesn’t even necisarily need to be gold for it to be concidered Goldwork, though gold is commonly used in fancier projects! This is an ancient technique that can be traced back to a time when quality metals and threads came from the east and made their way west on the Silk Road. Metal thread when used in embroidery catches the light in wonderful ways and adds much depth and sturdiness to the fabric. It’s been revitalized in recent years.

Hoorah for us and the beautiful art to come!

How to Do Goldwork Embroidery

This style of embroidery has a large array of techniques you can choose from when using metal thread. When learning, it is helpful to choose a fabric that doesn’t stretch as much; such as cotten, linen, or other natural fabrics.

Find a design with clear shapes and outlines that way its easier to follow.

Next you have to learn some stitches and techniques! It’s common in goldwork to use padding to help fill and raise the pattern up. You can use soft string or felt padding for this! Next you can choose your stitch. You can always use more than one. Some common stitches are: Crouching, Pearl Purl, Chipping, & Cutwork.

These are just some of the vast array of goldwork techniques, seeing as there are too many to fit into one post!

Once you’ve done all of this, it’s time to get started!

Goldwork Embroidery Supplies

Goldwork Supplies for thread

  • Fine Embroidery Needles
  • Natural fabric
  • Embroidery Frame
  • Sharp Sissors
  • Beeswax
  • A design

Embroidery Gold Thread

Prices on this thread can vary depending on several different reasons such as metal type and amount. For a beginner though, here is a link to some easy to use gold colored thread! Click Here.

I’ve compiled a list of some amazing goldwork examples for you to look through to get a good feel for this kind of embroidery. It’s not the simplest to achieve but I know if you keep on working at it you’ll succeed! Oh and I also included a list of tips & tricks to help you have a seemless first session. Take a look at those below!

Embroidery Goldwork Ideas

1. Realistic Gold Heart

2. Beautiful Tulip

3. Flower Work in Progress

4. Victorian Design

5. Behive

6. 3 Beetles

7. Intricate Hummingbirds

8. Swirling Strawberries

9. Snowdrop Flowers

10. Golden Bee Kit

11. Moth with Pearl Purl

Goldwork Embroidery

12. Simple Tree

13. Rabbit in Nature

14. Little Birdie

15. Reindeer

16. Cute Beehive

17. Double Trouble Tweety Birds

18. Beautiful Swirl Design

19. Flower with Exposed Felt

20. Cool Dragon

21. Detailed Lion

23. Flock of Trains

24. Sun

25. Butterfly Embroidery

26. Golden goose

27. Corner Embellishments

28. Mushrooms

29. Gothic Letter

30. Moon in Progress

31. Multicolored Flower

32. Cool Froggy

33. Goldfish

How to do embroidery with gold thread

Goldwork Tips & Tricks

1. Always use fine embroidery needles instead of thicker ones. These help you to be more precise with your thread and will save you unnecessary struggle!

2. When starting out, practice your goldwork on more natural fabrics like cotton. They have less give and stretch, this will make it easier for you in your beginning stages of your craft!

3. Use an embroidery frame to help pull the fabric tight. This way you can use both of your hands freely.

4. When choosing a felt padding, try to get a more stiff felt that won’t fall apart after being punctured so many times.

5. Make sure you have a thimble on hand. They’re finger tip savers!

6. Using a thread conditioner will help your thread go through your fabric with ease!

7. Having a stiletto on hand can be super helpful for creating thicker holes in fabric.

8. Always Always ALWAYS keep a pair of tweezers near by! You can use these to make certain kinks in your gold thread that may be necisary for the design.

9. You’ll also need a pair of scissors that are meant for cutting metal.

10. Fine a good podcast or audio book to listen to when starting out this project, it’ll make it loads more fun!

And there you have it! 43 Goldwork embroidery Ideas and Tips! I hope you found them useful, and that you have a new found appreciation for the goldwork craft. I know I sure do! Now get out there and learn how to achieve this awesome style of art! I know with a little elbow grease, you can totally become a pro. Happy Embroidering!

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