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Floral embroidery

19 Sleeve Embroidery Ideas

Inside: Pretty sleeve embroidery ideas for your creative up-cycling and repairing endeavors. Adding embroidery to your clothes it’s such a fun way to personalize something that has been made for the masses. If you thrift something it’s a really fun way to play around with up-cycling and to create something new and of higher value […] Read more…

Embroidery thread on a work table

31 Stunning Leather Embroidery Examples

Inside: Stunning leather embroidery examples for personalization of your leather goods. Leather pieces, if originally made in good quality, are some of the most prized pieces of your closet. Jackets, handbags, pants, anything. A fine leather garment can last you a lifetime and is worth the investment. If you go vintage shopping you’ll notice that […] Read more…

A leaf with an embroidery piece

19 Cool Leaf Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 19 cool leaf embroidery patterns for all of your nature ideas. Leaves are one of those things we see a lot in artwork, drawing, stitching, painting or otherwise, and they kind of are just… there. As leaves. They’re part of a bigger picture, or sometimes in fall settings, they can be a focal point. […] Read more…

Moth embroidery piece

15 Moth Embroidery Patterns

Inside: Moth embroidery patterns to get crafty. Moths and butterflies are both incredibly beautiful images of nature, and are used pretty interchangeably. However, if you know the difference between the two, or at least no the significance about each one you’ll know that they’re not as similar as they seem! These moth embroidery patterns are […] Read more…

Two stitched skeletons holding hands

13 Skeleton Embroidery Designs For Spooky Craft Aesthetic

Inside: Skeleton embroidery designs for fun and spooky craft projects. Skeletons are pretty much reserved for the halloween season as they’re a super typical mascot for the holiday. But skeletons can be cool year round if that’s your aesthetic– a little punk or a little edgy is the perfect vibe to wear skeletons in every […] Read more…

Fall tones embroidery supplies

83 Spooky Halloween Embroidery Patterns

Inside: 57 halloween embroidery patterns you’ll love to decorate for the spooky season. Who doesn’t love halloween?! Okay sure, plenty of people. But it’s such a cool holiday centered around fun, costumes, and movie marathons, I can’t turn down the opportunity to put up some embroidery pieces around the house and enjoy the season. I […] Read more…

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