I’m Victoria Hudgins and I believe in learning embroidery to express all the fun and joy that is within you. With the right instruction you can be sure your next threaded project is one you’ll love to keep or gift.
A nature embroidery piece

13 Precious Ladybug Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 11 precious ladybug embroidery patterns for the days you’re looking for some cute little bugs to embroider. Now, why would you ever be looking to make cute little bugs? Realistically, you wouldn’t, but ladybugs are the exception to all bug rules. In my mind, there’s no such thing as a cute bug, but again…There’s […] Read more…

Embroidered square

3 Stitch Background Embroidery Tricks

Inside: 3 stitch background embroidery tricks. When it comes to embroidery and different pictures and images you plan to come up with for your projects, there are some ways that you can make it a little more unique, personalized, and detailed. Most embroidery images don’t include or require a background surrounding the main focal point […] Read more…

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