Embroidery Styles

Dragonfly Japanese embroidery

29 Japanese Embroidery Ideas And Techniques

Inside: 29 Japanese embroidery ideas and techniques to try something a little different and learn about a different culture. Ultimately, the Japanese techniques of embroidery aren’t too different from the standard work that we know, but each of their different types of stitching have different purposes, functional and visual. The Americanized version is strictly for […] Read more…

Embroidery thread on a work table

31 Stunning Leather Embroidery Examples

Inside: Stunning leather embroidery examples for personalization of your leather goods. Leather pieces, if originally made in good quality, are some of the most prized pieces of your closet. Jackets, handbags, pants, anything. A fine leather garment can last you a lifetime and is worth the investment. If you go vintage shopping you’ll notice that […] Read more…

What Is An Outline Stitch? And How To Make One

An Outline Stitch, because it has a rope-like appearance, the Outline stitch is ideal for stems, curved lines, and borders.  Start with a trial run of the stitch to get a feel for the basic steps. It’s used alone or to create a border or outline. You can combine with other stitch techniques for all […] Read more…

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