Inside: 31 Christmas embroidery designs for your festive stitching this year.

There’s nothing better than curating the best set of Christmas decorations and vibes than last year. Getting better and better while keeping your personal decorating traditions is a must for every holiday season! Add in some Christmas embroidery designs to make it happen and have the best time while making your own Christmas decorations.

There really is no way to go wrong with your Christmas embroidery designs.

Every image of Christmas is just perfect and each one works great in it’s own context. However you curate to decorate, your embroidery projects are going to fit right in.

Personally, I love when the holidays feel homey, and nothing feels homier than a beautifully festive piece of embroidery on a pillow or on a tree ornament.

Whatever your style is, you’re going to love these Christmas embroidery designs to make the magic come alive!
Check these out and try your hand at them!

Traditional Christmas Images

Okay, so if you like to go the more traditional route, what are some of the key elements to this style of imagery? It feels a little redundant to say Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, as well as reindeer and candy canes, but they really do paint the beautiful picture of a traditional Christmas image.

Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men, candy canes and snowflakes. There are so many icons of the Christmas season that you can portray with your embroidery. All it takes is a few cute patterns to get the ball rolling.

As you’re planning out your decoration designs and ideas for your traditional themed Christmas, keep all of these classic Christmas icons on the front of your mind and mix them in with all of your usual decorations!

  • Santa Claus
  • Christmas trees
  • Mistletoe
  • Snowmen
  • Nutcrackers
  • Reindeers
  • Stockings
  • Ornaments
  • Snow

All these themes are easy to created with a needle and thread!

Four pieces of embroidery about Christmas

Fresh Christmas Ideas

We all love the traditions and the classic images that litter the home and our wardrobes every Christmas! Who doesn’t love a gingerbread man?!

But if you want to spice things up this Christmas and do something a little new and modern, I have some ideas for you!

Lately in the last few years, candy and sweets have been really popular items to use for cutesy decorations for Christmas.

I remember on my first trip to New York City during the iconic Christmas season, I loved going into the stunning department stores along Madison and Fifth Avenue. Each year, they have a new and different elaborate theme that magically transforms every floor of the store into a Christmas wonderland. But they’re not always traditionally Christmas themed.

This particular year, Bergdorf Goodman’s Christmas display was all candy, macarons, and sweets, littering the store with pastel sweetness. It’s different but it felt like a larger than life winter wonderland!

So get outside of the box if you want to to create some really cool and interesting Christmas decor with your embroidery! Here are some more fresh ideas to throw into the mix with your favorite traditional pieces.

  • Candy
  • Stars…. in all colors: including pink and blue into the mix
  • Disco balls
  • Bows and florals

How To Use These Designs

So you’ve narrowed down what direction you plan to go in when choosing styles and vibes for your Christmas embroidery, but you haven’t quite got a use for it down yet.
Where can you use these designs? The answer is simple. However you want to use them.

You can create something totally new and unique to you or you can add on to your yearly types of projects. This Christmas, do whatever feels right to you and what you’ll have the most fun doing! After all, that’s all this season is about anyways.

In several of my Christmas themed posts I’ve mentioned my grandmother showing up to our house the week of Christmas in a plain sweatshirt she got from Hobby Lobby and embroidered on it herself.

Some years she would pull from her collection, and some she would be sporting something new. It was a fun tradition at the time to wonder which sweatshirt Grammy would be wearing this year.

Sweatshirts and tees are always fun, then embroidering a piece of fabric to be framed can never go wrong.

Pillows and throw blankets are always fun to decorate— not only is it embroidered and festive, it’s functional too. When someone reaches for the throw blanket draped over the arm chair, they’ll notice the fun little details that you can say that you personally added to the blanket. So fun.

Cute and simple embroidery patterns for hand stitching

Hand Embroidery Patterns

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start looking into machine embroidery. And if that’s what you’re into, we love it! I love all the things you can embroider on a machine.

But hand stitching is so relaxing and endearing to see all of the little stitches come together to make the bigger picture.

1. Christmas Tree
2. Mini Pack
3. Joy
4. Little Santa Hat
5. Winter Snow
6. The Nutcracker

Christmas Trees embroidery

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are an easy image to do in any style. There are modern trees, boho trees, there are traditional trees of course, and fun and funky styled trees.

With so many to choose from, how could you just pick one?!

Check out all of these different Christmas tree embroidery ideas and have fun with it!

7. Lights And Trees
8. Winter Florals
9. Pattern Of Trees
10. Candle Lit
11. Simple And Snowy
12. Three Trees

Four fun embroidery designs for Christmas

Fun Christmas Embroidery Designs

The Christmas season is all about fun! Is it not?

So have fun with your decorating and wardrobe personalizing. Enjoying the pieces that you’re creating is the whole point of embroidering anyway.

Playful reindeer and smiling snowmen are super fun ways to add fun elements of Christmas cheer to your home. They’re so fun to have as reminders of the joy of the season.

13. Fa La La
14. Sampler
15. Lil Santa Face
16. Initial
17. Snowflake
18. Mistletoe

Embroidered ornaments

Embroidered Ornaments

We have so many ornaments on our family tree that it’s overflowing! We have to cycle some of them out each year. A lot of them are embroidered pieces of Santa and presents and anything that could possibly remind you of winter and the Christmas season.

It’s a precious tradition from our grandmother that we each get a new ornament in our stockings. Check these patterns out!

19. Deck The Halls
20. Characters
21. Wreath Ornament
22. Embroidered Felt Ornaments
23. Names
24. Initial
25. Bicycle

Beautiful Christmas Embroidery Designs

Christmas and winter are super beautiful seasons, you can’t deny it.

Embroidering scenes that capture the beautiful settings that are all over the world during the season are perfect ways to bring them to life! Capture the essence of Christmas with these beautiful Christmas embroidery patterns.

26. Manger Scene
27. Merry And Bright
28. Ice Skaters
29. The Most Wonderful Time
30. Stockings
31. Cardinals

Christmas embroidery is some of the most overwhelming searches to start because there are so many to choose from! You could spend every moment that you’re awake embroidering and it still wouldn’t make a dent in all of the possible embroidery patterns that would be perfect for the season.

Ornaments, wall hangings, gifts, you name it and there’s a reason to embroider it.

The Christmas season will always be so homey and lovely, and it’s a sweet thing to be able to decorate and gift with items that you’ve made! It’s a cliche, but cliches are overdone for a reason: they’re true. Usually. But gifting handmade gifts will always be a really sweet gift to give to someone you love.

And if home is where the heart is, put your heart into decorating this season with some handmade pieces to add around your home.

Check out last year’s list of festive embroidery pieces!