Creative embroidery

Two stitched skeletons holding hands

13 Skeleton Embroidery Designs For Spooky Craft Aesthetic

Inside: Skeleton embroidery designs for fun and spooky craft projects. Skeletons are pretty much reserved for the halloween season as they’re a super typical mascot for the holiday. But skeletons can be cool year round if that’s your aesthetic– a little punk or a little edgy is the perfect vibe to wear skeletons in every […] Read more…

Stitched Name Designs

43+ Stitched Name Embroidery Designs To Use

Inside: Stitched Name Embroidery Designs Embroidery is a timeless art form that can be used to create anything you set your mind-to. With that being said, not everything you embroider needs to be complicated and intricate. Sometimes the best embroidery is the simplest. Quotes, Names, and Words, for example, can be such a simple but […] Read more…

How To Do Brazilian Embroidery + Easy Patterns

Inside: Everything you need to know about Brazilian embroidery! Embroidery is a common creative outlet of many cultures around the world. Though it may be called different names, generally there is believed to easily be hundreds and hundreds of varying types and styles. For someone just starting their own embroidery journey, this can seem a […] Read more…

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