Inside: 57 halloween embroidery patterns you’ll love to decorate for the spooky season.

Who doesn’t love halloween?! Okay sure, plenty of people. But it’s such a cool holiday centered around fun, costumes, and movie marathons, I can’t turn down the opportunity to put up some embroidery pieces around the house and enjoy the season.

I love these halloween embroidery patterns, so you have come to the right place to search for the best spooky patterns to decorate for the halloween season.

Halloween decor is already so cute with the jack-o-lanterns and candy corn, but how much cuter is all of it when it’s embroidered? A little stitched ghosty on a pillow just really makes the season cute and fun rather than spooky and scary… unless that’s your thing!

It’s the first holiday of the fall season, really ringing in the cozy season. You can put these on sweatshirts, hats, pillows, or a classic embroidery display to get festive.

Creepy crow embroidery

Check out these halloween embroidery patterns for a festive look!

How To Use These Patterns

Embroidery is such a great hobby because you can personalize anything!

Sweatshirts, denim jackets, hats, jeans… You name it. You can literally put your name on it.

The halloween season is perfect for clothing personalization or creating your own home decor– once you decorate for halloween you’re continuing to decorate for the next few months! Next comes thanksgiving and then Christmas. So get into the season with some pillows and wall hanging that you create yourself! How fun.

You can use these patterns anywhere, I remember my grandmother visiting us in any season with new embroidery pieces used to decorate our rooms, our bathroom, everything.

I think embroidery is staple decor for any and every season, I’ve been inspired to do it myself the last few years!

Different Halloween Symbolism To Embroider

Halloween has so many iconic symbols and characters to memorialize the season, there are so many to choose from! I collected a list of some of the best halloween characters, symbols, and imagery to inspire you and get your creative ideas flowing for decorating for the season!

Spooky or cute, these can be perfect for any decor or festive clothing style.

Ghosts – Maybe the most iconic! Ghosts can be made super cute or super spooky. In embroidery though, you’re mostly going to find the cute Casper style ghost.
Witches – Witches and witchcraft are a very niche sector of halloween symbolism and this may not be for you, but a little witches hat atop a “Trick Or Treat” word art never hurt anyone!
Jack-O-Lanterns And Pumpkins – Always a win. Pumpkins can last the whole fall season and jack-o-lanterns are so cute!
Candy And Candy Corn – Especially fun with little kids– Trick or treat!
Bats – Eerie, but not creepy. They can add a lot to a design just by adding a few bats in the sky!
Skeletons, Bones, And Skulls – The general concept of skeletons and bones is spooky, but they can always be made fun! And skulls and bones are always an easy little design.
Spiders And Webs – Might make your skin crawl but you can never go wrong with a spider web!
Candles – The floating candles from Harry Potter or spooky old candlesticks remind me of a haunted castle or abandoned house. How fitting.
Coffins And Gravestones – Maybe morbid, but definitely iconic halloween imagery.
Fall Leaves – Subtle, non-threatening, and can be used all fall!
Potions And Cauldrons – It always reminds me of the iconic Hocus Pocus.
Cats – Also a reminder of the classic witch movie, but a great symbolism of the sinister and spooky.
Moons – Subtle and beautiful. A simple full moon covered in clouds? Stunning. And eerie.

Vintage Halloween Patterns Versus Modern Patterns

Anything vintage can be used as decor for halloween, as the old and abandoned vibes really lend to the aesthetic of halloween. Vintage embroidery designs very much include imagery of haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns, and black cats. These are all classic designs for old halloween decor. Using these patterns add to the vintage look of an old halloween aesthetic. These usually include colors like purple, orange, and green.

More modern images used are skulls and minimalist ghosts instead of the silly ghost we know and love. These are more of a new, minimalist style of decorating and can be styled well with old candle sticks and black webs to create a neutral style of halloween decor.

Either style is perfect for the season!

A ghost embroidery piece

Ghost Halloween Patterns

Ghost embroidery patterns are way cute and come in so many different styles. Fall in love with these little ghosts!

1. Gothic
2. Minimalist
3. Festive Ghosts
4. Pumpkin Patch
5. Lace Ghost
6. Pumpkin Balloon
7. Stay Spooky
8. Gardening Ghosts
9. Bundled Up Boo
10. Classic Boo Ghost

Pumpkin embroidery pattern

Embroidery Pattern Ideas For Halloween

There’s such a wide variety of pattern styles and ideas, if you’re overwhelmed, here are some of my favorites for you to try! You can never go wrong with a witch hat or a jack-o-lantern… or both!

11. Floral Bat
12. happy Halloween
13. Pumpkins
14. Black Crow
15. Bats
16. Snake And Skull
17. Tricks And Treats
18. Haunted House
19. Witch’s Hat
20. Trendy Ghost Face

Imagery Halloween embroidery

Halloween Imagery For Embroidery Patterns

We’ve talked through some of the most iconic halloween imagery and decor, so here are patterns of some of those ideas! I love these, and I know you will too.

Get inspired!

21. Black Cat
22. Crystal Ball
23. Eek!
24. Trick Or Treat
25. Cutie Haunting
26. Vampire Ghost
27. Pumpkin, Candle, And Moon
28. Coffins
29. PSL
30. Adorable Spider
31. Skull And Crow

A jack-o-lantern embroidery piece with black thread on orange background

Jack-O-Lantern Patterns

I don’t think you can go a single day in October without seeing a pumpkin with a cute carved out face… It’s the moment. If you don’t want to deal with the mess of carving actual pumpkins, stitch some instead!

32. Classic
33. Old Timey Ghost
34. Gnome
35. Crows
36. Smiley
37. Ornaments
38. With A Truck
39. Cat
40. Banner Pattern
41. Beanie

Hand embroidery patterns

Hand Halloween Embroidery Patterns

Hand embroidery is easily some of the most fun and detailed embroidery patterns. If you want to make something by hand this halloween season, try some of these hand embroidery patterns.

42. Happy Halloween
43. Spell
44. Little Characters
45. White Pumpkin
46. Skeleton Hands
47. Spider Web
48. Coffin
49. Wednesday Adams
50. Web And Spider
51. Village Witch
52. Floral Web

Scream face on a knife embroidery

Halloween Movie Character Patterns

The halloween movie industry is huge– we all love a good halloween movie marathon! If you have some characters that are close to your heart and you want to use them to decorate, enjoy these halloween movie character patterns for your next embroidery project.

53. Mummy Mickey
54. Nightmare Before Christmas
55. Spooky Minnie
56. Hocus Pocus
57. Scream Face
58. Jack-O-Lantern Mickey
59. Friday The 13th
60. Bride And Frankenstein
61. Charlie Brown
62. Snoopy

A skeleton with florals and holding a crow

Cute Embroidery Inspiration

Halloween isn’t all spooky– it can be super cute too!

Check out these cutie versions of the classic creepy imagery!

63. Cat, Moon, And Stars
64. Flower Crown Ghost
65. Pumpkin Cat
66. Skull Butterfly
67. Black Cat
68. Skeleton And Crow
69. Witch Ghost
70. 3D Skull
71. Skeleton Couple
72. Black Cat
73. Harry Potter

Happy candy corn embroidery

Halloween Candy Themed Patterns

Candy, candy, candy. When you’re a kid and when you have kids, all you think about is all the candy you’re going to acquire on halloween while going around the neighborhood trick or treating with your siblings and friends.

Candy artwork is some of the best and most on-brand if there are kiddos in your house, so get everyone excited with some halloween candy embroidery patterns!

74. Happy Candy Corn
75. Candy Bucket
76. Official Candy Taster
77. Dancing Candy
78. Witchy Corn
79. Candy And Treats
80. Trick Or Treat Bucket
81. Ghost Holding Candy Corn
82. Pumpkin Candy
83. Trick Or Treat

Get festive and excited for the holiday season with some homemade decor and clothing pieces! One of a kind is always the best, and getting crafty is too fun.

Whatever you’re looking to embroider this season: clothing, pillow cases, or just some classic arts and crafts, have fun with these halloween embroidery patterns! Iconic, classic, or stylized, you’ve got a great collection of pieces to decorate your home or wear out and about during the month of October.

While you’re at it, check out these Christmas embroidery designs to keep the theme going! I know you’ll find something that you love out of these patterns.