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A bouquet of tulips

13 Tulip Embroidery Patterns To Welcome Spring

Inside: Pretty tulip embroidery patterns to welcome spring… even if it’s still a little ways away. Everyone is so ready to welcome spring after the holidays have wrapped up. The cold weather is made for eating turkey and traditional food with friends and family and sitting around a tree sipping your morning coffee while opening […] Read more…

Octopus swimming

11 Octopus Embroidery Patterns For Deep Sea Decor

Inside: Octopus embroidery patterns for fun under-the-sea vibes. Animal embroidery is so fun. Regardless of if your type is more realistic animal artwork or cartoon-ish, it’s always cool to get to create a piece of work with your favorite animal on it. Octopi are so cool and have this really mysterious air about them… Probably […] Read more…

Christmas gnomes

15 Precious Gnome Embroidery Designs

Inside: 15 precious gnome embroidery designs for your home all year long! Christmas tree ornaments, coasters, and festive sweatshirts… There are so many fun ways to use adorable Christmas themed embroidery designs. I always remember my grandmother showing up to my house on December 23rd, every year, in a new Hobby Lobby sweatshirt that she […] Read more…

An embroidery hoop

How To Create Circle Embroidery The Easy Way

Inside: How to create easy circle embroidery. Sharing some different stitches today and techniques that accomplish your circle goals. When we use the embroidery hoop so often, it becomes a fun little idea to play around with circles in your embroidery! Geometric shapes and framing an image is such a cool way to utilize the […] Read more…

outer space

11 Spectacular Space Embroidery Ideas

Inside: Spectacular space embroidery ideas for anyone and everyone intrigued and amazed by our universe. I know that outer space feels like such a daunting concept! To some, this is such a fascinating sector of science, and it simply just blows my mind. The ever expanding universe is a wild place, and the stars and […] Read more…

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