green and orange embroidery threads

25 Fantastic Frog Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 25 fantastic frog embroidery patterns. Okay honestly, I ran out to my car the other night from my house and just about stepped on a frog. I dodged him at the last second, but I just about broke my ankle doing so. He owes me for that one. Once I got past the initial […] Read more…

Sewing supplies

5 Genius Embroidery Supplies That Will Change Your Stitching

Inside: Develop your embroidery habits with these 5 genius embroidery supplies that will change your stitching. Whether you’ve been stitching for a while or you’ve just picked it up as a new hobby, there are always going to be tools and supplies that would make your craft life so much easier. I’ve collected some ideas […] Read more…

Baby yoda sitting on a fence

11 Baby Yoda Embroidery Design Ideas For The Star Wars Fan

Inside: 11 Baby Yoda embroidery design ideas for the little Star Wars fan in your life. Now I’m no Star Wars buff, but as soon as the Mandalorian series dropped into the Disney+ streaming platform, my whole Instagram feed was filled with Baby Yodas. And Twitter. And Facebook. Everyone loved a good Baby Yoda meme. […] Read more…

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